Cambodia Weather in May: Temperatures & Travel Tips

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Thanks to a coastline stretching 443km, Cambodia is one of the favorite destinations of tourists in Southeast Asia. Besides the natural landscape values, Cambodia is also a land with a long historical and cultural tradition. If you plan to visit the country, please refer to the information on Cambodia weather in May below.

Is May the best time to visit Cambodia?

Typically, the period from May to October of the solar calendar will be the transition between summer and autumn in many regions worldwide. Nevertheless, it is the rainy season in Cambodia.

Don't worry too much that the rain will affect your trip. The rainfall is not enough to cause flooding or persistent issue that makes you have to stay in the hotel for the whole trip. Short-term rains will characterize the climate in May. Even if you cross the road, the rain stops immediately. You should follow the weather forecast to avoid storms if any.

All-time of the month is the tourist season because the temperature is never too cold or too hot. It is the moment when the land welcomes an unprecedented cool climate. When coming to the coastal area such as Koh Rong Samloem, you will feel the atmosphere of the fresh sea breeze. The sky is blue, and the water is clear. Besides, the golden sunshine welcomes a new beginning, creating conditions for those who love the sea to enjoy themselves in the ocean. In particular, watching the sunrise or sunset is the most romantic thing you can do once in a lifetime.

Cambodia Weather May Koh Rong Samloem

Visit Cambodia Koh Rong Samloem in May

Traveling in the rainy season is often suitable for those who do not like crowded and chaotic scenes. It's the best experience for those letting the sadness drift with the rain outside. The time of May allows tourists to enjoy rustic seafood dishes such as grilled snails and fishtail hotpot. Not only immersed in the aromatic flavor, but you can also thoroughly enjoy the holiday with the available services you can't find anywhere out in the world!

Cambodia Weather May Seafood

Seafood in Cambodia

In addition, on weekends and holidays, Cambodia attracts many tourists. Thus, the prices of services are high.

How is the Cambodia weather in May?

Overview of Cambodia's weather May

The land of Cambodia is in the tropical monsoon region, influenced by the ocean. Cambodia weather in May is pleasant as it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

The highest point is 34.3ºC, while the lowest level is 28.6ºC. The number of sunny hours in a month is about 360 hours and is evenly distributed throughout the year. The average relative humidity is 78.8%. Moreover, the average rainfall is high (approximately 104,8 mm) and unevenly distributed over time, causing high humidity in the air. Please notice moisture as it causes health problems and disturbs your trip.

The temperature fluctuation is not too large, the weather is stable all month so you can go to Cambodia on any day. The country always welcomes visitors with surprisingly beautiful natural scenes pure atmosphere imbued with the spirituality of the temples dating back a long time.


Sunny hours 



Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 

34°C - 26°C

8 hours


189.4 mm

13 days



Pros & Cons


  • Money-saving price

Everything is cheaper on the spot: accommodation, excursions and sometimes restaurants. You can quickly negotiate, especially for housing. No wonder it's possible to get 30% off for one night! It's a saving in the end! Finally, the reduction is related to the airfare for the trip. Indeed, tickets on regular days are cheaper than those for special occasions!

  • Fewer people

Another big advantage! You will have fewer tourists per square meter on rainy days. It's more interesting, isn't it?

Excursions are also more pleasant and sometimes even longer! The guide will lead you to more things.

  • A more open-minded local

It is logic. The space will be more open, and more time for you will be there. Sometimes it makes a real difference!


  • Deserted places 

Some destinations sometimes have the air of a ghost town. Places such as Angkor sites are a bit sad under the downpour. Many shops are closed, and the streets are empty. You don't feel very motivated to continue the trip.

Suppose that if you are traveling in a group, you probably won't feel this impression. On the other hand, it can be a bit heavy for solo travelers in the long run.

Tips for traveling to Cambodia in May

  • Protect documents with zippered pocket

Passports or international driver's licenses cannot be laminated, so a zip-lock plastic bag is the best solution. You can find it in any market at a reasonable price. 

  • Bring along basic equipment

The obvious but essential thing is to bring a small umbrella. It is crucial whether it is rain or shine. It will serve every time. You can also carry an item that protects your feet. To waterproof canvas shoes, you need to rub a candle on them. After the operation is complete, blow gently with the hairdryer to allow the wax to penetrate. It depends on you! But it worked!

  • Using air conditioner 

The paradox is that the air conditioner is not only for cooling. It allows you to remove or reduce the humidity in the room. It's better to warm up by combining with a dry towel. By this means, you can avoid skin disease and other symptoms involving cough. 

  • Prepare light raincoats 

In this season, the rains are intermittent but sporadic. Hence, it is no use even bringing a raincoat. Buying light raincoats is preferable. They dry very quickly, curl up in your pocket, and are priced at an attractive price!

Once coming to Cambodia, you will feel peace and comfort with the wide roads and cool breeze in May. In the above article, BestTravel Price has shared experiences that should be a suitable month to go to the land of temples. 

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