Tuan Chau Beach

A beautiful beach located in Tuan Chau island tourist area, about 8 km from the port. This is an artificial beach with only a 2 km long sandy coast but very attractive to tourists.

Tuan Chau Island used to be an isolated island, after a sea route was built to connect the island to the mainland and invested with many facilities, Tuan Chau Island has become an interesting destination for tourists coming to Ha Long, Quang Ninh. Tuan Chau is 120km from Hanoi by highway, 5km from Bai Chay tourist area, it is an island with many 5-star resorts, luxury hotels, a large entertainment area, and the largest cruise ship port. This is also the starting place of cruises that bring domestic and foreign tourists to explore Ha Long Bay.

Coming to Tuan Chau island, besides swimming, tourists can take a sightseeing tour, participate in many outside activities and sports, such as mountain climbing, camping on the pine hill eco-tourism area or just resting on the beach and a lot of water activities: high-speed water skiing; canoe, parachute, windsurfing; fishing on the Ha Long sea; Rowing; hot air balloon visit Ha Long Bay, etc. There also are dolphins, sea lions, seals, circus animals, martial arts performances serving continuously 3 times/ day on all days during the week except Monday.

Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau Beach

Every year, Tuan Chau welcomes millions of tourists. Besides entertainment activities, when you come here, you will have a chance to enjoy a diverse culinary culture that no other place has. All kinds of seafood are always fresh, nutritious, hygienic, and processed in a very unique way by the inhabitants of the island. In addition, to serve international tourists, first-class chefs were sent to Tuan Chau beach to cook specialties. Tourists can choose high-end restaurants or food courts are also popular in Tuan Chau.


How to get Tuan Chau Beach

Including 2 steps: Step 1 from Hanoi /Ho Chi Minh City to Bai Chay (Ha Long) and step 2 is from Bai Chay to Tuan Chau.

Tourists can travel by many types of vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, passenger cars, trains, and planes. You can choose a travel method and route that suits your needs and budget.


Best time to go Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau has 4 distinct seasons with a mild climate. So you can travel to Tuan Chau at any time of the year, but each time there are some notes about the weather and its own tourist characteristics:

  • From June to October: The weather is sunny and beautiful, suitable for swimming and other outdoor activities
  • From November to February (next year): Tuan Chau is in the cold season, cannot swim, but the view of Halong Bay is still very beautiful. Suitable for entertainment on land or resting. It is also the peak season which has many foreign tourists

Summer is most crowded time in Tuan Chau Beach

Summer is most crowded time in Tuan Chau Beach

Come to Ha Long, Quang Ninh - a most developed city in sea tourism, with high-class infrastructures and services of yachts, hotel systems, motels, and beautiful natural landscapes. snare. And Tuan Chau beach is one of the interesting points that one cannot ignore when coming to Ha Long.

Tuan Chau Beach Map

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