Cambodia Weather in March: Temperatures & Travel Tips

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Some people choose Cambodia as a tourist destination in March because many Buddhist festivals are held. However, many of them do not know that the weather in March has many fluctuations. The weather in Cambodia in March is quite remarkable as it is a combination of two harsh types: heatwaves and downpours. It affects not only people's daily life but also highly-anticipated travel can become a failure. So how to deal with it when traveling?

Is March the best time to visit Cambodia?

The weather in Cambodia in March is considered an excellent time to visit as the sun shines for half of a day. The weather is less rainy and mild, very suitable for outdoor trips. Bright sunny days are plenty for visitors to roam freely in the area, perfect for a beach holiday and for those who want to lie in the sun.

Due to relatively high temperatures and low humidity, visiting the area in late March is highly recommended. You can experience traditional festivals during these special days. One of the biggest occasions - Meak Bochea is something for you. It takes place on the full moon day of March to honor the Buddha and his teachings. Buddhists celebrate by participating in a candle procession at a nearby temple.

Cambodia Weather March Meak Bochea Festival

Cambodia Meak Bochea Festival

Once traveling to Cambodia in March, you can enjoy a delicious bowl of noodle soup on a small boat at the floating market. It's the harvest season of fruit orchards in the region. You freely enjoy home-grown plants and immerse yourself in nature. It will be an indescribably exciting feeling.

Cambodia Weather March Floating Market

Visit the Floating Market

In general, Cambodia weather is considered a favorable region in Southeast Asia. Whether you visit the nation at any time of March, everything about this land will satisfy you and bring you unforgettable memories. The natural beauty in March impresses you more than you can expect.

How is the Cambodia weather in March?

Overview of Cambodia's weather in March

In March, the temperature variation is about 9°C. The lowest temperature is about 21.9°C, while the average point is 33°C. Towards the end of the month, the temperature increases, possibly reaching 40°C. The relative humidity of the airdrops to 73 - 79% overall, and the chance of sunny is 100%.

In addition, there is unseasonal rain in the weather in Cambodia in March. Those are minor disturbances when the high pressure pushes the east wind to bring moisture inland, so it will cause rain. Thunderstorms mainly occur after an intensely sunny day, often accompanied by tornadoes, lightning, even hail, and strong winds. It is also a dangerous phenomenon that people need to pay attention to.

People should be careful with electronic devices in their homes by not using cordless phones and landline phones when it rains with thunder because the phone can be the cause of lightning strikes. Thus, waiting for the downpour to stop is the only way to protect yourself.

You will see something exceptional because of such a particular weather pattern. Tourist attractions are crowded in the morning and less in the afternoon.

Average temperature, humidity, rainfall, rainy days, sunny hours


Sunny hours per day


Precipitation per day 

Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 

34°C - 25°C

8 days

64 %

16.7 mm

2 days



Pros & Cons


  • Cost-saving

One of the significant advantages of March travel is that it helps save costs. You will save a lot of money on expenses on the trip. And if you book a tour, you can even bargain a bit more. Unexpectedly, this journey can save 2/3 of what you initially calculated.

  • Easy access

Guests can easily book rooms or find their way to the tourist destinations without being crowded and pushed. At this time, the atmosphere is also airy and strangely peaceful. Your task is to comfortably take a selfie!


  • Losing days in good weather conditions

Who among us does not want to be immersed in the beautiful weather? Only in March, the risk of facing bad weather is very high. For example, thunderstorms will significantly affect your trip. The only way to fix it is to be fully equipped to deal with bad weather.

  • Less chance to enjoy local specialties

Not all, but local products must be in season to enjoy. However, there is a great diversity of Cambodian specialties to enjoy savory bites all year round.

Tips for traveling to Cambodia in March

  • Pay attention to the weather forecast

You need to monitor the weather information before starting the journey. Because moving in complicated weather is not only unfavorable but also very dangerous. The best way is to stay in your room and watch the pouring rain outside.

  • Be positive

Please consider a shower as a memorable experience in your travel. Instead of being depressed and lamenting, you can go to indoor attractions like museums or have fun at the hotel bar and interact with stranded tourists. Who knows, you may meet your partner there. It's something you would never have expected if you hadn't encountered a case like this.

  • Protect your assets

For IDs and essential items, it's a good idea to store them in waterproof containers. Maybe your clothes and suitcase will get wet, but never let the rain damage identification documents or mobile phones because they will be lifesavers for you in some cases.

  • Bring along the cooling device

A folding paper fan or mini fan will not make your luggage heavier but will also be your lifeline in hot weather.

In March, many families often organize trips thanks to bright sunny days. However, this month is also a hurricane season, so there will be times when a storm comes suddenly, which will affect your fun. Please make your day with the secrets of dealing with sudden shower BestPrice Travel have listed above! Get your backpack and book Cambodia Tours & Holiday Packages right away!

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