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How to travel to Vietnam

August 25, 2022 - 447 views

Vietnam becomes an ideal and safe place for traveling. Have you planned your trip to Vietnam and how can you get to our country? My article will give you some choices for using transportation into Vietnam.

1. Travel to Vietnam by air

The most convenient and easiest way to come to Vietnam is via plane. Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi and Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City are the two biggest international airports in Vietnam.  A third airport, Da Nang Airport, in Da Nang, contains a smaller number of international flights.  You can choose one of the airlines to book the ticket to get to Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, and Da Nang airports, but local agents are still worth a try. If you haven't already booked the ticket, give your request to Best Price Vietnam.

2. Travel to Vietnam by road 

Vietnam has many international land border crossings. These permit overland travel to Cambodia(via five crossings), Laos(via six crossings), and China (at least two crossings).

Vietnam - Cambodia Borders

The most popular border from Cambodia to Vietnam is Bavet - Moc Bai crossing. Besides, there are some borders between the two countries are Kaam Samnor -Ving Xuong; Phnom Den-Tinh Bien; Prek Chak -Xa Xia; Le Thanh-O Yadao crossing.

Moc Bai Border

Moc Bai Border

Vietnam – Laos borders

Sop Hun -Tay Trang, the border has opened to international travelers. To get into Vietnam, you can take a bus that leaves three times from Muang Khua on the Lao side for Dien Bien Phu on the Vietnam side. Na Maew- Nam Xoi, from Nam Xoi in Lao, is a short ride to Na Maev (Thanh Hoa Province). The border, NamCan - Nam Khan offers the road to Vinh city in Vietnam, there are buses from Phonsavan and Luang Prabangleave on weekdays. Some others which cross from Lao to Vietnam are Nam Phao- Cau Treo, Dansavanh - Lao Bao, Bo Y - Ngoc Hoi.

Vietnam – China borders

There are three border crossings, namely Mong Cai - Dong Hung, Dong Dang- Ping Xian, and Lao Cai-Hekou. Mong Cai - Dong Hung, the border gate is located in the northeast of Quang Ninh Province, 176km from Halong town. From Halong town, going straight on highway No. 18 to Mong Cai Town, then across the border gate to China. Dong Dang- Ping Xian, coming from Ping Xian to Dong Dang, you will find the easy way to go to Hanoi by bus or train. Lao Cai- Hekou border, is the closest border to get to Sapa, one of the must-see destinations in Vietnam.

Mong Cai Border

Mong Cai Border

3. Travel to Vietnam by sea

If you want to discover new territory as an explorer, travel by cruise ship overseas is a great idea for your journey. There are some ports such as Nha Trang Port, Cai Lan Port, and Phu My Port that welcome many foreign travelers to Vietnam.

                                   Vietnam Sea Port

Vietnam Sea Port

There are many ways to enter Vietnam and you can find the most suitable way for you. But no matter what you enter Vietnam; you are always welcomed with a friendly smile. Hope to see you.

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