Ta Phin Village Sapa

Ta Phin is a Red Dao village in Sapa, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam. Ta Phin village has a beautiful natural landscape and unique ethnic culture, which attract many tourists by its untouched beauty.

Ta Phin VillageTa Phin VillageLocal People working on the fieldTa Phin VillageHerbal BathingTa Phin VillageTa Phin Village

When visiting local houses in Ta Phin village, you should follow the direct of the villagers. The houses has a big pillar buried deep in the ground, reaching into the roof while other pillars are smaller. The highest pillar is called “Cai” pillar, where the ghost stays, tourists should not hang their clothes or lean against that "soul" pillar. The middle room is a worship room and the first chair is for their parents, although they pass away, you are not allowed to sit there.

Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin Village

Tourists will have chance to try Can alcohol, talk with the owners but you must not pointing your fingers forward while you are talking. Locals believe that the behavior is to express the attitude of dissatisfaction or disregard to the other. Another notice is no whistling when walking around the village, the villagers think the whistling sound will call the devil to the village. Tourists should not forget to try bathing with herbal here, which cost about $4 US.

Herbal Bath

Herbal Bath

There is a Ta Phin cave near the village, the cave entrance is about 5m high and 3m wide, which through the ground. Inside the cave, tourists will see diversify shapes of stone like a woman holding her baby, fairies, etc. At the widest place in the cave, there are many stalactites which look like a brightly curtain. Some lines of French were engraved on a cliff many years ago but until now you still read it clearly. Ta Phin Cave has many interesting mysteries which attract many tourists to visit every year.

Due to the location, tourists can hire a motorbike in your hotel which costs about $5 US per day. If you travel in a group, you should pay about $31 US for hiring a 4-7 seats car.


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