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What to have for Thai local breakfast in Phuket?

February 26, 2024 - 4 views

Phuket is increasingly and internationally famous for its incredible beach. Traveling to the beautiful beach of Phuket and wondering what to eat for breakfast in Phuket, here are some suggestions for you.

Phuket has been internationally known not only for its amazingly beautiful beaches but also for its unique cuisine. There is no doubt these are the two factors making Phuket an emerging tourist destination, attracting thousands of travelers every year. If you are in Phuket for your vacation, here are the best addresses for your breakfast in Phuket.

1. Kruvit Floating restaurant

Address: Front of Maphrao Island, Koh Kaew
Opening hours: 10 am – 10 pm

One of the must-be-mentioned restaurants for your breakfast in Phuket Thailand is Kruvit Floating restaurant. If you are getting bored with the same tastes found in many different restaurants, Kruvit Floating restaurant is a perfect one for your breakfast in Phuket. Often called “Kra Chang”(fishing basket), the restaurant is simple yet unusual with several large wooden rafts connected with thatched roofs over basic tables and is a perfect location to have some nutritious and tasty seafood for your breakfast in Phuket.
Once visiting this restaurant, never forget to try King Prawns, Mantis Shrimps, Horseshoe Crabs (Mang Da Talay), Tom Yam Goong, Pla Kao Tom Towchiew.
When it comes to prices, Kruvit restaurant serves food at prices that are a bit higher in comparison with most local restaurants. However, it is understandable if you consider the complexity of carrying everything and storing food as well as the unique concept of the restaurant itself.

2. Bang Pae Seafood

Address: Soi Bang Toei, near Bang Pae waterfall
Opening hours: 10 am – 8.30 pm

Receiving “Bib Gourmand” rating in the Phuket Michelin Guide, Bang Pae Seafood is just an amazing place for your breakfast in Phuket. For those who do not know what the rating is, the “Bib Gourmand” means “friendly establishments that serve good food at moderate prices”.

Hidden on the east coast of the beautiful Phuket, Bang Pae Seafood is among the best restaurants to visit for a local breakfast in Phuket. The only disadvantage may be its location which is not easy to find. However, everything has its own reason. Spend a little time finding it and you can enjoy delicious local high-quality food. The Bang Pae Seafood is a rare restaurant in Phuket that can fulfill all these requirements: fresh and friendly atmosphere, good food, and reasonable prices. It is extremely busy on weekends, despite its location, with Thai local people, expats, and some tourists brought by local friends.
The food served at the Bang Pae Seafood restaurant is just excellent and is definitely what you need for your breakfast in Phuket. You can enjoy your meal here while admiring the beauty of the mangrove and feeling the peace of the sea.

Highly recommended foods include:

  • Blue crabs: There is plenty of time yet no pressure to eat fast. As told by many locals, blue crabs here are the best ones on the island.
  • Poh Tae: Poh Tae means “exploded fisherman’s basket”. It is about the ingredients added to the food. It is just a type of Tom Yam which is spicy and sour from lime but does not use chili paste.

Never let your stomach empty when you are in Phuket, Thailand, especially in the morning. There are many restaurants serving excellent foods at reasonable prices where you can have a delicious and healthy local breakfast in Phuket.

Jenny Tran

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