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Cambodia Weather in February: Temperatures & Travel Tips

June 11, 2022 - 532 views

Cambodia is one of the three Southeast Asian countries chosen by many people as an attractive tourist destination because of its low cost and easy access. Tripping is ready, but indeed many of you are curious to know what the weather is like in Cambodia? The article below will show you the weather Cambodia February!

Is February the best time to visit Cambodia?

February is in the middle of the dry season. In the dry season, the temperature in Cambodia can be very high, but it does not feel too hot. Even the night is quite extraordinary, with the temperature only falling around 18 degrees Celsius.

November to February is classified as the peak tourism period in Cambodia. But traditionally the last one is one of the best months to visit the country. The pleasant weather is very suitable for anyone who visits the country.

However, it is also a bit of a problem. As February is one of the busiest months, many tourists will flock in large numbers. Thus, popular tourist attractions such as the Angkor Wat complex and the Mekong riverside have become more congested. Room rates are also at the highest level.

Weather Cambodia February Tourists In Angkor Wat

A lot of tourists visit Angkor Wat in February

It doesn't mean that you can't avoid these places in such weather Cambodia February! Please come back when the peak tourism period is over. Instead, you can choose more peaceful and beautiful places like Kep beach or the riverside town of Kampot province.

February is still a good month for people to explore every corner of famous architectural works or the beauty of nature bestowed on Tonle Sap. The weather is less rainy, so it is charming to take a long walk around the streets of Phnom Penh and discover the street food and culture. If you are traveling in February with your lover for Valentine's Day, you may prepare yourself for the most romantic things. Cambodians have increasingly welcomed this Western celebration over the past few years.

Weather Cambodia February Streets Of Phnom Penh

Streets Of Phnom Penh in February

How is the Cambodia weather in February?

Overview of Cambodia's climate February

Weather Cambodia February has the advantage of dry weather thanks to beautiful sunshine and little rain. Hence, it's very convenient for tourists to visit the scenery, entertain and participate in outdoor activities.

The weather in February is almost the same as in the first year period. The temperature during the day ranges from 25 - 34°C, which is quite pleasant. Rainfall is about 15mm, corresponding to about two rainy days and lower humidity (50%) compared to other months making this month's weather a bit dry. It is estimated that there are up to 270 hours of sunshine in a month; the average temperature is 27°C but not as harsh as in other places.

February is the driest month in the country. It has the least rainfall of the year, so visitors should use moisturizer, drink plenty of water and bring a water bottle on the trip, especially during the walking tour.

This Cambodia weather is ideal for tourists to visit and enjoy the cool air in the green space. Tourists should go to local markets to join the lively shopping atmosphere. Besides, the reality that streets are busy and vibrant with hundreds of blooming flowers will brighten your day!

Average temperature, humidity, rainfall, rainy days, sunny hours


Sunny hours



Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 

33°C - 23°C 

8 hours


2.9 mm

1 day



Pros & Cons

  • Pros

Weather conditions are highly favorable for all activities to visit and experience. Whether staying in the mountain hills or having a picnic on the beach, it is exceptionally wonderful! Besides, moving is easy as no nasty weather conditions have an impact.

  • Cons

The sudden increase in the number of tourists will cause the situation of being stuck in the crowd. Of course, when the number of tourists flocks in, traffic jams are unavoidable. Traveling in the high season and some of the perks of tours – still expensive compared to low seasons, of course – you also have to deal with the fact that other costs are just as high.


Tips for traveling to Cambodia in February

Despite the peak tourist season, you can still have a fascinating holiday due to the tips below.

  • Choose your days off wisely

You can calculate to depart before or after holidays 1-2 days. Thus, you will avoid overcrowding, and the fare for transportation is also a bit cheaper.

  • Book your flight tickets and hotel rooms in advance

You will get the best price ticket with a suitable schedule by booking early, many days before departure. Hotel rooms during the peak season are also an issue that many travel followers have to deal with. Thus, you need to contact hotel reservations early to get a place to rest for your trip. By early preparation, you can avoid having to stay in substandard homes or not being able to rent a room as there are too many tourists.

  • Be flexible in planning

It would be best if you listed all the places you want to visit, then zone the sites close to each other and start arranging the places to go. This will be of great help to you. A scientific schedule for the days during the trip will take advantage of the most time and most places. It avoids the situation of wasting time or cross-schedule. By the way, it helps you save costs as much as possible. You can find references with detailed instructions for each destination.

In addition, you should also prepare a backup travel destination. If your flight is delayed for a long time, you will have more options to avoid losing time, and maybe you will have many exciting things with this backup destination.

  • Use travel applications

Going to a foreign place will make it difficult for you to find restaurants, businesses, or the way to attractions. Thus, a smartphone will be handy. In addition to utility applications, you will receive countless service quality reviews.

The above article has answered your questions about the climate of February in Cambodia. Do not hesitate to book a Cambodia tour package at BestPrice Travel to explore this beautiful country!

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