What Should You Prepare To Travel Sapa In Winter?

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Winter is the time when the number of tourists flocking to visit Sa Pa is the largest compared to other seasons of the year. So, what do you need to prepare when traveling to Sapa in the winter? Please read the article below

Why should you travel to Sa Pa in winter?

Before learning what you need to prepare when traveling in Sapa in winter, you should know which season is the best for traveling to Sa Pa or why you should travel to Sapa in the winter?

According to the experience of a lot of tourists, when you travel to Sa Pa in the winter, you will experience the perfect scenery only in the winter which any other 3 seasons will never have. Tourists will have the opportunity to experience the winter weather of European countries right in Sa Pa. When you travel to Sapa in the winter, the temperature in Sa Pa is very low. This period lasts from November to April, the average temperature here is just below 17 degrees Celsius.

In The Winter, Sa Pa Is Very Beautiful

In The Winter, Sa Pa Is Very Beautiful

In recent years, due to climate change, in the winter, the temperature in Sapa is more and more go down. When traveling to Sapa in winter, especially from December to January, visitors will enjoy the very special weather in Sapa. The temperature here is no different from the temperature in European countries when it drops to minus 1 degree Celsius. Remember to follow the weather forecast to be prepared.

Snow in Sapa is a major tourist attraction in Sapa during the winter when the whole Sapa resort will be immersed in snow. White snow-covered roads, branches, streets, houses, etc will bring visitors extremely interesting experiences. At this time, visitors should visit wonderful places such as Ham Rong Mountain, Fansipan Mountain, and Muong Hoa valley to see the most beautiful scenery.

In particular, Ham Rong peak has San May, this is a place where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Sapa town in fog, covered with white snow. You can easily take but Sapa's pictures in the beautiful snowy winter. Going to Sapa at this time is also very suitable for you to try to conquer Mount Fansipan. But now there is a cable car on Fansipan, so it is very easy to go up and go down.

What you should prepare to travel to Sapa in winter?

"What to prepare to travel Sapa in winter?" It is always a question of many tourists, especially female tourists. This article will list all the must-have items you must have when traveling to Sapa in the winter.

Sapa in winter is very cold and quite difficult to move if there is snow. Coming to Sapa, tourists will have to walk a lot (for example, they will have to climb mountains or walk into the villages). Therefore, when you travel to Sapa in the winter, you need to prepare all the necessary items such as sports shoes, gloves, scarves, raincoats, hats, etc. However, you should avoid carrying too many items.


Remember To Bring Your Jacket when travel to Sapa in the winter

Remember To Bring Your Jacket

Sapa costumes are utensils that may be of interest to tourists first. Because when traveling to Sapa in the winter, clothing must not only keep us warm but it must also be beautiful. You should choose thick, windproof jackets to avoid having to wear many layers of clothes on you- that will make you uncomfortable.

In addition, you can coordinate your clothes to Sapa with the life jackets or evening jackets, with the sweater inside, add scarves, hats, wool gloves to be able to "survive" in Sapa during the days of the trip. in the winter.

Sport shoes

Among the things that you need to prepare when traveling to Sapa in the winter, sports shoes are indispensable. In fact, the terrain in Sapa is mostly steep and mountainous. Therefore, to facilitate travel and ensure the warmest for your pair, it is best to wear sneakers or boots.

To avoid leg pain and feel comfortable, you need to prepare a pair of comfortable, not too tight sneakers. You should not wear high heels when traveling Sapa.

Cameras, camcorders

When Traveling In Sapa In Winter In The Winter, You Cannot Lack A Camera

When Traveling In Sapa In Winter In The Winter, You Cannot Lack A Camera

When traveling in Sapa in winter, you cannot lack cameras and camcorders. Please prepare a backup battery, a full memory card so you do not have to miss any beautiful scenery in Sapa.

Identity card and cash

Certainly, visitors must prepare adequate identification, especially ID cards to check-in at the hotel or hostel. If traveling to Sapa by self-driving motorbike or car, you should bring your driver's license along.

Prepare medical supplies

Of all the things you need to bring to Sapa, preparing medicine or wind oil is a must. In fact, the winter weather in Sapa is very cold, so you are easily susceptible to colds or scratches during walking.


The winter tour to Sapa is mostly on foot so visitors can bring many snacks to eat along the way. More candies can be prepared as a gift for children in the village when visiting them. This food can be purchased in Sapa, avoiding having to carry it from Hanoi.

Sapa tourist map



If travelers traveling to Sapa are self-sufficient without taking a Sapa tour, they should prepare a map of Sapa tourism. Based on the map, visitors can self-schedule, plan to visit the sights at the most reasonable time without missing any places.

All in all, above are the essential things that you must have when traveling to Sapa in winter. Also, depending on the circumstances and personal preferences, visitors can prepare more other items to have the most interesting and romantic winter trip with friends.

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