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Top 10 Vietnamese Restaurants You Must Try

July 12, 2023 - 1710 views

Vietnam has superb and unique cuisine which attracts tourists from all over the globe. However, how to choose the best restaurants where you can enjoy the most delicious dishes when coming here? Below are some suggestions.

Apart from beautiful views, Vietnam attracts tourists from all over the world through special and delicious foods. In Vietnam, finding a place with good foods, beautiful spaces, and good services is no longer difficult. Let’s review the top 10 best Vietnamese restaurants you must give a try when visiting this country. 

1. Green Garden Restaurant

Green Garden restaurant is located in Truong An hamlet, An Khanh commune, Hoai Duc. Being built on a large area, the restaurant can welcome up to hundreds of guests. Moreover, with its beautiful view, Green Garden restaurant is an ideal place for everyone. You and your family, friends can gather together on weekends or even organize birthday parties or other events. 

Apart from fresh seafood dishes, you can also enjoy the grilled hot pot and steam hotpot in a polite and classy space. The chefs here are trained with many years of experience, they can cook a lot of unique dishes with delicious flavors which can satisfy almost every customer. Green Garden restaurant also brings customers relaxed moments by the services of gym, yoga, and children’s entertainment which are available here. 

Especially, if you are into singing and would like to relax after many hours of working hard, the karaoke room of the restaurant is always ready to serve. Basing on these advantages, Green Garden is the first choice of many diners. 

Green Garden Restaurant

Green Garden Restaurant

2. Chen Restaurant

Chen restaurant is one of the famous restaurants specializing in hotpots and grilled dishes that you must try in Vietnam. Coming here, diners will feel extremely excited by the delicate space, elegant service style with a lot of attractive dishes. Chen is one of the suitable restaurants for families, friends, and customers who want to organize parties, conferences, events, and so on. The price of food ranges from VND72,000 to VND 630,000.

Chen by NamChen restaurant has been in operation since 2008. From space, restaurant design, and cuisine, Chen deserves to be one of the best 5-star restaurants in Hanoi in particular and in Vietnam in general. Chen is the first restaurant to bring Japanese smokeless grilled dishes to Hanoi. 

The dishes are grilled directly on the fire with smokeless technology that attracts young people. Furthermore, Chen By NamChen Restaurant has a lot of unique Japanese dishes such as sushi flowers, sashimi. Besides, Chen restaurant is also known for its hot pot with unique flavors. 

Possessing a luxurious and elegant space with four floors of glass, Chen by NamChen restaurant promises to be a great destination for gathering, organizing parties, or simply enjoying dinner with friends and family. Chen restaurant has many branches all over the country. Customers can find a suitable address to be convenient for traveling and visiting.

3. Net Hue

Net Hue is a chain of restaurants specializing in Hue cuisine with 14 branches in Hanoi. They are Net Hue – BigC Thang Long, Net Hue – Vincom Nguyen Chi Thanh, Net Hue Hang Bong, Mai Hac De, Lang Ha, Royal City, Tran Duy Hung, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Thai Ha, Nguyen Van Huyen, Lac Trung, Pham Hung, Times City, and Net Hue Aeon Mall Ha Dong. 

The restaurants are famous for many delicious dishes such as Hue beef noodle, banh khoai, banh nam. You can easily find Net Hue in their location. They have spacious space and are decorated impressively. 

Moreover, all staffs in the restaurants are fast, enthusiastic, and friendly. They are all trained and will give you the best services. Net Hue is considered as the largest and most favorite Hue restaurant in Hanoi with all Hue specialties. 

Net Hue - Top 10 best Vietnamese restaurants

Net Hue Restaurant

4. Ancient Hue

Ancient Hue Restaurant was established in 2007, located in the Phu Mong – Kim Long Garden area which is near Linh Mu Pagoda. The restaurant has an area of 3,000 square meters designed in the traditional style, surrounded by five old houses (from the 1800s and early 1900s) named after the neighboring villages in Hue: Kim Long, Van Thanh, Van Xuan, Gia Vien, and Ngoc Ho. 

Coming to Ancient Hue, tourists will have the opportunity to experience the unique culture of an old garden restaurant. There is a traditional house where displays antique items and houses made of clay showing paintings of famous artist Le Ngoc Tuong. Besides, Ancient Hue also has a cooking teaching class for guests (if required). 

With a seating capacity of over 300 people, Ancient Hue can satisfy a lot of guests who are visiting Hue. The restaurant serves foreign tourists with high-class meals, tea parties, wedding parties, and cultural experiences through architecture and royal court music performances. Each dish costs from 50,000 to 150,000 VND. More than a restaurant, Ancient Hue is a cultural and artistic community that visitors cannot miss when coming to Hue. 

Ancient Hue Restaurant - Top 10 best Vietnamese restaurants you must try

Ancient Hue Restaurant

5. Ngoc Huong Seafood Restaurant 

If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang city, do not forget to try the famous and delicious seafood dishes in Ngoc Huong Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant is located in Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang city. 

Ngoc Huong Seafood Restaurant will surely satisfy everyone’s taste. Eating here, diners will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful My Khe beach, which is the most romantic scenery in the peaceful city. The restaurant covers an area of up to 1000 spare meters and accommodates up to 400 guests. 

The process of selection and processing is carried out strictly. All the ingredients are scrumptious and fresh, which brings the essence of the sea to each dish. Through the skillful hands of the chefs, these ingredients seem to be further painted with spices. The number of dishes here is up to 200 Asian and European dishes. The price of each dish varies from 40,000 to 400,000 VND.

Moreover, coming to Ngoc Huong Seafood Restaurant, visitors can directly choose the raw materials from fresh seafood tanks for the chefs to make their dishes. The staffs with a professional manner and polite attitude, kindness are also the main factors that make the success of the restaurant. 

Ngoc Huong Seafood Restaurant - Top 10 best Vietnamese restaurants

Ngoc Huong Seafood Restaurant

6. Nha Trang View

Nha Trang View restaurant is located about 100 meters from the south of Tran Phu Bridge. The restaurant is close to the romantic Tran Phu Beach, it is proud to be one of the most beautiful restaurants in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Nha Trang View is famous not only by cuisine but also brings visitors an interesting experience about a view corner of Nha Trang beach and the coastal city.

This restaurant is located right at Lau Ong Tu, a historical location of Nha Trang with a large parking area. With a seating capacity of about 400 guests, the restaurant serves different kinds of fresh seafood (including specialties such as abalone, white octopus, stonefish). People coming here can eat and watch the beautiful view at the same time. The price is quite reasonable and is listed in the tanks. 

Nha Trang View Restaurant - Top 10 best Vietnamese restaurants

Nha Trang View Restaurant

7. Anise Sapa

Anise Sapa is located in Number 2, Bac Da Victoria Street, Sapa, Lao Cai. This is one of the restaurants in Sapa which was built by the French with a romantic and nostalgic style. Anise Sapa does not forget to use local materials to create a unique beauty for the restaurant. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients such as vegetables and meat from the forest.

With professional skills and talented hands, the chefs here cook many dishes with a great combination of Asian and European cuisine such as Polish-cooked pork leg with pickles and sauce, Zay sausage with pickles and potatoes.  

Black chicken hotpot is one of the three most famous dishes of Anise Sapa. Black chickens are bought from people in the village, then prepared and combined with the special recipe of the hotpot; which creates a great taste when enjoying. In addition, black chickens are very good for health. Do not forget to visit the restaurant when visiting Sapa to enjoy the great cuisine here. 

Anrise Sapa - Top 10 best Vietnamese restaurants you must try

Anrise Sapa Restaurant

8. Little View

Little View is a homestay and a favorite restaurant and café in Sapa. The restaurant is in Number 42 Cau May, Sapa, Lao Cai. It opens from 8:15 am to 10:15 pm every day at a very affordable price (from 20.000 to 50.000 VND per dish). Salmon hot pot at Little View is highly appreciated for the flavor and freshness of the ingredients, especially salmon and spices, herbs. 

Moreover, this is one of the coffee shops in Sapa that have beautiful and attractive views. Both domestic and foreign tourists love the culinary space of this restaurant. It is decorated in a modern style combined with a bit of ethnicity in the Northwestern mountains; which is reasonably arranged to create a spacious and warm space for the restaurant. Especially, visitors coming here can take the photos in any corner of the restaurant. You will surely have the most beautiful pictures to show your friends and relatives. 

Little View - Top 10 best Vietnamese restaurants

Little View Restaurant

9. Ngon Restaurant

Ngon Restaurant is one of the restaurants you must try when visiting Vietnam, which is located at 160 Pasteur, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. It serves dishes at an affordable price. Coming here to eat, guests will need to pay from 150,000 to 180,000 VND per person. With the appearance of an ancient French mansion, Ngon Restaurant seems to bring diners back to Sai Gon city in the past. 

The restaurant is established 15 years ago. Until now, it has become a familiar place for all those who love the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. The menu here is very diverse with more than 100 dishes from all regions of Vietnam, but diners here often choose It Tran cake, Hue beef noodle, Banh Xeo, chicken noodle soup, grilled meat noodles, and so on.  

Ngon Restaurant - Top 10 best Vietnamese restaurants

Ngon Restaurant

10. Mountain Retreat

As the name, it is compared to a mountain retreat because the restaurant is on a high floor, with a relaxing and quiet space. The restaurant is located at 36 Le Loi, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, which is the most bustling and busy center of Saigon. 

To get into the restaurant, you have to go into an old-style apartment with a green iron door in the alley, then climb up to the 5th floor. The first time you visit the restaurant, you may feel like discovering a hidden gem in a special place. Mountain Retreat has three different spaces: indoors, on the balcony, and on the terrace. 

The indoor space is warm with golden light while the balcony is spacious and has a beautiful view. Diners can see the most famous buildings in Saigon such as Saigon Center building, Bitexco Building, Reverie, and so on. The most popular and favorite dishes here are fried shrimp, Banh Trang, grilled ribs with straws, fried pork, Bach Hao quail eggs. The price range is from 80,000 to 150,000 VND per person. 

Mountain Retreat - Top 10 best Vietnamese restaurants you must tryMountain Retreat

Actually, Vietnam will bring tourists unforgettable memories from beautiful views to impressive cuisine. Apart from the 10 suggestions above, there are also a lot of other restaurants that visitors can choose when coming to Vietnam. We hope you can choose the most suitable restaurants to have the best experiences in this beautiful country. 

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