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If you are in Sapa, your should take the chance to visit Sa Seng village as here, many interesting things await. 

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Located about 15km from Sapa town, Sa Seng is a small village of Ta Phin Commune and an extremely interesting destination that you should never miss during your trip to the beautiful town of mist. 

The village itself lies on an extremely high level of around 1600 meters, at which you can even touch the cloud and have a panoramic view of the whole Sapa area. Here is also home to the Red Dao ethnic, one of Vietnam minority communities that have settled in the area for such a long them. As a result, Sa Seng village is known to tourists as a place that has treasured the rich culture and traditional customs of the ethnic from the far history till now. On coming to Sa Seng, you will have a chance to see, admire at, and take part in many customary activities as well as events of the Red Dao people. These include Put Tong dance festival, Bai Tram brandish event, catching the turtle, bell dance, etc. 

Sa Seng Village

Sa Seng Village

Among them, the most significant activity is an event of ordaining. This plays a very important role in the Red Dao life in general, and to Red Dao men in particular. The event is divided into 3 levels respectively called three-light, nine-light, and twelve-light. This is considered an occasion that certifies a man as the real Red Dao and his love for his wife is shown by the levels of ordaining. 

Another fascinating thing about the Red Dao ethnic is the long-standing showering with curative leaves. Living on a sky-high mountain that is surrounded by fog, clouds, and snow caused by Sapa weather, the Red Dao people have long used cold water for their daily life, to eat, drink, and shower. To keep their body warm to avoid catching a cold and other deadly diseases, They gather all the leaves from trees on the mountain, boiling them, and shower with their extract. These leaves are natural, curative, and very good for health. If coming to Sa Seng village, you should try this, it will do you better. 

People in Sa Seng Village

People in Sa Seng Village


Besides the rich indigenous culture, Sa Seng village is famous for tapestries. The Sa Seng tapestries are 100% handmade and feature eye-catching shapes. From girls’ traditional items like scarves, headgears to the products made for tourism like souvenirs. All are made with the colorful Red Dao tapestries. This requires great effort and meticulousness. You can see it in the traditional costume of the Red Dao. On visiting Sa Seng village, you should ask to try on some traditional costumes and take some check-in pictures. It will be really interesting.

In general, Sa Seng village will serve you with not only stunning scenery and an amazing panoramic view of the whole area but also the local rich culture and fascinating traditional customs. With all the features, the village is totally worth a visit when you are on your vacation to Sapa. 

Trekking to Sa Seng Village

Trekking to Sa Seng Village

Above is our recommendations for Sa Seng village. If you have any questions, please contact us through our website or call. We are always available to help you have a great time during your Sapa tour. 

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