All You Need to Know About Vietnam Train

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Air travel is quick and exciting, but on your vacation to Vietnam, traveling the train is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Where can you get Vietnam train tickets? Where should you sit or sleep? Regarding train travel in Vietnam, you could have a number of inquiries. This thorough guide to the Vietnam train will provide essential advice to make your trip hassle-free.

Vietnam Train System

The provinces of Vietnam are connected by the railway system in both directions. You may pass through numerous picturesque locations throughout its 1,600-km length, including Lao Cai (Sapa), Hanoi (in the North), Hue, Da Nang (in the Central), and Ho Chi Minh City (in the South).

When reserving the train, you might notice that the trains in Vietnam usually begin with SE or SP, followed by a number. Super Express trains, which go from the north to the south and vice versa, are denoted by the letter SE. In the meanwhile, SP is for the Lao Cai or Hanoi to Lao Cai train route.

Vietnam train routes

Network of Vietnam train routes

The current Vietnam railway system includes the following main train routes:

  • Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hanoi – Lao Cai
  • Hanoi – Hai Phong
  • Hanoi – Quan Trieu
  • Hanoi – Dong Dang
  • Kep – Uong Bi – Ha Long
  • Double – Luu Xa
  • International train Hanoi – Beijing (China), via Dong Dang Station (Lang Son)


Why You Should Experience Trains in Vietnam?

In recent years, the choice of the train as a means of travel is gradually becoming more popular. This form of transportation is convenient and does not cost too much. On the train journey, travelers will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful roads of the country. The train rolls slowly, enough for you to record memorable moments in your trip to distant lands.

  • Beautiful scenery: The greatest way to explore Vietnam is on a train. A beautiful picture of Vietnam is provided by rail riding, up near and personal. Along the route, mountains, rice paddies, and stunning coastlines all display their magnificence.
  • Local experience: In Vietnam, using the train allows you to experience life as a native. Your trip may be made special by getting to know Vietnamese people, tasting the cuisine at the many railway stops, purchasing trinkets from the storefronts, etc.
  • Affordable price: Despite the fact that it might be time-consuming, traveling by rail is frequently more affordable than flying or, in some cases, even taking a bus.
  • Luggage storage: This is especially helpful if you need to carry a lot of luggage while traveling for an extended period of time or while bringing mementos home. While flying only permits 7 kg in Economy class and 14 kg in Business class, using the train allows for a maximum of 20 kilograms of luggage.
  • Safe and security: In Vietnam, trains are a relatively safe mode of transportation. It is uncommon to encounter an accident on a train because it travels its own route.

Why You Should Experience Trains in Vietnam

Get ready for the train journey


Where to Buy Vietnam Train Tickets?

Buy at Vietnam Train Station

At the station, you can also purchase Vietnam train tickets. It can be a little time-consuming and challenging, though. As a result, we advise online shopping.

Vietnam Train Tickets

A sample of Vietnam train tickets

Book Online

Booking Vietnam train e-tickets give you a lot of benefits and support you get your best train traveling experience more easily. 

  • Official ticket: Stay away from ticket frauds and reselling.
  • Simple booking: Get an e-ticket via email instead of waiting in a huge line at the railway station. It will be more pleasant to purchase a ticket online, especially if you don't speak Vietnamese.
  • Protected payment: Pay online or with a credit card.
  • Great support: You may choose your seats and berths with BestPrice Travel’s support.
  • Reviews and images: BestPrice Travel may offer reviews and images of rail services.
  • Customer service: If necessary, get in touch via phone or mail.

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Seat Classes on the Vietnam Train

Ordinary hard seat

The hard seat is fixed on the train, so it is not possible to move. This is the most economical choice among the positions on board. However, associated with savings, hard seats sometimes cause quite a lot of annoyance. If you have unstable health or have to sit in the car for a very long distance, you should not choose this position. On the contrary, if you have stable health, sitting in a hard seat will save a considerable amount of money for your trip.

Hard seat on Vietnam train

Hard seat train


Soft seat

Compared to hard seats, the soft seat on the Vietnam train is much more comfortable. With soft seats, guests can recline the chair at an angle of 15 degrees. You can completely relax and enjoy the romantic scenery through the glass window. But similar to hard chairs, visitors will feel tired if they have to sit on the chair for too long. The price of soft seats is average. Visitors need to consider carefully before making a choice.

Soft seat Vietnam train

Soft seat train


Soft sleeper (Soft berth)

With a journey lasting up to several dozen hours, the Vietnam sleeper train will be the best choice for passengers. For a bed, you need to spend more money than for a hard/soft seat. However, the value is completely worth it. Guests can rest, even comfortably take a long sleep if they feel tired while the train moves.

Vietnam sleeper train

Soft sleeper on Vietnam overnight train


Luxury train cabin (VIP cabin with 2 berths)

It is the best option for your trip with a spacious cabin of 2 berths with AC on the Vietnam Luxury train. The mattress is soft and takes care of your sleep very well. The cabin serves you complimentary tea and fruits. Take your time by reading a book or seeing the landscape along the way. Very comfortable and enjoyable sleep. You also have private time with your friends and family if you reserve all 2 beds. However, price is quite an expensive option.

Vietnam luxury train

The 2-berth cabin of the Vietnam luxury train

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Tips for Train Travel in Vietnam

For a family vacation with kids

What you should know if you take your kids on a train is as follows:

  • Only if they share a seat or bunk with you are children under six years old eligible for free travel. You don't need to purchase a ticket for your youngster in order for them to be ready to provide their passport as identification before boarding.
  • Children aged from 6 to 9 receive a discount of 25% off the regular ticket price for seats and sleeping beds.
  • Over-10-year-old children must be accompanied by an adult at departure time and pay adult rates.

Vietnam train travel with kids

Traveling with your kid


Tickets notice

  • You will get your e-ticket by email, ready to print and display upon boarding the train, for reservations made with Vietnam Railways, New Livitrans Express, and Violette Train.
  • You will receive a voucher by email to pick up the actual ticket at the station before boarding the train if you make reservations with private railroads like Victoria Express, Fanxipan Express, King Express, Orient Express, Sapaly Express, Chapa Express, and Saigon Golden Train or the international railway service Hanoi-Nanning-Beijing.

Vietnam train e-ticket

A Train E-ticket


Useful tips for the best time on the train

  • Print your electronic tickets
  • Don't forget your passport or ID
  • Should arrive at the station 60 minutes before the scheduled departure
  • Bring no more than 20 kg and take good care of your possessions
  • Prepare food and beverages beforehand (optional)

Vietnam train tips

Take a photo on Vietnam train street


Hopefully, with the above travel experiences by train, you have enough information to enjoy the most beautiful train routes in Vietnam with your family and friends. Let's check our Along Vietnam by Train for 15 days at BestPrice Travel to plan your trip to the fullest.

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