Cambodia Weather in June: Temperatures & Travel Tips

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Cambodia has always been an attractive land for tourists worldwide, thanks to its fantastic two-season scenery. However, many people hesitate because they do not know which time to travel is the most appropriate. If you are also coming to this land but don't know when to go, let's look at BestTravel Price's Cambodia Weather in June travel guide below!

Is June the best time to visit Cambodia?

June in Cambodia belongs to the rainy season, with an average temperature of about 30°C. However, the temperature is relatively high. Indeed the type of weather that is both rainy and hot is not the right time to travel.

However, don't be disappoint about June! Traveling to Cambodia in the rainy season can be a mess because bad weather can affect your trip, especially when moving will be complicated. However, not all days in the rainy season have rain, so you can still travel, but don't forget to check the weather before your trip. Cambodia's rainy season is proper for you to visit the ancient architecture.

Cambodia Weather June Angkor Wat In The Rain

Angkor Wat In The Rain

During this period, the most apparent feature is the high humidity, up to 90%, because the rainfall throughout the season is always high. It can help plants grow and develop very well, creating a beautiful landscape. Therefore, although it is not the most suitable time to travel to Cambodia, you will have the opportunity to explore the very vivid and beautiful landscapes.

Although June is the beginning of the rainy season, rain often occurs in the North of Cambodia, so you can still travel to other areas. Cambodia's flora is hugely diverse for visitors to explore. The rains often appear scattered throughout the day, making an ancient space for the temples. 

If you are not interested in outdoor activities, you can rest assured to travel to Cambodia, especially for those who want to learn about culture or beliefs. 

If you like sinking in nature and discovering unspoiled beauty, then Cambodia is quite suitable as it doesn't rain all the time. Not as bustling as Thailand, this place still retains a fresh atmosphere, less dust, and a quiet lifestyle. 

How is the Cambodia weather in June?

Overview of Cambodia weather in June

The temperature in Cambodia is not relatively high, with an average of 29°C. While the highest point is 33°C, the lowest spot is 26°C. Rainfall is about 171.6 mm, corresponding to almost days covered in rain and high humidity (90%). The combination of humid weather and heavy rain can make you a bit boring. Hence, June weather is strict when tripping outside without water protection items compared to other months. Cambodia weather in June is overall a mess for anyone who hesitates of rain.

Average temperature, humidity, rainfall, rainy days, sunny hours


Sunny hours per day



Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 

33°C - 26°C 

7 hours


213.3 mm

12 days



Pros & Cons


  • Favorable budget

Restaurants offer discounts when the low season arrives and tourists are scarce. Price is one of the main reasons driving the choice of a restaurant, so go for it, and you can sit down to eat without draining your bankroll.

  • Time-saving

When it's low season, you can take your time, and it's also reflected in the rhythms of specific guided excursions. Indeed, guides have smaller groups, so they can answer questions in more detail and linger longer on such a monument. 


  • Closed destinations

The management board will automatically close if some tourist areas are too empty. Hence, you should gather complete information not to deal with the issue of disappointment. 

Tips for traveling to Cambodia in June

  • Pick up simple clothes

Visitors will face the risk of getting wet when traveling in the rainy season. Therefore, you should choose lightweight clothes such as tank tops instead of jeans or heavy knitted tops. Wearing tight clothes will be a mess if being soaked in water. Besides, it takes a long time to dry and causes itching and redness. In addition, visitors should also bring clothes with easy-to-dry materials for easy mobility.

  • Be flexible 

For journeys with many travel options, visitors should switch to public transport instead of self-driving as expected to ensure safety. Self-driving in the rain has many potential dangers. 

If it is difficult to find a replacement vehicle, visitors should check the car carefully before setting off and carry a repair kit in case of possible problems. When moving in the rain, please always remember to obey the traffic laws, and drive a little slower to control your vision. 

  • Do not dry items under the light bulb

Drying items under light bulbs can accidentally deform your belongings. Instead, use a hairdryer or fan to dry wet clothes. If it's a shirt, wring it out thoroughly, then roll it up in a dry hotel towel to absorb the water. 

  • Deal with the rain

If you may be isolated in the downpour, please do not panic! The thing to do is to find shelter and contact the authorities for safety instructions calmly.

  • Take a transparent umbrella

The rain will make it difficult to take pictures, but in fact, the rain is the right time to create poetic photos for yourself. Unlike ordinary items, transparent umbrellas bring light effects in harmony. To have a sparkling picture in the rain and the beautiful scenery, the accompanying accessory is also essential.

After only being active in high-season tourism, many agencies have begun to pay more attention to off-season products. And it is the opportunity for a travelholic like you! 

Paying expenses is inevitable when you want to take a relaxing break after a long time immersed in work. The remaining problem is how to get a travel itinerary that is not too expensive but still ensures the criteria of being rewarding and economical. It is extremely solved if you go for a Cambodia tour in June!

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