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Tuan Chau Harbour Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay scene is like a charming and beautiful picture with clear blue sky, mountains, and sea. Hundreds of colorful yachts are coming in and out of Tuan Chau International Tourist Area which makes Ha Long Bay more sparkling miracles. Let learn more information about Tuan Chau Harbour by reading the below article. 

Opened on January 1, 2016, Tuan Chau Harbour has operated under the model of "one destination, many facilities", besides being a port, there also are restaurants, supermarkets, souvenir shops and accompanying entertainment product chains, etc...at the harbor, making it fully meet the demand of tourists and sailors.

In order to continue to improve service quality, Tuan Chau Group continuously innovated and invested so new station into operation to replace the old station at the end of 2016. This is a modern station with an area 3 times larger than the old one, contains 1,000 seats, and can receive about 5,000 guests waiting for procedures to visit Ha Long Bay at the same time. In order to suitable for tourists as well as public service, the harbor is divided into functional areas: the check-in area of the functional forces; supermarket area; Children's play area; clinics; ethnic music and dance area; post office and tourist information area.

Tuan Chau Harbor

Tuan Chau Harbor


With a beautiful location located in the Halong Bay area, Tuan Chau Harbour has an area of up to 111,840m2 and a modern design. The harbor has a length of up to 1739m and built in a U shape. Tuan Chau Harbour welcomes tens of thousands of tourists each day. Especially on the occasion of the holidays, the peak tourist season, the number of tourists coming to the harbor is much more crowded.

It can be said that Tuan Chau Harbour is an especially important traffic gateway in the tourism development of Quang Ninh province. Located in an advantageous position in Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, meeting a large number of tourists, Tuan Chau Harbour quickly becomes a popular tourist harbor between Quang Ninh and many other countries.

At Tuan Chau Harbour there is also a system of supermarkets and restaurants along with free services for tourists such as ethnic music, water puppetry, medical room, drinking water, children's play area, toilet, etc. Located next to the harbor is the seaplane terminal and Tuan Chau-Cat Ba Ferry.

Halong Bay cruise depart from Tuan Chau Pier

Halong Bay cruise departs from Tuan Chau Pier


Connecting with Tuan Chau 1 port to the southwest is Tuan Chau 2 International Passenger Port, which 11 times larger than Tuan Chau 1 Port. The port is synchronously invested, with a total investment value of thousands of billion VND. The port was announced and inaugurated in 2015 by the Ministry of Transport Quang Ninh Province and Tuan Chau Group.

Tuan Chau Harbour has an anchorage length of nearly 7km with the system of operators, stations, working quarters of the authorities of the Port Authority, the Management Board of Ha Long Bay, logistics system to supply fresh water, fuel for ships, etc. The harbor has the capacity to receive 2,000 ships at the same time to moor and drop passengers.

Tuan Chau pier can capacity of 2000 cruises

Tuan Chau pier can capacity of 2000 cruises


Around Tuan Chau Harbour are a convenient transportation system, spacious parking area, receiving and treating rubbish on the water and waste from ships area. Along with that is a luxury complex such as a series of villas, hotel systems, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. Tuan Chau Harbour has been established by Vietnam Record Organization as a tourist port: The largest artificial harbor in Vietnam.

Tuan Chau Harbour plays an important role in Quang Ninh traffic and tourism, transporting tourists to Ha Long Bay becomes easier and more convenient which makes tourism developing quickly. Tourists in Ha Long Bay will fully experience the best quality services to explore a truly poetic and majestic Ha Long Bay. From here, tourists can buy tickets to board the train to visit the most famous places in Ha Long Bay as well as a number of other destinations.


Foods and restaurants in Tuan Chau Pier

Tuan Chau is a place for tourists, the advantage is that there are many options and convenient to travel, but the price is also relatively high. Some restaurants in this area can be mentioned:

Vinh Cat Restaurant: Vinh Cat restaurant is located on the beach, with a beautiful view, especially the outdoor area. Besides seafood dishes, the pizza here is also worth a try, made by an Italian chef, baked in the woodstove. If you like to experience a "luxury" restaurant, you definitely do not miss Vinh Cat restaurant.

• 1958 Restaurant: Located near Tuan Chau Ferry Terminal, 1958 can be considered as one of the luxury and modern restaurants in Tuan Chau. Delicious and reasonably priced food, mainly focusing on Vietnamese dishes, prepared in the style of Northern cuisine and has a wide variety menu for appetizers, main dish, and desserts.

• Yolo Beer Club & Coffee Restaurant: Located right on Tuan Chau Harbour, Yolo is a large restaurant with indoor and outdoor area, decorated with glitter lights, beautiful and attractive, Yolo Beer Club is one of the great choices for you are in Tuan Chau area. Although it is not really a seafood restaurant, the seafood food here is also very delicious. There is live music at night, so it will be a bit noisy.


Where to stay in Tuan Chau Pier

• Tuan Chau Kingly Villa: There are a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and concierge services available in the villa. You will be provided full service such as local specialties, WiFi in public areas, parking area, dry cleaning, 24-hour front desk, and express check-in are on-site. All 15 rooms feature comforts with a list of pillow and bathrobes, refrigerators, and coffee/tea makers.

• Paradise Suites Hotel: Paradise Suites Hotel is located right on Tuan Chau Island, achieving international 4-star quality, tourists can have many attractive experiences, high-class living standards that satisfy every customer. Paradise Suites Hotel is one of the special hotels in Ha Long designed in the Boutique style to bring the beauty, attraction, "quality" of the hotel. During many years of operation, Paradise Suites Hotel has won many great awards as well as recognition from customers. In 2017, Paradise Suites was in the top “Hotels chosen by travelers” by TripAdvisor.

• Golden Palm HaLong Hotel: The hotel is designed with luxurious space, optimizing the usable area to allow customers to have the best experience such as large balcony, large window frame with city view or cool, airy sea view, etc. Tourists can freely watch the sunrise, sunset on the sea, relax with the immense nature of the sea. Golden Halong Hotel also attracts tourists with diverse and attractive services. Tourists can freely enjoy the cool blue water and relax on the long benches at an outdoor swimming pool. A luxurious restaurant serving a variety of culinary menus, special dishes of Asian and European cuisine is available 24/24. A cozy restaurant, bar, and coffee in melodious music is the perfect choice for meeting friends.

This is the most modern project in Southeast Asia and the first in Vietnam. Since its inception, the port has become the "gateway" of Ha Long Bay, more than 500 cruise ships on Ha Long Bay are operating at the port, each year welcoming more than 3 million domestic and international tourists. across Ha Long Bay. The port is identified on the international tourist map and is the bridge of Quang Ninh tourism services to the world.

Tuan Chau international passenger ship port not only serves tourists but also contributes to creating a beautiful image that adorns the World Wonders of Ha Long Bay more sparkling and wonderful.

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Tuan Chau Harbour Map

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I am going on an overnight cruise to Ha Long Bay. Can I park the car overnight at Tuan Chau Harbour? And collect it on my return from Halong Bay the next day.

@Deep Sen:

You’re able to place your car if you travel there on your own. Depending on which cruise, you will have another parking space.

Please let me know which cruise are you interested in, or do you have any criteria so that I can make suggestions?

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