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Cambodia Weather in October: Temperatures & Travel Tips

June 11, 2022 - 261 views

Every year, especially in October, Cambodian pilgrims come from different cities or countries for religious purposes. Thus, it opens a new development threshold for pilgrimage tourism - a tour to find peace of mind. However, not too many people know well about this elaborately organized tour. Have no idea about Cambodia weather October? Let's find out with BestPrice Travel!

Is October the best time to visit Cambodia?

October is when the rainy season exists, so the rain has started to drop, and the weather is more pleasant and comfortable. It's splendid to explore the temples and admire the green landscape. When cycling, you will see crystal countryside - the ideal place to rest during your trip around Cambodia.

October witnesses the coming of the Bonn Prathen Festival, the major Buddhist festival of the year. Beginning just after the last day of fasting and lasting until the full moon of the following month, this religious festival marks the arrival of monks after the retreat. People across the country form slow reverent processions to local temples and provide the monks with robes and other items. The collective event thus brings spiritual merit to the monks.

Cambodia Weather October Bonn Prathen Festival

Cambodia Bonn Prathen Festival

Fine weather also allows you to picnic at Yeak Laom volcanic lake. Although it's a place that rarely appears on Cambodian tours, the site is very famous because of its wild beauty and space. Besides, the lake is a spiritual destination of the Khmer people dating back hundreds of thousands of years.

Cambodia Weather October Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake

Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake

Visitors can take a walk to see the beautiful beauty of the endless area and green old forest. There are piers on both sides of the lake, allowing visitors to swim and camp. Moreover, the cultural center also displays handicrafts and fine arts of the Khmer people and colorful cloth patterns. You can buy yourself some good souvenirs to commemorate after the trip.

In general, Cambodia weather October is the best time to have a day for camping.

How is the Cambodia weather in October?

Overview of Cambodia weather in October

October in Phnom Penh experiences a decrease in cloud cover, with the percentage of the sky cloudy in places increasing from 76% to 86%. A talked-about date will be muggy is even during October, remaining around 81% throughout. Daily averages are approximately 31°C, rarely falling below 28°C or exceeding 35°C.

Though the October rains cool the tropical country, visitors should not be too worried because the rain in this season will not last all day; it should last after a while. Therefore, those who come to Cambodia with unknown climate conditions should rest assured because there is still time to travel. It's a good idea to go sightseeing and breathe in the fresh atmosphere and cool off after the rain.

Average temperature, humidity, rainfall, rainy days, sunny hours


Sunny hours per day



Rainy days

Chance of rain 

28°C - 35°C

6 days


218.1 mm

12 days



Pros & Cons


  •  Witness the most significant Buddhist festival of the year
  •  Learn the local culture and cuisine
  •  Get a slight acquaintance with Buddhism


  •  High budget as October is the high season of tourism
  •  Have few slots

Tips for traveling to Cambodia in October

  • Plan

You need to have a clear roadmap and learn from the experiences of those who have gone before. If you do not have time to prepare everything, choose a guide to ensure absolute peace of mind for your family.

  • Right time

Choose the right time to go to the temple. It would be best to avoid the rush hours from 9 am to 12 am when there is a situation of traffic jams. Ideally, it would help in the early afternoon when the number of visitors is reduced for more convenient transportation.

  • Costume

Choose comfortable clothes, absorb sweat well, but be formal, according to the temple's good customs and sacred atmosphere. You also need a wide-brimmed hat to block the sun and a raincoat or umbrella in case it rains.

  • High vigilance

Be wary of crowded places. Do not wear precious jewelry or cumbersome accessories. Valuables should not be left in the outer pocket where the bad guys can easily access them.

  • Stay healthy

Tourists often have to travel a lot, and the weather can change suddenly. You should pay attention to preparing particular medicines according to your own needs. Vitamin is an excellent choice to supply the necessary nutrients and enough pure liquid hydrogen.

Hopefully, visitors will arrange a great travel plan in October with the above sharing. If you are planning to travel to Cambodia but do not know where to choose a Cambodia tour, you can refer to the term of BestPrice Travel. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for direct support!

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