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Tra Va (Hue Fig Tea)

January 18, 2024 - 176 views

Hue is known as a peaceful and amiable ancient capital. Besides, there is a rich culture of and cuisine in Hue. Among them is Fig Tea, which comes from a unique fruit called ‘Fig’.

Figs in folklore are used by people to make dishes such as salted mixed salad, make pickles, and processed into many other dishes. However, in recent times along with science, the properties and nutrients of figs have been discovered which is processed into fig tea.

Fig tea

Fig tea

Overview of Hue figs

Overview of Hue figs

In Hue, people easily find fig trees growing right on the banks of ponds, wells, rivers even under the shades of pagodas, and in-home gardens. This tree is well adapted to the soil and climate of the region so it does not need fertilizing to grow well.

Figs are larger in size, growing in clusters, uniform green skin, thick flesh, and sweet aroma. Hue people have many ways to prepare dishes with this fruit such as mixing shrimp meat, stew with young ribs, sweet and sour salad served with rice paper spring rolls, and sour shrimp and meat. In Oriental medicine, they are used to treat stomach disease, constipation, pimples, etc.

Figs are scientifically recognized for their high value by a rich source of nutrients with many beneficial effects, such as lowering cholesterol, weight loss, preventing cardiovascular diseases, preventing cancer, stable blood sugar, stable blood pressure, prevent constipation & good for the stomach, reduce the risk of skin degeneration, cure respiratory diseases, enhance bone health, increase reproductive health and benefits of producing mother milk in women when newly give birth

Tra Va (Hue Fig Tea) leave

Fig leave

Tra Va (Hue Fig Tea) fruit

Fig fruit

Processing and uses of fig tea

Figs are being checked for quality and then processed. First workers bring fruits wash them many times with clean water, drain and put them into the yarn slicer. The fresh figs are then placed on a drying frame in the sun. According to tea makers, the sun rays help eliminate toxins that affect health. In addition, to avoid insects, dust, particles from the air, and then the drying frame is covered with a mesh cover.
Next, the material is a gold star and then put into the dryer. Fig tea is more special than other teas, after brewing you can drink the tea. The taste of tea is easy to drink and has many medicinal values, good for health. So many families in Hue often make their own fig tea to drink.

Currently, in addition to regular fig and tea products, there are also fig and ginger tea, licorice tea in the form of filter bags to meet the diverse needs of the market. The whole process is done with fresh figs without using any additives or preservatives. With elaborate and natural processing, fig tea retains an abundant source of nutrients, with many beneficial effects and inherent health benefits of the fig as mentioned above.

Tra Va (Hue Fig Tea) processing

Processing fig tea

Tra Va (Hue Fig Tea) ginger fig tea with milk

Ginger fig tea with milk

Where to try Hue Fig Tea

Where to try Hue Fig Tea

Hue fig tea is consumed mainly in Da Nang, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Ho Chi Minh City, and some other places to the South. It is also consumed by many overseas Vietnamese abroad. To buy Tra Va in Hue you can go to this address Group 3, Area 3, Phu Loc Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue. Contact number is 0234 3684 649. This is the most must-try shop due to direct production.

With such great uses, have a chance to come to Hue to remember to enjoy this drink! Do not forget to buy fig tea as a gift for friends, relatives, or for yourself to drink at your home.

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