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In the Northwest Highlands, ethnic minorities have lived together in a friendly, warm, and peaceful way together, creating a big community in a harsh, dangerous, and majestic nature. Somewhere in Sapa villages, tourists will find a lot of amazing natural images or enjoy the simple and rustic lifestyle of local people, giving you endless inspiration.

Thanh Phu village is about 35km far from Sapa town center. Thanh Phu village is one of the most remote in Sapa, which is the habitat of the Tay ethnic group.

Popular Trekking Route For Many Foreign Tourists thanh phu village

Thanh Phu Village Is A Popular Trekking Route For Many Foreign Tourists

The way to Thanh Phu is one of the popular trekking routes for many foreign tourists, it will take your about 6 – 8 hours to reach Thanh Phu village from Ho village. Although the trail is quite difficult to trek, it will allow you to admire the majestic and wonderful scenery along the way. You can see large valleys and streams winding around villages which make a peaceful and untouched beauty of a highland area.

Tourists also have the chance to experience the daily life of the Tay ethnic group, one of the earliest known minorities in Vietnam. Thanh Phu village only has about 10 -15 families, most of them are Tay people. You will easily recognize the Tay because their costumes are quite simple, with dark blue color. Men and women both wore a round collar four-part shirt, two pockets on the front and a wide belt having glitter. Tay people have many interesting folk songs such as “hat luon” and “hat khap”. “Hat luon” are often performed in festival nights or to welcome guests coming from afar, “Hat khap” is like “Quan ho” folk music in Bac Ninh.

Tay dancing Thanh Phu

Tay Dancing

Each village in Sapa has it own unique beauty of nature and custom that makes tourist interested in and fall in love. Let start your Thanh Phu village journey to experience and enjoy the interesting things in the life of Vietnam Northwest highland!

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