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Top 4 Things to Do in St. Patrick’s Day in Vietnam

July 11, 2023 - 1305 views

Started from Ireland and also is the National Day of this country, now St. Patrick is a day to celebrate in many country, especially the ones belonged to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As the communities of Irish who is staying and working oversea spreading all over the world, they bring along their culture and also their St. Patrick Day celebration then promote it to the local people where they stay. Vietnam is not an exception, the community of Irish here is not so large, but they are trying their best so that their culture can approach local and tourists here through the meaningful St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Go green with St. Patrick Fest

The community of Irish in Vietnam is quite small; however, for a few years up until now, they have cooperated with Irish Embassy in Vietnam to hold the St. Patrick Fest in 2 biggest cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City which attracts hundreds of people included Vietnamese and tourists. The St. Patrick Fest is the chance to promote the tradition and culture of Ireland through music, cuisine, and many other activities during the festival. People who join St. Patrick fest are encouraged wearing green costumes while joining the celebration here like in the traditional St. Patrick festival in Ireland.

st. patrick's day in hanoi

Kids go green in St. Patrick's Day at Hanoi walking street

2. Join St. Patrick Family Fun Run

Just like the St. Patrick Fest, St. Patrick Family Fun Run has been organized for a few years in Hanoi (Vietnam) and each year it attracts more people to join this event. If you are an active person and love exercising, you should not miss this event when coming to Hanoi in the St. Patrick Day. No registration is needed, you only have to show up and run. However, besides the ability to run fast, you should take care of your costume too as the first prize is given to people who are the top finisher and also is the best dressed. Go green, of course, but don’t forget to be the most special one!

St. Patrick Family Fun Run

St. Patrick Hanoi Family Fun Run in 2019

3. Party at the local bar

Feel like you’re still young? Let’s overnight with the green party on St. Patrick Day in local bars! All are ready for the best St. Patrick night ever with music and alcohol. Normally, those green parties are held at the weekend of the St. Patrick week which attract many people to come and spend all night long together. And don’t think that you only can hanging out in bars, pubs or clubs; Vietnam has a special street culture, people here love hanging out on the street at night, so if a bar is so small for you, get out and make friends with the community outside while enjoying local street foods with fresh beer (it cheaper than in the bars or pubs though)! You can join the party at some streets in Hanoi Old Quarter such as Ta Hien st., Ma May st., etc. while Ho Chi Minh city’s Bui Vien st. is absolutely a must-visit place for an insane St. Patrick night party. 

Dublin Gate Irish Pub in ho chi minh city

Dublin Gate Irish Pub in Ho Chi Minh city

4. Have a special Irish dinner

In fact, it is difficult to find an Irish restaurant in Vietnam, pubs are still much more popular here. However, to serve the demand from customers, tourists can find Irish foods in most Irish pubs in Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The Irish foods served here are only the most basic ones which quite easy to cook and suitable for most people taste and pair well with the drinks in pubs like beer and cocktail. Some best suggestions to try Irish foods and drinks in Vietnam are Uncle Joe’s Irish Pub & V’s Restaurant in Hanoi and O’Reilly’s Irish Pub in Ho Chi Minh City.

Uncle Joe’s Irish pub & V’s restaurant Hanoi

Uncle Joe’s Irish pub & V’s restaurant Hanoi


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