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Cambodia Weather in April: Temperatures & Travel Tips

June 11, 2022 - 225 views

Not only impressing with the modern features of a developing country, but Cambodia is also loved for the interlaced river system, the cultural diversity of many different ethnic groups, and the warmth and gentleness of the people. The nation has a warm and sunny climate all year round, and the weather is mild, so most tourists come to visit in any season. Each season has its exciting things.

Have you planned to Cambodia this April? Let's explore Cambodia weather April and other things that BestPrice Travel will show below. 

Is April the best time to visit Cambodia?

April is not the rainy season so traveling will be very easy. Being unaffected by weather factors such as thunderstorms and strong winds saves time, money, and health. However, the weather in April is quite hot as the temperature can reach 33°C. Thus, it is best to wake up very early to visit the outdoor structures. 

Although it is the hottest month of the year, many people travel to Cambodia since there is a festival to welcome New Year's Eve. It is the biggest traditional holiday of the year in the land of sacred pagodas and towers. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the bustling but also exceptional activities imbued with the identity of the people. If you have the chance to set foot in Cambodia on the occasion of the Khmer New Year, you should not miss the big festivals.

Cambodia Weather April Khmer New Year

Cambodia Khmer New Year in April

Please looking forward to one of the biggest festivals - the water festival. The time to organize the water festival coincides with the Cambodian traditional New Year, which takes place on April 13-15 of the solar calendar. This festival brings unique features. Instead of wishing each other good luck, people will splash water on each other to hope for the best things. Under the hot sun, it's nice to bathe in the cool water, isn't it? 

Cambodia Weather April The Water Festival

The Water Festival

Cambodia weather April may be no more a barrier! This month is the peak period for tourism in Cambodia so hotel prices will be high, and you should book a hotel 1 - 2 months in advance. 

How is the Cambodia weather in April?

Overview of Cambodia weather April

The temperature in Cambodia is relatively high, with an average of 30.96°C. The highest point is 37°C, and the lowest level is 28°C. However, the temperature values ​​provided by the Meteorological Station are only temperatures measured in a weather tent with a roof. If walking on the street at noon, pedestrians must be subjected to higher temperatures, from 3-4C°C. The hottest time of the day will be from about 10 am to 5 pm, when the sun gives off the most pungent heat.

Rainfall is about 15mm, corresponding to two rainy days and low humidity (30%). The combination of hot weather, vigorous radiation intensity, and air humidity less than water vapor in the atmosphere makes your body fall in fatigue quickly. Traveling by motorbike must be considered seriously. 

Hence, April weather is harsher when tripping outside without sun protection items compared to other months. Cambodia weather in April is overall a mess for anyone who cannot bear high heat. 

Average temperature, humidity, rainfall, rainy days, sunny hours


Sunny hours per day


Precipitation per day

Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 

35°C - 26°C

8 hours


93.1 mm

5 days



Pros & Cons


  • Longer open hours

It is the easiest time to make money due to many customers. Besides, the time to visit these places will usually be longer.

  • Various festivals

Besides the usual attractions, there will be more festivals and outdoor events for you to participate in, like concerts, art exhibitions, and street festivals.


  • Detriment in health

The symptom of heatstroke is common if you are outside for too long. Skin diseases caused by allergies to climate are also widespread. That's why you should have the right medicines ready in your travel suitcase in case of these issues.

  • Price escalation

Price escalation during the tourist season is inevitable. However, if you still intend to go to Cambodia, you can book the service early to enjoy the discounted price. 

Tips for traveling to Cambodia in April

  • Drink a lot of water

5-7 days before going out, you need to replenish your body with more water than usual, especially when traveling by motorbike. Alternately drinking filtered water and water containing electrolytes prevents dehydration and salt deficiency during the trip.

  • Wear suitable clothes

Choose light, airy clothes that are easy to sweat and dry quickly. Always wear a wide-brimmed hat to avoid direct sunlight on your head and neck. Cool your head and neck by wrapping a thick, slightly damp towel around your neck. This may not wholly cool your body, but it will help you feel more comfortable.

  • Always wear sunscreen when going out

Whether you are a man or a woman, sunscreen is always necessary for summer travel. Whether you're at the beach, visiting ruins, or a park, the intense sun, and high temperatures can still affect your skin.

  • Don't stay out in the sun for too long

Sometimes you come to a tourist destination at about noon, and it is pretty sunny, but because of your eagerness to visit, you are ready to wear the midday sun to get there. That's completely inappropriate. Because standing for too long at the hottest time of the day (from 11 am to 3 pm) can cause you to have a heat stroke.

At this time, you should stay in a shady place to cool down. Instead of visiting outdoors, you should see a museum, explore a restaurant, or do other indoor activities to avoid the harsh sunlight.

Everything considered, April is the time that millions of Cambodians look forward to the most because it will take place the Water Festival - a jubilant traditional New Year festival with fun folk games and sacred rituals. If you don't mind, then take advantage of the above tips and enjoy the splendid moments. Don't hesitate to explore the land of Angkor temples with our best Cambodia Tour Packages at

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