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Taxi in Hanoi: Best Brand, Price & Tips for You to Travel

May 05, 2021 - 729 views

A motorbike, car, train, or underground, for instance, are must-have vehicles of travel in every country over the world. They not only bring us confidence in our work but also in our trip or excursion. When we go abroad and come to a certain country, a mode of transportation will be one of our most concerning things for business or tourism. Some following information of taxi in Hanoi, along with best brands, prices and tips will be these useful suggestions for you to travel.

About Taxi in Hanoi

Hanoi provides customers with a series of transportations including bus, train, car, and taxi. In spite of multiple other means of transportations, taxi is important in the world of development, especially in a cosmopolitan city as Hanoi.

Taxi plays a crucial role in minimizing traffic jams, above all on-peak hours when white-collar and blue-collar workers finish working and stream to the road. The great bulk of people using an array of vehicles cause traffic jams, exclusive of air pollution. Public transportations like taxi or bus will be an appropriate solution to the above-mentioned barriers.

 In addition, not only is a taxi indeed convenient but also safe in the rush hour. Taxi has officially prevailed in Hanoi Capital and captured the market share of other methods of travel. Taxi has become indispensable for many people to meet their demands of daily commute for work and study.

Taxi in Hanoi


Hanoi Taxi Fare

The cost of things to which we pay more attention may be expensive or cheap. However, when we go to a supermarket, for example, we desire to purchase well-qualified and reasonable goods. Considering Hanoi taxi fare has no exception so that your travel will be free and easy.

It is a little bit tricky to talk about Hanoi taxi fare details because each and every taxi brand has its own transportation cost. However, all of them come with comfort and affordable price for everyone. The fare will depend on how long your route is and which brand of the taxi will you choose.

Hanoi is a crowded city, so there is an array of taxi brands meets rasing demands of travel go with different quality and fare as well. Means of social media will be worthwhile sources for you to find out any information you may need to know more about any taxi brand’s fare.

Hanoi Taxi Fare

Hanoi Taxi Fare


Top 5 Hanoi Taxi Trust Brands For You

1. G7 Taxi

As soon as this taxi in Hanoi was in public, it attracted a lot of attention from customers. G7 taxi that is the biggest Hanoi taxi brand is present in all central wards on a large scale. Also, g7 Hanoi taxi has cooperated with other taxi brands of the rest of 63 provinces in raising standards and meeting the demands for all walks of life. 

The more country has developed, the more g7 taxi has gradually highlighted its importance. People who live and work in Hanoi capital, a bustling city with a series of skyscrapers, immensely benefit from the greatest taxi brand. It offers customers a wide range of booking choices. 

If you are as busy as a bee, then you can completely book in advance via hotline, g7 taxi app on Android or IOS operating system, or its website. The appearance of the G7 Hanoi taxi markedly satisfied both drivers and customers. Instead of waiting for customers for hours in the past, nowadays cab drivers are indeed busy bees.

Most of the age-old problems including drunk drivers, accidents, behind schedules, fares, and many more no longer exist. These drivers are always on punctual, and merely a stone’s throw away customer’s accommodation. 

On the other hand, a lot of g7 taxi drivers take great pride in becoming one of these taxis in Hanoi's members. A brotherhood of members brings a smile to their face at all times to fulfill their assigned duties. Co-workers totally share their job of driving with the others while they are sleepy or under the weather.

If you are a director and most often stop off a bar or restaurant, these designated and back-seat drivers will be your out-going friends for companionship. They will take the responsibility for being guaranteed to take you to one place on time and pick you up safely.

G7 Taxi Hanoi

G7 Taxi Hanoi


2. Mai Linh Taxi

The green color being a typical hue of Mai Linh taxi brand symbolize life, the environment, and traffic safety. Its motto is “customers are all” and “safety, convenience, anytime, and anywhere”, Mai Linh taxi brand has non-stop developed in hopes of expanding the area and setting standards for a reputable taxi in Hanoi.

Thanks to a team effort, Mai Linh taxi brand has built confidence in domestic and foreign customers as well. Moreover, the brand improved its importance to the Vietnam passenger transportation industry. Proudly, Mai Linh taxi group, the Vietnamese first taxi brand, was certified as ISO international standards of road safety management system by Tuv Nord.

Booking choices are available for customers to pick up, regardless of their whereabouts. The price is indeed reasonable in accordance with classes and overall expectations. Particularly, it won’t be increased in rush hours. Mai Linh taxi brands are present in sixty-three provinces and four island districts in the whole country.

Mai Linh Taxi Hanoi

Mai Linh Taxi Hanoi


3. Taxi Group

Taxi group deserves to call the name because of its excellent quality and customer service. Members of Taxi Group has tried at all times to pioneer a mission of customer serving. In the state-of-the-art world, cab drivers who are creative, enthusiastic, and energetic, continuously strive for the highest standards and reach for the stars.

This brand met the maximum requirements of travellers in the Hanoi market and vicinities, such as Phu Tho, Thai Binh, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Nam Dinh Province, and so on. Taxi group offers a series of luxurious and supreme services:

    • The grand car’s quality on a full scale
    • Professional and devoted cab driver groups
    • Modern factory system; vehicle maintenance
    • Contemporary technology and equipment

Taxi Group Hanoi

Taxi Group Hanoi


4. Hanoi Airport Taxi

Although there is a full range of taxi brands, Hanoi Airpot taxi still emphasizes its effect and importance in the context of industrialization and modernization. Thanks to self-improvement, enthusiasm and business strategy along with the motto “ stability and sustainable development”, the Aiport group gradually set its foot in the taxi market and put much faith in customers, regardless of domestic or foreign ones.

Mode of transportations is always checked seriously and carefully to make a comfortable room for commuters. Cab drivers often ventilate a car properly to make sure that the space inside it is cool and fresh air at all times. Airport taxi brand from which a ton of foreign customers choose is ready at Noi Bai International Airpot.

Hanoi Airport taxi

Hanoi Airport taxi


5. Grab Taxi

In the process of non-stop effort of Grab Group, this brand has hit it big in many fields. Along with grab food, bike, grab express, grab taxi formed a chain of convenient services in the world of hectic schedules.

Thanks to grabbing apps on smartphones, users can access to any services they want, even if they are far away from their homes. Grab taxi contributes to make our life less stressful and tense, especiall in weekdays when we are busy working in a company and taking care of beloved people.

Like above taxi brands, grab taxi is also considered a perfect choice for tourists because of its reasonable price and enthusiastic services. Cab drivers of grab taxi brand keeping the city fresh and modern are green-collar workers.

Hanoi Grab Taxi

Hanoi Grab Taxi


Local tips to travel by Hanoi taxi

Almost Hanoians know taxis inside out because this method of travel makes daily commute a breeze. Not only in Hanoi serves for work but also for tourism and trip. Hanoi capital, a fascinating tourism destination, catches a lot of attention from domestic and foreign tourists because of its unique and well-known architecture works.

A visitor can get on a bus or drive a motorbike, but it will not as convenient and comfortable as a taxi. You should not miss the following local tips for your best trip before choosing a taxi:

  • Be aware of taxi brands through hotlines, mobile phones, logos
  • Determine where you will go, or else your cab drivers may “beat around the bush”
  • Determine how the fare of each and every taxi brand will be
  • You had better try to remember the sign’s number of a car or even ask your cab driver his phone number in case of forgetting belongings or baggage.
  • A back-seat driver will be really important to make sure that he will drive the right way.

In addition, searching the route or way first on the internet is perhaps a must-do thing because a cafe shop or hotel maybe not far away from you. Hence, you completely travel on foot to contemplate the landscape on the streets or along sidewalks.

In short, taxis in Hanoi provide visitors with a great number of brands. However, the above-mentioned taxi brands are perfect and excellent names for you to pick up. They come with the best service, quality, price, and reputation instead to make sure of your convenience and safety. If you want to know more information, please contact us via the website:

Taxi is a good option to transfer but it is best if you book Hanoi tours which already included tour guide, transfer, entrance fees.... you will understand more about local, cultural, history.

Nhat Anh

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