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Rice dumpling cake represents a poetic piece of Hue land

December 09, 2020 - 829 views

Referring to Rice dumpling cake, people will think of Hue. The flavor of Rice dumpling cake is similar to that of Hue people, gentle and has its own unique flavor.

One of the traditional dishes that anyone visiting Hue enjoys is Rice dumpling cake. This is a dish not only be found in Hue but also famous and available everywhere in the country. Rice dumpling cake gives people a sense of familiarity with aromatic, sticky, soft, light flavors, once eaten for a lifetime. If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy these dishes, you must definitely try at least once to know the taste of it.

Rice dumpling cake Hue

Rice dumpling cake, Hue

Rice dumpling cake history

Rice dumpling cake history
Rice dumpling cake is known with a familiar name for a long time. The famous Rice dumpling cake originates from the poetic Hue and central provinces. Then until now, it has been present in all parts of the country. As stated in Ho Xuan Huong's poem, this cake has been mentioned to women.
More and more people love its taste and it seems that when you start enjoying it, someone will never forget the flavor that Rice dumpling cake left.

What are the characteristics of Rice dumpling cake?

What are the characteristics of a Rice dumpling cake?
This dish has a characteristic taste that is both fragrant and supple, and when you eat it, you will immediately feel its delicious taste. Some people feel that it has a rich aftertaste of beautiful, gentle Hue girls, others find it gentle.
How to make this dish is not too difficult, but not everyone creates a delicious taste. The main ingredient for baking is tapioca flour. Put the flour in the tray, rinse with boiling water and then slowly pour the flour into the mix, the flour mixture will be half raw, half-cooked. The baker uses his hands to knead until the dough is soft, chewy, and smooth. The dough is then divided into small parts, molded into a circle and thin, filled in the middle of the dough, pressed into a small semicircle.
Like flour cake, Rice dumpling cake is only eaten with diluted chili sauce, without vegetables like other savory dishes. The filter dough is small but has a particular appeal. The transparent cake only has shrimp and meat slices served with green chili, with a typical spicy taste of Hue, making anyone who once enjoyed it will remember forever.
Rice dumpling cake can be eaten at any time of the year, but many people like to enjoy it in the cold weather of the last days of the year.

Rice dumpling cake MakingMaking rice dumpling cake

The right place to eat Rice dumpling cake

The right place to eat Rice dumpling cake
In Hue, there are many places selling this dish with a special taste that you should look to enjoy.

  • The first famous place is Ba Do restaurant. Almost talking about Rice dumpling cake Ba Do, Hue people can show you the way to enjoy it, located at 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Phu Cat Ward, City. Hue.
  • Thuy Beo is also an option for you, located at Pham Hong Thai tourist street, is one of the delicious rice dumpling cake shops in Hue that are loved by locals as well as westerners. Especially the cake here is made of the right quality.
  • Co Cu Gac Banh Banh, address 23/117, Phan Dinh Phung, Hue City is also an option for you. Clean, irresistible delicious taste.

 Rice dumpling cake colorful

Colorful rice dumpling cake

The price of these rice dumpling cake is not too expensive, just around 1 USD, a fairly cheap price that anyone should enjoy.
Rice dumpling cake will always bring you a delicious and unforgettable taste to enjoy. If you have not eaten yet, find yourself a suitable place to enjoy.

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