Sapa - Weather

The high altitude of Sapa makes it the perfect place for summer vacations during the oppressively hot months, and the sparsely populated town also boasts rather fresh air. 

General Weather

In general, the climate in Sapa is really mild and comfortable. Averagely, the temperature ranges from 15℃ to 18℃. Although it is indeed cold on winter days, it is typical in Sapa, which is about from 1.500m to 1.800m above sea level.

Its mild temperature creates abundant vegetation and exotic sceneries at all times. Each and every season, Sapa exudes its particular beauty which has kept a ton of tourists interested. It always brings them new experiences, regardless of high buildings in the town or small houses in mountainous areas.

Best Time to Visit Sapa

March through May and September through December are the ideal months to visit Sapa, with September being the greatest month by far. In this month, when rice is ready for harvest, the terraced rice fields are the longest and most gorgeously colored in shades of golden and yellow.

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