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Should you travel around Vietnam by sleeper train?

July 12, 2023 - 1119 views

Because of the quiet distance between cities, sleeper trains are quite popular in Vietnam. The train is a means of transportation that has existed in Vietnam for a long time and it appeared and developed earlier than the aviation industry. However, judging from the fact that the current railway is far inferior to the air route. But many still want the experience of a train trip. If you are planning to travel by sleeper train in Vietnam or are simply curious about sleeper trains, you should not ignore this article.

There is no denying that sleeper trains are the favorite vehicle of many people when traveling long distances because they are often more affordable and comfortable than long trips in a small car or bus.

Why should you travel to Vietnam by train?

There are many reasons you should travel along with Vietnam by train but I will list some highlight season below:

1. Cheap to Travel to Vietnam by train

It is true to say that traveling by train is much cheaper compared to airplanes. Especially if the longer you go, the bigger the price difference. Furthermore, when tourists travel by train, they also enjoy discounted discounts for children, students, soldiers, etc.

Cheap to travel to Vietnam by train

Cheap to travel to Vietnam by train

2. Vietnam Train fares are stable

If you fly frequently, you will understand the complexity of the fare structure of this type of transport. Meanwhile, train fares tend to be stable from day today. Whether starting at night or day, Monday or Saturday, train tickets are still only one price unchanged.
However, there are also a few times when the fare increases, such as during the holidays, but the difference is not much and tends to return to the old price when the holiday is over. Therefore, it can be said that the train fare is quite stable.

3. Can carry a lot of luggage on the train in Vietnam

This is especially beneficial if you are traveling for a long time and need to carry a lot of luggage; as well as when bringing home souvenirs. If traveling by train, you can bring a maximum of 20 kg of baggage, while flying only allows 7kg in Economy class and 14kg in Business class.

Can bring alot of lugguage on train in Vietnam

Can bring a lot of luggage on train in Vietnam

4. Safe to travel by train in Vietnam

Trains are a fairly safe type of transport. Due to running on separate tracks, the risk of a train colliding with other vehicles is almost impossible. So you can rest assured that you will get to where you go, without having to worry about ever-increasing car or plane crashes.

Safe to travel in Vietnam by train

Safe to travel in Vietnam by train when you book a private cabin

5. Environmental friendliness

Compared to cars or planes, the emissions that trains emit a lot less. The amount of carbon emitted by trains does not have a direct effect on the upper atmosphere and is, therefore, less toxic than aircraft emissions.


Things to know before traveling by  sleeper train in Vietnam

  • Book in Advance

In fact, booking train tickets in advance through travel agents is recommended. If you plan to travel during peak travel times or a holiday, this is even more necessary.
You can do this easily by emailing the providers and clearing them online
Usually, you will receive
an email voucher to exchange for a real ticket at the train station before you get on the train.

  • Meals Onboard

You can buy food and drinks on board, although bringing your own food for snacks on long trips is pretty cool. Instant noodles are one of the most popular meals on board.

  • Beware of Scams

When you arrive at the train station, when exchanging for a physical ticket, look around carefully to find the travel agency counter listed on your voucher. Do not hand over your voucher to a stranger, even if they offer to help you or someone who is not from the company.

In fact, there are many naive tourists who give vouchers to strangers, only to be extorted by them in exchange for vouchers.
On the other hand, you must have the contact number of the travel agent who booked your ticket so that you can be reached in case you cannot find their counter at the station.

  • Luggage size

The corridors inside the train are quite narrow and you will likely get stuck if you carry too large luggage. So, whether it's the backpack or suitcase you take with you, make sure it's not too big and can be easily stored with the bags of other passengers.

Soft seat on Vietnam train when travel

Soft seat cabin on Vietnam Train

Overall, each train itself and its itinerary has become a tour. The longer the journey, the more you will experience the atmosphere and scenery of many lands. The average speed of the train will be the advantage when the train passes through beautiful landscapes. And the sleeper train in Vietnam is a very popular way of getting around. However, the price can vary quite a bit. Sometimes, it is also very expensive on private sleeping trains, so be sure to check it out carefully when you book.

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