What Should You Prepare To Travel Sapa In Summer?

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Sa Pa is a highland district of Lao Cai province, located in the Northwest of Vietnam. Sa Pa town is 1,600 meters above sea level, it is 38 km from Lao Cai city and 376 km from Hanoi. Especially, when coming here, visitors can experience the weather of all 4 seasons in 1 day. It is true to say that summer is an ideal time to come to Sapa

Travel to Sapa in the summer

Traveling to Sapa in the summer you will enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere of the plateau and explore many other interesting things.

When traveling to Sapa in the summer, you not only enjoy the cool atmosphere but also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Northwest mountains, Muong Hoa valley, Cat Cat, Ham Rong mountain, Fansipan peak, Silver waterfall, love waterfall, Sapa stone church. Besides, there are still many destinations that you should not miss when traveling to Sapa in the summer.

A Beautiful summer Day in Sapa

A Beautiful Day in Sapa

Discovering Sapa cuisine is also one of the experiences that you cannot ignore in your Sapa travel itinerary, whether you come to Sapa at any time of the year. Sapa is known as a famous tourist area, so Sapa cuisine is also very unique.

In addition, when traveling to Sapa in the summer, you also have the opportunity to enjoy fresh peaches and plums right in the garden and you can also buy it for your relatives and friends as a gift on your trip to Sapa.

What you should prepare to travel to Sapa in the summer?

Here we will suggest what you should prepare to travel to Sapa in summer


The weather in summer in Sa Pa is not so hot; however, your skin still will be ravaged quickly. It is true to say that suncream is an indispensable item in women's bags. It helps women more confident when the skin is protected from the sun.

You should apply sunscreen when travel Sapa in summer

You should apply sunscreen when traveling Sapa in summer

In fact, men usually pay less attention to skincare. But that is not recommended because the sun will devastate face, skin. Therefore, men should also focus on taking some time to apply sunscreen before going out, hiking, walking.

Sun hat

The summer sunshine in Sapa is no longer a major concern when you have a sun hat, which helps you avoid direct sunlight and help you avoid sunstroke. There is no denying that a simple, no-fussy hat, style is not only an item for sunshades but also an accessory for women when they take photos.

Fashion glasses

Sunglasses Will Protect Your Eyes From The Sun when travel Sapa in summer

Sunglasses Will Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Eyes are very important to humans. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the eyes from heat. The glasses have 2 uses at the same time protecting both the eyes and fashion accessories to help you become more stylish. Both men and women have a variety of glasses to choose from depending on their taste, color, size, and budget.

Sunscreen coats

When we travel to Sapa in the summer, it will not be a big deal when we have prepared and carefully sunscreen coats. Today, there are many types of jackets for us to choose from. Usually, for those who go hiking, people often choose to wear a camouflage pattern or jeans. Although this type of jacket does not completely cover the intense sun, it partly helps us avoid the sun. Especially, this type of jacket will also be an accessory tool to help your photos become perfect.


With a fairly large tourist destination like Sapa, the map is indispensable. You can buy Sapa travel maps at local bookstores, or you can buy them at souvenir shops, galleries, or hotels of Sapa.

Medicine bags, medical instruments

You Need To Prepare A Medicine Bag With Basic Medicines while traveling in Sapa

You Need To Prepare A Medicine Bag With Basic Medicines

You need to prepare a medicine bag with basic medicines such as anti-colds medicines, anti-insect bites medicines, wind oil, anti-stomach pain medicines, common antibiotics, anti-motion sickness medicines, etc. to prevent when you have a cold or unexpected accident. You can provide first aid for yourself and your friends before you or they were transfer to the hospital.

Water, snacks

When traveling in Sapa, you should prepare water and snacks for long distances. On the road, the car can also stop at the roadside station, but water or snacks are usually quite expensive and may not have your favorite things. Thus, you prepare them before you go is best.

Video recording equipment

Saving Beautiful Memories is important when travel to beautiful place like Sapa

Saving Beautiful Memories

Sapa is very beautiful, and it is a pity if you can not save your moments in Sapa. Recording equipment will be indispensable during your Sapa trip in the summer. You should bring cameras, camcorders or smartphones okay. When taking photos in Sapa, you should take care to preserve your equipment because there is a lot of dew on Sapa, which can damage your video recording equipment. Also, don't forget to bring chargers to make sure they always have enough power.

Identity papers

This is a very important thing when you come to a strange land. Identity card not only helps you check-in the hotel, do temporary procedures for temporary absence on Sapa or any other tourist destination, it is also a solution for you if you have any problems. You can copy and bring along copies of important documents such as identity cards or passports, hotel booking documents, or other services such as tours ... in case of loss of documents. there are still copies. If you are accompanied by a child, you must bring a birth certificate for the child.

You should also look for the contact number of the local police so you can contact them when you have problems.

Above are the essential items you need to prepare for your Sapa trip. Wish you have a safe and wonderful trip!

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