Best Time to Visit Vietnam and Cambodia [Don't Miss]

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Located in the Indochina peninsula, Vietnam and Cambodia have a lot of similarities in weather patterns. And if you ever have a chance to visit Vietnam or Cambodia, it’s absolutely recommended to visit the other country also. The article below will provide you all information about the weather of both countries, and when is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia.

Best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia Weather Overview

Southern Vietnam and Cambodia located by the Gulf of Thailand with the sub equator tropical climate, the weather is divided into 2 main seasons: dry and rainy season. Further up to central and north Vietnam, the regions have 4 distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. The weather of both Vietnam and Cambodia in general are hot but comfortable as in the dry season, the humidity is low and in the rainy season, the quick shower doesn’t affect anything much but refreshes the air. Let's learn detail about weather of each country:

Nice weather day in Vietnam  & Cambodia

Nice weather day in Vietnam & Cambodia


Vietnam Weather 

Vietnam has a charming S-shaped curve and a more-than-2000-mile coastline from the North to South, dividing Vietnam's weather into various types of climate in different geographic regions and seasonal climate throughout the year. 

Northern regions have tropical climates with a bit more distinctive seasonal changes of weather. The weather in North Vietnam is divided into 4 different seasons and each season of the year has its own characteristics of the weather that makes the landscape different: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

The weather in South is characterized by tropical sub-equatorial climates with high temperature. There are two distinct seasons, the South Vietnam rainy season focuses on from May to October with the average precipitation is about 2,335 mm and 189 days per year.

The Central is divided into 3 smaller regions with 3 different climate characteristics. The Northern Central shares the same  weather symptoms with the Northern area. The Southern Central has 2 same seasons as South Vietnam at the same time. However, the weather in Central Highland Vietnam is characterized by the tropical savanna climate. There are two distinct seasons in this region: rainy season from June to October and dry, cold season from December to May.

Vietnam Weather Maps

Cambodia Weather 

The weather of Cambodia are quite similar to Vietnam. Both Southeast Asian countries overlook the Gulf of Thailand, the climate of Cambodia is tropical, hot all year round, with a rainy season from May to mid-November due to the south-west monsoon and a dry season from mid-November to April. The dry season can be divided into two periods: the first is the least hot of the year, while the second, from mid-February to May, before the monsoon arrives, is the hottest of the year. The monsoon withdraws in early November in the north and in the middle of the month in the center-south. 

Cambodia Weather


Best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia

The Dry Season from November to April is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia when you can experience least rainfall, particularly in March and April. Temperatures are more pleasant too, it’s cooler at around 20°C in the north between December and February, and can reach 30°C in April. October and November sometimes see flooding in Central Vietnam, so take care if you plan to travel this region at this time of year.

The dry season also is an ideal time to visit both Vietnam and Cambodia, though important sites such as Angkor will be busier. In Cambodia, December to April is the best time to visit the south coast for sunshine and clear water, the latter particularly desirable if you’re planning to go scuba diving. Though it can be cold, Vietnam’s Halong Bay is atmospheric from December to February, when mists often cover its thousands of limestone islands.

The end of January or early February is Vietnamese New Year celebration, and is a particularly busy time because all Vietnamese have their vacations on this occation too. Take this chance to visit because you can enjoy the most authentic traditional culture of Vietnam. After Tet is also the time for festivals and carnivals also in Vietnam, and we believe you will adore them.

Best weather to visit Vietnam and Cambodia

Best weather to visit Vietnam and Cambodia


You have just learn all detail about best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia. If you plan a trip now, please do not hesitage to visit our Vietnam Cambodia tour packages which provide you wide option duration, types and hotel class. We surely will bring you a unfogetable trip!

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