Vietnam Sleeper Train: Schedule & Price 2024

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There is no denying that sleeper trains are the favorite vehicle of many people when traveling long distances because they are often more affordable and comfortable than long trips in a small car or bus.

If you are planning to travel by sleeper train in Vietnam or are simply curious about sleeper trains, you should not ignore this article.

Vietnam Sleeper Train Schedule & Price 2023

About Sleeper Train in Vietnam

Vietnam is an extended country and the best way to cover its long distances is to travel by train, as it is cheap and allows tourists to have a glance at the beautiful sceneries of Vietnam along the way.

The sleeper train in Vietnam is a comfortable, safe, and affordable means of transportation, helping visitors to reduce fatigue when traveling long distances. Most of the Vietnam sleeper trains now have Wi-Fi (though normally the connection speeds are not fast).

A sleeper train can also help you save accommodation fees and travel time since a lot of trains are operated at night. There are two main ticket classes on a regular sleeper train in Vietnam: hard berth and soft berth. Besides, there are hard and soft seats on the Reunification Express Train, the public train crossing Vietnam.

Vietnam Sleeper Train

Vietnam Sleeper Train

  • Hard berth: More suitable for short-distance traveling, the hard berth is the type that you would lie in a bunk bed, which is made of iron with one thin mattress.

Regularly on most of the hard berth class compartments on Vietnam sleeper trains, there are 6 berths in one cabin, and the fare will depend on the floor you choose - the most expensive price to the bottom floor, then the middle floor, and the lowest rate for the top floor.

  • Soft berth: It is the most comfortable class for tourists, there are only 4 or 2 berths in 1 cabin on a typical first-class sleeper train in Vietnam. All berths are marked at the same price. The soft berth is highly recommended for long-distance travel as you can rest comfortably for hours.


Reason to Travel to Vietnam by Overnight Train

  • Budget price: It is true to say that traveling by train is much cheaper compared to by airplane. Furthermore, when tourists travel by train, they also enjoy discounts for children, students, soldiers, etc.
  • Fares are stable: If you fly frequently, you will understand the complexity of the fare structure of this transport type. Meanwhile, train fares tend to be stable from day to day. Whether starting at night or day, Monday or Saturday, train tickets are still only one price unchanged.

However, there are also a few times when the fare increases, such as during the holidays, but the difference is not much, and tends to return to the old price when the holiday is over. Therefore, it can be said that the train fare is quite stable.

Inside A Sleeper Train In Vietnam

Inside A Sleeper Train In Vietnam

  • Can carry a lot of luggage: This is especially beneficial if you are traveling for a long time and need to carry a lot of luggage. If traveling by train, you can bring a maximum of 20 kg of baggage, while flying only allows 7 kg in Economy class and 14 kg in Business class.
  • Safety: Trains are a fairly safe type of transport. Due to running on separate tracks, the risk of a train colliding with other vehicles is almost impossible. So you can rest assured that you will get to where you go, without having to worry about ever-increasing car or plane crashes.
  • Environmentally friendly: Compared to cars or planes, the emissions that train emit a lot less. The amount of carbon emitted by trains does not have a direct effect on the upper atmosphere and is, therefore, less toxic than plane emissions.

Be noted that the price is the ticket fee per pax, so if you want to book and pay for the entire 4-berth cabin but for less than 4 people, you may have to pay 4 tickets.

If you're still wondering, please read more Should you travel around Vietnam by sleeper train?


Popular Vietnam Overnight Train Routes

Hanoi to Sapa Overnight Train

If you want to head for the hills at Sapa, the best way to get there is to take a train from Hanoi to Lao Cai. Sapa has no railway station, but it's about 38 km (24 miles) from Lao Cai railway station and is easily reached by bus, jeep, or taxi in about 50 minutes. There are both daytime and overnight sleeper trains between Hanoi & Lao Cai however, most of them depart at around 21:00 - 22:00 from Hanoi and arrive at Lao Cai station at 05:00 - 06:00.

On some sleeper trains in Vietnam, you can choose between the normal Vietnamese railways or a whole series of privately run sleeper trains of a higher standard aimed at tourists. If you are looking for some information about night trains from Hanoi to Sapa, all the details you need, from normal sleeper trains to first-class sleeper trains in Vietnam, are shown in the table below for you to follow.

Orient Express Train

Luxury 4 berth cabin

  • Sharing air-conditioning cabin
  • Inclusion: blankets, cushion, cookies, mineral water, cold towers, and toothpaste

VIP 2 berth cabin

  • Private air-conditioning cabin (solo travelers have to book entire cabin including 2 tickets)
  • Inclusion: blankets, cushion, drinks, cold towers, and toothpaste
Livitrans Express Train

Tourist cabin

  • 4 soft berths
  • Fully comfort luxe

VIP cabin

  • 2 soft berths with standard 5* hotel
  • Inclusion: travel magazines, newspaper, drink, snack
Fansipan Express Train

4 berth cabin

  • 4 soft berths
  • Reading lights, baggage storage, flower, mineral water, snack and napkin for free

2 berth cabin (VIP cabin)

  • 2 soft berths
  • Similar to 4 berth cabin
King Express Train

Deluxe cabin

  • 4 berths in one compartment
  • Wooden-panelled, air-conditioned with individual reading lights, baggage storage

Superior cabin

  • 2 berths in one compartment
  • Similar to 4 berth cabin
Sapaly Express Train

Four berth cabin

  • 4 soft berths
  • Reading lights, baggage storage, flower, mineral water and napkin for free

Two berth cabin (VIP)

  • 2 soft berths
  • Similar to four berth cabin
Chapa Express Train

Soft Berth

  • 4 soft berths
  • Wood-paneling cabins, air-conditional, reading lights, drink, snack, cold towel, toothpaste for free

VIP Berth

  • 2 soft berths
  • Similar to 4 berth cabin
Laman Express Train

Soft Berth

  • 4 soft berths
  • Refreshing towelette, Hanoi beer, coke, mineral water, and sweet pastry, tea, coffee

VIP Berth

  • 2 soft berths
  • Similar to 4 soft berth cabin
Victoria Express Train

4 Berth

  • 4 soft berths
  • Individual reading lights, baggage storage, air condition system, wooden-paneled, snack and drinks

2 Berth

  • 2 soft berths
  • Similar to 4 berth cabin

You can check out the availability and price here:

Sleeper Train From Hanoi To Sapa


Hanoi to Hue Sleeper Train

The journey from Hanoi to Hue takes 12-14 hours, it is strongly recommended to book a soft sleeper-bed ticket. The best option is to travel to Vietnam by sleeper train during night time, leaving in the evening and arriving around lunchtime, so you’ll enjoy the view after you wake up in the morning.

For more details about the schedule, you can read the information in the table below:

Reunification Express Train

SE1: 21:10 - 11:06

SE3: 19:20 - 08:55

SE5: 15:30 - 05:30

SE7: 06:00 - 20:22

6 Hard Berth: from US $53

4 Soft Berth: from US $56

Viollete Express Train

SE1: 21:10 - 11:06

SE3: 19:25 - 08:55

4 Soft Berth: from US $58
SE3: 19:25 - 08:25 4 Soft Berth: from US $63
Lotus Express Train
SE19: 19:50 - 09:20

4 Soft Berth: from US $67

2 VIP Berth: from US $133

Laman Express Train
SE19: 19:50 - 09:20

4 Soft Berth: from US $84

2 VIP Berth: from US $138

You can check out the availability and price here:

Sleeper Train From Hanoi To Hue


Hanoi to Da Nang Overnight Train

As the railway station from Hanoi to Da Nang is about 791 kilometers and the journey takes about 16 hours, overnight train is more popular among the locals as well as travelers. You have the opportunity to sleep at night and arrive at your destination on the morning of the next day. Night trains aid in saving the cost of accommodation as well as earning daylight travel time.

Travelers can also enjoy the view of the beautiful countryside after waking up from the night train travel before arriving in Da Nang. The overnight trains from Hanoi to Da Nang also have food counters onboard the train.

You can get various meals and snacks or bring along your own food and eat on the night train whenever you feel hungry. Take a look at the table below and arrange your trip accordingly.

Reunification Express Train

SE1: 21:10 - 14:01

SE3: 19:20 - 11:33

SE5: 15:30 - 08:27

SE7: 06:00 - 23:00

6 Hard Berth: from US $57

4 Soft Berth: from US $63

SE3: 19:25 - 12:24 4 Soft Berth: from US $73
Viollete Express Train

SE1: 21:10 - 13:41

SE3: 19:25 - 11:33

4 Soft Berth: from US $63
Lotus Express Train
SE19: 19:50 - 12:12 4 Soft Berth: from US $70
Laman Express Train
SE19: 19:50 - 12:12 4 Soft Berth: from US $86

You can check out the availability and price here:

Sleeper Train From Hanoi To Da Nang


Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang Sleeper Train

Vietnam Railways has overnight trains departing Ho Chi Minh City between 19:30 and 22:30, arriving in Nha Trang early the next morning.

With all overnight trains from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang, it is advisable to inform your hotel of your arrival time to ensure everything is ready when you get in as the usual check-in hour is after midday but with prior notice, you may sometimes get a room earlier. For more information about this sleeper train route, take a look at the table below to find the best sleeper train from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang:

Reunification Express Train

SE2: 20:55 - 04:08

SE4: 19:00 - 02:16

SE6: 16:00 - 00:10

SE8: 16:00 - 00:10

SNT2: 20:00 - 05:00

SE22: 11:00 - 19:00

6 Hard Berth: from US $41

4 Soft Berth: from US $45

Halo Express Train
SNT2: 20:00 - 05:00 4 Soft Berth: from US $51

You can check out the availability and price here:

Sleeper Train From Ho Chi Minh To Nha Trang

For anyone looking for a Vietnam overnight train to another destination, click here to book your own transfer:

Book Your Overnight Train

Tips to Travel by Vietnam Overnight Train

While sleeper trains are not the cheapest option to get around Vietnam, there are a few things you should keep in mind for a better experience:

  • There will be fresh bedding if you jump on from the primary train stations. However, if you get on partway through a journey, it can be a chance they may not change the bedding. If you’re sensitive to cleanliness, it’s recommended to bring your own bedding and pillowcase. 
  • Expect to share the cabin with someone else, if you choose the beds. It’s generally safe to travel by train; however, you might still want to keep your valuables safely hidden.
  • The train will be loud and a bit shaky. Bring your earplugs or have some music on for a deeper sleep.
  • The toilet might not be on par with those you have in your hometown. It’s best not to drink too much water, as you might not want to go to the toilet every now and then. Bring along tissue and hand sanitizer too.
  • Set an alarm to get up 30 minutes before your stop. The staff will come and wake you up, but it’s good to have some time to prepare your stuff.
  • Keep your tickets as they might check them once again at night.


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Hi Mark! We're planning a trip to Vietnam in August and would like to take a sleeper train from Da Nang to Nha Trang on the 16th of August. Am I correct in saying that most sites wouldn't show those trains now as it is too far in advance? In saying that, an operator I'm speaking to has said that she can book a private cabin for all 3 of us with beds for 110 USD per person. I think this is very expensive. Please advise if this is the going rate for a private cabin?


Hi! Vietnam Railways hasn't announce the official schedule for train in August, that's the reason why you can't see it in most sites and yes, due to this fact, this time is too soon to book the train in advance. Usually, the official schedule will be available on Vietnam Railways official website abt 1-2 months before. You can visit the official site usually to check the schedule available or not and book on your own. If you need private cabin for 3 people, just find a 4-bed cabin and pay for all the beds inside, then that cabin is all yours. You can save a lot of money if book on your own. 

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Im looking for a Soft bed cabin for 4 from hanoi to Hue on 28 June


Hi! Here is where you can book Hanoi to Hue train for your travel date.

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I'm looking to book the 6-person sleeper for a group of 5, from Saigon to Danang. During daytime, is it possible to put up the middle bunks (for more headroom) and lower them for sleeping at night, or do they have to stay down the entire time? 2nd question - if we board in Danang (to go to Hanoi), is it possible to pay extra for fresh bedsheets?


Hi! There's no function for the bed on trains in Vietnam like the one that you described. About the fresh bedsheets, you should ask directly the staff on-board if they can help you with that. 

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Is there an overnight soft 2 berth cabin from da nang to nha trang, willing to pay for the 4 berth for privacy reasons if needed thank you

@Mark Jefferson Blake:

Hi! Here is where you check your train from Da Nang to Nha Trang!

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Hi, Can I book a soft berth cabin from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang all to myself or will i always need to share with other passengers?

@Neil Thompson:

Hi! Usually, you can have a cabin for yourself if you pay for all the berths in the cabin.

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