The Best Time to Visit Bagan for Great Weather

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Bagan is one of the most humid climates in Myanmar - the country of thousand temples due to the characteristics of terrain and landscape. The weather in Bagan varies by season and is not always convenient for your discovery trip. To have a convenient trip to Bagan with the most suitable schedule, visitors need to understand when is the best time to visit Bagan to have a wonderful trip. Let's find detail in this article.

1. Best time to visit Bagan by weather

Bagan weather offers hot round year. It is best to visit Bagan between November to February where the temperature is around 30C (86F). It also is the best time to visit Bagan because the weather is not too hot, and dry. Nov to Feb also is a high tourist season and is the only time available unforgettable experience of a hot air balloon trip over Bagan. If you prefer to join the local festival, don't forget to visit Bagan during the full moon.

Best time to visit Bagan

Best time to visit Bagan with blue & clear sky


Besides that, you should avoid visiting Bagan from Mar to May when it considers being hottest months, the temperature can reach 43C (110F). June to Oct also is not the best time to visit Bagan due to rainfall, rain happen can make your trip interrupt and you can not enjoy the beautiful scenery.

2. Best season to visit Bagan

There are 3 main seasons: the rainy season, the hot season, and autumn, each weather season in Bagan will have a different character let's discover detail with us.

  • Hot season in Bagan (Mar - Jun)

Bagan hot season will start from March to June. The sun is strong with high temperatures make it feel hot. The weather in Bagan this season often has no rain or very little rain, so if you come here in the hot season, you should prepare sunscreen and sun protection clothing.

Best time to visit Bagan to sea the great sun in hot season

Best time to visit Bagan to see the great sun in the hot season


You should go outside to visit in the early morning or evening when the temperature has dropped because if going mid-day, the increased heat radiation in the temples will make tourists uncomfortable.

Hot Season also is best time to see sunrise in Bagan

Hot Season also is the best time to see the sunrise in Bagan

  • Bagan rainy season (Jul to Sep)

The rainy season in Bagan starts from July to September. This is the only time that Bagan has rain. However, the weather in Bagan during the rainy season is not as rainy as in Yangon. If in the rainy season, Yangon will have rain both day and night, in Bagan the rain is not too frequent. Although there is not too much rain, in the rainy season, visiting and exploring Bagan activities will certainly be affected. Please consider and fully prepare before visiting this season.

Best time to visit Bagan rainy season

The rain is not too frequent in Bagan in the rainy season


In the rainy season is not too favorable to explore famous destinations, but Bagan has relatively little rainfall, if you are lucky, you will still have good days to discover this beautiful city.

  • Autumn in Bagan (Oct to Feb)

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Bagan. The weather in Bagan at this time is very beautiful, extremely convenient for tourists to explore the temples, as well as the cultural life of the people here. Autumn is also the peak tourist season in Bagan, lasting from October to February next year. The weather in Bagan is very mild, cool, less rain, and especially not hot for tourists to relax.

Best time to visit Bagan Taunggyi Tazaungdaing hot air balloon festival

Taunggyi Tazaungdaing hot air balloon festival


Especially in November, there is Taunggyi Tazaungdaing hot air balloon festival. This is one of the extremely attractive festivals in Myanmar. The festival is usually held in November every year and attracts more than 50,000 tourists to visit and admire the excellent performance combining light and color of hot air balloons.

The natural scenery in Bagan in the autumn is also very charming and having an ancient beauty. Tourists coming to Bagan in autumn will certainly not be disappointed as they will be able to explore attractions with favorable weather.

Each season in Bagan will bring a unique beauty and visitors will have different experiences of this peaceful land. After each journey to Bagan, it will remain in the minds of tourists, the image of a gentle land full of ancient, peace, and majesty but extremely close.

If you have planned to travel to Bagan next time, you should refer to more information about the weather to actively choose the appropriate schedule and have a most perfect Bagan trip.

Let's find the best Bagan tours to plan for your wonderful trip.

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