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Top 6 Food Should Not Miss in China Town Mandalay Night Market?

February 26, 2024 - 452 views

Mandalay is one of the economic and cultural centers of Myanmar. About 40% of the population here is Chinese and the remained are Burmese and Indian. China Town Mandalay may not be a good place for tourist shopping but it will allow you to experience the real local lifestyle and the food at the night market is really excellent. China town night market opens from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, along 33rd Street, Mandalay. This night market is extremely local, you will not see many tourists here, and you also should not miss 6 foods in this night market.

1. Mont Di

Mont Di is a popular dish in Mandalay as well as Myanmar made from rice noodles. The noodle will be mixed with many ingredients and sauce to become a famous traditional Burmese dish. There a many cooking styles of Mont Di in Myanmar, depending on the geography and local food supplies. In Mandalay, they make Mont Di with any kind of meat but chicken and fish ball are the most common. The meat will be cooked with bean sprouts, onions and mustard then added to noodles. Rice noodle in Mandalay also different to other regions, noodle is thicker and made from rice and chickpea flour.

China Town Mandalay night market mount di

Mont Di

2. Pork on the stick

Pork on a stick as known as Wet-thar-dote-htoe is favorite Mandalay street food and its origin is from the Chinese community in China Town. Many parts of the pig are cooked with soy sauce and seasoning or deep-fried to create an attractive favor and taste. It can be pig meat, skin, cartilage, or even the internal organs of the pig such as intestine, liver, kidney, heart, lungs, tongue, etc. Maybe some tourists are not used to eating internal organs but if you can, you should try it at least once in Mandalay China Town night market because it is really delicious.

Wet Thar Dote Htoe China Town Mandalay night market


They will give you a few trays to pick your favorite kinds of stick. By the end of your meal, staff will count how many the stick is to calculate your bill, about 5,000 kyat for 50 sticks and the boiled one is cheaper than the fried ones. You can eat pork stick with a bowl of garlic and chili sauce to extra the taste.

3. Kyay Oh (Pork noodle)

Kyay Oh is a kind of pork noodle in Mandalay, invented by the Chinese in Myanmar. Kyay Oh is made with rice noodles and pork bone broth, the broth also has meatballs, chicken, intestine and pork. The real traditional Kyay Oh is served in a copper pot. You can add a bit of tomato sauce and green pepper, it makes a favorite dish for all generations in Mandalay. You can enjoy Kyae Oh with the soup.

China Town Mandalay night market Kyay Oh

Kyay Oh

There is another style to eat Kyay Oh: Dry Kyay Oh Salad as known as Kyay Oh Sigyet uses sesame oil instead of broth. The salad will be topped with fried garlic, meatballs, soft-boiled eggs, pork brain, green “choy” and fried dim sum.

4. Shan tofu

Tofu is an indispensable dish in the daily menu of the Shan people, an ethnic group living in the north of Myanmar. Shan tofu is a favorite dish of both Burmese people and tourists when they tried it once.

China Town Mandalay night market shan toufu

Shan tofu

Shan food stalls stand out with large blocks of yellow tofu. A special feature of the tofu here is made from yellow lentils and chickpeas flour instead of fermented soybeans as usual. The flour is mixed with water, turmeric and salt then heated, stirring constantly, until the mixture is well mixed and smooth. Shan tofu is thick and sticky, served hot with noodles, a delicious sauce made from minced meat by the professional hands of the Mandalay chef.

5. Bow See

Bow See means “Dumpling” in Burmese language and being a familiar food in Mandalay China Town night market. Dumpling is known as one of the famous dishes that make a name for Chinese cuisine. It is not only delicious, but it is also varied in many different and extremely unique styles.

Bow see China Town Mandalay night market

Bow See

The stalls often provide soft and fluffy dumplings every day so the dumplings always fresh and attract many customers. Bow See in Mandalay China Town night market has a moderate size and filling with the delicious juicy pork. There are many kinds of dumplings such as Xiaolongbao, fried dumplings, sweet bun, etc.

6. Tea and cake

Locals Often Eat Cake With Tea Mix & China Town Mandalay night market

Locals often enjoy cake with a cup of tea mix

Myanmar people love to enjoy their tea time with different types of cakes, including sweet and fritter ones. Along with the Mandalay China Town night market, the tea shops are always crowded with people and tourists stop by to have a cup of hot tea with fresh cakes. This is also a good way for tourists to explore the culture of the locals here.

Walking in Mandalay China Town night market you will have enough food for dinner for just about 3000-4000 kyat per person. The night market is a very special activity in Myanmar as well as Asia, it will give visitors cheap but delicious and colorful dishes which is an extremely wonderful experience for many tourists.

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