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The exclusive “Pregnant noodle”

July 12, 2023 - 3123 views

Wait! Don’t freak out when you hear the word.

I suggest that you somehow know about Vietnamese cuisine since it’s a very famous topic, especially for food-lovers. But are you sure you know it all?

For a very long time, in the North of Vietnam, whenever you come to the land everybody will tell you that you have to try the noodle, beef noodle, chicken noodle, mixed noodle because they are the specialties of the country. But we do not stop there. The locals have elevated the flavor and created a whole new kind of noodle: fried noodle. But they do not fry the normal noodle you know about and then just serve you normally. Let’s get to know a little bit about this dish.

Many years ago, the industry of Vietnam has not been much developed, and we did not have the noodle-cutting machine. The noodles are cut out from a big rectangle into long thin pieces by hand and served with beef or chicken soup.

Big rectangle noodle

Big rectangle noodle

Cut into long thin pieces

Cut into long thin pieces

But then the creative mind of Vietnamese thought outside of the box and make a new dish serve from the original rectangle noodle. They cut it into squares and then deep fry it in a full-of-oil pan. With high heat, the square noodle will be inflated and turn golden brown and crispy.

Fried square noodle 

Fried square noodle

And with that shape we funnily call it the “pregnant noodle” but the taste is wonderful. Especially when they serve with stir-fried beef, vegetable, and tomato.

"Pregnant noodle" served with stir fried beef and vegetable

"Pregnant noodle" served with stir-fried beef and vegetable

So now, a weird name has turned into a super delicious dish that will only be found in Vietnam. And there are so many more corners with interesting things that are still waiting to be explored. How about letting the experts guide you in some culinary tours to enjoy the most local dishes of any region in Vietnam? You won’t be regret, at all!

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