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Train from Hanoi to Da Nang: Schedule & Price

January 12, 2022 - 1660 views

The fastest way to travel to Da Nang from Hanoi is by plane because it only takes them about 1,5 hours. Other means of transport such as trains and buses are slower. However, most tourists like the train from Hanoi to Da Nang because it brings some exciting experiences to them. Tourists are surely amazed by the beautiful scenery which they see through the windows of the train. Therefore, this review will help tourists know some information about Da Nang to Hanoi train types including their schedule and price.

Da Nang is a beautiful city that has one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Danang attracts tourists because of the combination of both high mountains and clear beaches. Therefore, this place often welcomes thousands of tourists per year, especially foreign tourists. Visitors really like to visit Da Nang because they want to have an opportunity to admire its beautiful natural views. Through many years, this place is still an ideal destination for Vietnam and foreign tourists.

Hanoi to Da Nang train


About Hanoi to Da Nang train 

It is about 767 kilometers from Hanoi to Da Nang. Travel time is about at least 15 hours depending on different trains. Every day, there are 6 trains including SE7, SE5, SE9, SE3, SE19, and SE1 with many kinds of seat/berth types. Therefore, visitors can easily choose a suitable departure time for their schedule.

Hard seat (NC and NCL): These seats are made from wood and then they are installed fixedly with the train. Sitting on a hard seat helps people feel comfortable. However, if tourists have to sit for a long time, it will be very terrible. The price of one is the cheapest in the seat types. So they are chosen by many visitors because of their affordable price. Besides, it also helps them save the travel expenses. 

Tourists who sit on these seats can’t lean back so they shouldn't be chosen for long trips. However, if tourists choose the day trains, we think they will be strong enough to sit and admire some views out of the window. 

Soft seat (NM and NML): These seats are equipped with thin cushions so they help tourists feel more comfortable. Besides, their price is also more expensive than hard seats. However, this price is also quite reasonable so they are often chosen by many tourists. For soft seats, they can lean back about 15 degrees. This choice is suitable for day trains. Tourists will use the time on the train to take some photos and see some views. By contrast, they shouldn’t use them for overnight trains because no matter how soft the seats are, they still feel backache and tiredness. 

Hard berth (BNL): Each cabin has 6 berths which are arranged into 3 floors (each floor has 2 berths). The hard berths are equipped with thin cushions so tourists can sleep comfortably during their trips.  It seems that hard berths are the best choices for tourists. Some tourists have their own private space. Therefore, they can take a rest, work with laptops or make calls. Tourists who choose the berths on the third floor of cabins may feel a little inconvenient because if they need to go out of the cabins, it will be difficult for them to get downstairs. 

Hard berths are suitable for overnight trains because tourists can relax as well as sleep well. They can lie stretched comfortably. We believe that it will be some memories which tourists can not forget.  Besides, their prices are quite expensive. Tourists should consult the advantages of them in order to choose good seat types 

Soft berth (ANL): Only 4 berths in the cabin, each berth is equipped with a thick cushion. Therefore, they bring the most convenience to tourists when they use them. Each tourist has a private space, they can do some things including working and relaxing. There is nothing better than admiring the beautiful scenery and enjoying their journeys. For soft berths, they don’t need to worry about health problems such as tiredness or back pain. 

First class train Hanoi to Da Nang

Besides, tourists are also supported with some reading lamps which are installed at all berths. Some sockets are very necessary for them because of long trips, tourists always need them to charge their mobile phones. Their price is the most expensive in Hanoi to Da Nang train types because of their convenience which they bring to tourists.


Hanoi to Da Nang train schedule & price

It seems that schedule and price are points that tourists want to know concretely. Da Nang - Hanoi train prices depend on seat/berth types which tourists choose. Let’s see the below table: 


Departure time 

Arrival time














16 hours 21 mins












16 hours 06 mins












17 hours 05 mins 












15 hours 35 mins 












16 hours 10 mins












15 hours 5 mins










  • AN: 4 berth sleeper cabin (LT1: first level/ LT2: second level)
  • BN: 6 berth sleeper cabin (LT1: First level/ LT2: second level/ LT3: 3rd level)
  • NM: Soft seat (NML: soft seat with air-conditioning)
  • NC: Hard seat (NCL: hard seat with air-conditioning) 
  • GP: Auxiliary seat (these seats are made from plastic, they will be sold when primary tickets of all trains have been sold out) 


Why is the train from Hanoi to Da Nang the best way to travel?

There are many advantages of the Da Nang - Hanoi train. Let’s explore these special things with BestPrice. 

  • Firstly, traveling by train makes tourists feel comfortable. Tourists only go to gas stations before the departure time, about 30 mins. Trains don’t pick up tourists along the street like buses. For tourists who are elderly, kids or they get motion sickness, traveling by train will help them resolve these problems. If they choose first-class trains, they can enjoy their private space to read books, take some photos as well as work with laptops during the trips. 
  • Secondly, tourists can learn about some local places which the train passes through as well as the north-south railway of Vietnam. 
  • Thirdly, tourists will be surely amazed by the beauty of Hai Van mountain pass which was built many years ago by Vietnamese people. 

In the past, all instruments were still very rudimentary. Therefore, Vietnamese people including soldiers and farmers used their strength with hoes, shovels to create one road about 21 kilometers that connects Da Nang and Hue. 

Besides, the day trains also help them to see some beautiful views out of the window. Some grandiose mountains, calm lakes, and blue sky create a poetic natural picture. Why don’t we take photos to save some memories about these great trips? BestPrice hopes that tourists will feel satisfied with their journeys. 

In general, traveling by train will bring some great things to tourists. Let's try and experience them. 

Amazing scenery on the way travel from Hanoi to Da Nang


Local tips to get from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh by train 

  • Tourists should consider carefully the schedule and price of train types from Hanoi to Da Nang.
  • Taking an ID card or passport and putting them in the suitcase. 
  • Booking tickets early to have the best seats or berths. 
  • Double-checking the ticket both the departure time, coach, the position of seat/berth. 
  • Tourists should go to the gas station earlier than the departure time, about 30 mins. 
  • Reading some reviews on the internet to choose the suitable train types for their schedule. 


We believe that traveling by train will bring some exciting experiences to tourists, especially foreign tourists. They can admire some beautiful places of Vietnam with blue skies, impressive beaches, and white sands. They have an opportunity to know about some interesting things when they pass through some provinces of Vietnam before setting foot in Sai Gon.  

BestPrice has some good services including booking tickets and consulting for tourists. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact BestPrice if tourists need further information. Besides, they should read some reviews of BestPrice to gain experience. We hope they will have some great memories in Da NangTourists can also go to in order to know some travel tips which are listed by most local people. Are you ready for your Da Nang trip? We are happy to serve you.

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