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10 Crazy & Unique Things to Do in Cambodia 2024

January 03, 2024 - 2504 views

Welcoming many tourists each year, Cambodia has always been a country filled with exciting destinations and a variety of unique experiences. You can visit this nation at any time of the year and never get bored by new experiences from nature and friendly people. Besides, the inappropriate layout of the transportation system and city infrastructure is also a good point.

All the preparations for the upcoming trip can now be completed with a few clicks. Let's get ready to go through the list of unique things to do in Cambodia below.

1. Swing Hammocks in the Ocean

Once having checked in the tropics of Cambodia, don't miss out on the chance to attach to beach hammocks. You will be free to dive yourself into the harmony of wind and sunshine. It's unnecessary to consider these hammocks' quality as they are firmly woven and attached to wooden trees. Not only do they enjoy the scenery of nature, but visitors also see the floating raft houses near the port, then feel the vibrant rhythm of floating life.

You can pose as much as you like until the best check-in photos are released. Because this beach hammock is located on the jagged rocks by the sea, you can show off your sexy body by wearing a bikini and other accessories such as a floppy hat. Just sit lightly on the hammock or stand on the swing and get a splendid picture. The blue sea and white sand scene behind is enough to make you stand out more!

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Unique Things To Do In Cambodia Swinging Hammocks

Enjoy a swinging hammock at Koh Rong Samloem (@nothingfamiliar)

2. See Incredible Salt Lakes

Salt Lakes in Cambodia is new to most travelers from other areas but Southeast Asia. Not impressed by the majestic landscape, the salt lake is memorable with its poetic and gentle beauty just by the blue background of the sky.

Standing on a high point and looking out at the Salt Lakes seems like immersing in an ink painting made by a distant horizon and calm water surface without a ripple. The white salt field and the white clouds have blended and created a lovely natural scene. Especially when the sun appears, the lake reflects the image of the blue sky like a giant mirror on the ground, which is extremely beautiful.

Most of the salt here is naturally crystallized; the salt lakes are often very shallow as it is only ankle-deep. Thus, you can comfortably walk and take pictures when you come here. Besides, guests can swim or lie on the lake without a life jacket. The salt and minerals in the lake are eight times higher than the sea level so that we can float on the surface.

Unique Things To Do In Cambodia Visit Salt Lake

See amazing Cambodia's Salt Lake

3. Witness the Real-life at Crab Markets

Although spontaneous markets are always familiar destinations for tourists, these places are always usual destinations. Merchants take stocks directly from fishers catching at the nearest port so that the seafood couldn't be fresher anymore, especially in the early morning and mid-afternoon. You can buy and enjoy sea flavor as opening hours cover all day whenever you come.

The markets sell all kinds of seafood, especially crabs, which are exceptionally fresh and delicious specialties. Passing by each restaurant and seeing the pots of live seafood will make you unable to help but buy it to enjoy. In addition, there are many docked fishing boats right away at some places; you can go down to the port and take pictures.

If you are supposed to eat fresh dishes immediately, the night crab market will not let you down as they mainly process live seafood on the spot to serve customers. It's no doubt to smell the aroma of the dishes right from the beginning of the market. In addition to ready-made dishes, you can join in restaurants to choose whatever according to your preferences, then offer the restaurant to cook for you. Today's market deals in Cambodian specialties and has become a bustling street-food paradise.

Unique Things To Do In Cambodia Witness The Real Life At The Crab Markets

Get a glimpse of real local life at the crab markets

4. Spend Time with the Locals to Learn New Skills

Once tacking on local tourism, visitors will experience the life of indigenous people with accommodation provisions and participate in daily life activities. This is an opportunity for visitors to discover and learn about the local culture and traditional values.

Visitors should not miss the experience of catching marine worms - mollusks that live naturally in the sand with fishers. As the water recedes low tide, catching these mollusks becomes as easy as pie. The critters lie half-exposed in the mud, so you only need a pair of gloves to pick them up.

Visitors can also participate in the experience of being farmers. In soil preparation, planting, and processing agricultural products, every stage is arranged to supply the best convenience. This is a way for residents to promote farming culture to international friends.

Unique Things To Do In Cambodia Spend Time With The Locals

Get an experience like a local farmer in Cambodia (@justapack)

Another skill to learn is to make one of the Cambodian dishes - curry vermicelli. The curry flavor blending in the golden color makes no one refuse to enjoy it. So, what are you waiting for? Let's cook chicken vermicelli with coconut milk and have yourself one of the unique things to do in Cambodia!

5. Stay Overnight at Jungle Homestay

A homestay is an accommodation where guests share space with the house owner as if having never had a long outing. However, unique things to do in Cambodia also include staying overnight at Jungle Homestay since there is no owner.

Not a luxury resort, the jungle homestay is only peaceful with nature as it is a wooden house with large glass windows nestled among the pine trees. You can dive into the sun's early rays and the red sunset in the afternoon. More extraordinary is hearing the sound of rain falling through each row of trees, a unique crackling rhythm that can only be felt in wooden houses.

If you rent a place on a high slope with a view of the valley, waking up every morning to welcome a sea of ​​floating clouds is one of the crazy things to do in Cambodia. Everything is blurry, hidden in the fog, creating a dreamy, fanciful scene. Homestay often has single rooms in different designs with potted ferns that can hang from the ceiling. Saving a night in this kind of accommodation seems like living in the forest, close to quiet time.

Unique Things To Do In Cambodia Stay Overnight At Jungle Homestay

Stay overnight at the jungle homestay (@rachellees)

6. Take A Bamboo Train in Battambang

If you are a travelaholic, going to Battambang and experiencing the feeling of traveling on the bamboo train is not a bad idea. Cambodia's trains ride on rails, but they are unlike any other trains since they look no different from the manual cars in the western movies.

The bamboo trains as "Norri" are just a mat with enough room for a few dozen people, tied to a roller to move on the track. These vehicles look primitive and full of risks. But the truth is that this means of transport is even safer than taxis or motorbike taxis because tourists can immediately jump out in an emergency. If there are few guests, you can even sleep on the train, which you can't do when taking a motorbike taxi.

Unique Things To Do In Cambodia Take Bamboo Trains In Battambang

Take a unique bamboo train in Battambang (@DangerousBiz)

Out of 10 crazy things to do in Cambodia, it will be the weirdest when two trains face each other. Because there is only one track, one train driver jumps off, and of course, the passengers also jump off to quickly carry the whole wagon out of the track, wait for the other to pass, and then put it on the trail again! Only US$ 2.5 and you will take a train with excitement! Don't miss out on the best Battambang Tours at BestPrice Travel!

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7. Try Unique Cambodian Dishes

In addition to the famous temples, please take some time to enjoy the attractive Cambodian specialties immediately. Then you can better understand the culinary culture of the neighboring country. China and India heavily influence Cambodian cuisine, so the taste and ingredients are somewhat different, shown in some dishes as follows:

  • Amok steamed fish - a unique traditional dish of Cambodians with decadent ingredients. It combines fish, jaggery, coconut water, and fish sauce, ensuring an only flavor that you can't find anywhere.
  • Red curry is a spicy dish used on special occasions such as weddings, family gatherings, and religious or ancestral days. This dish is usually made from meat with eggplant, green beans, fresh coconut milk, lemongrass and chili, and bread.
  • Indeed many of us have never eaten ants, but ants are the main ingredient of a unique dish stir-fried with beef. The word brings a subtle sour flavor secreted by ants, permeating the meat. It will be wonderful to mix this kind of food with rice.

Unique Things To Do In Cambodia Eat Unique Dishes

Taste the Amok steamed fish of Cambodia

8. Visit the Pangolin Rehabilitation Center

The Pangolin rehabilitation center is the shelter of wild species as its focuses on sourcing natural food and enriching the habitat. In addition to rescue activities, the station also organizes many other events such as writing, ordering self-published books, exchanges, and sharing care experiences. All are for fundraising purposes.

One of the other vital goals of the Pangolin rehabilitation center is to raise public awareness about wildlife and the natural environment in general and Pangolin conservation. It is integrated with eco-friendly tourism activities, allowing visitors to see pangolins. The receptionist will guide tourists to visit the exhibition area and discuss various species. The center can also invest in breeding techniques and exchange breeds with organizations and individuals in need across the country.

Once you get to the center, don't forget to take pictures and have yourself a merry holiday!

Unique Things To Do In Cambodia Pangolin Rehabilitation Center

Visit the Pangolin rehabilitation center

9. Have a Bath with The Elephants

One thing you must do when coming to Cambodia is visit the elephants. Currently, Cambodia has transformed its tourism model from elephant riding to an elephant-friendly model. It is to bring elephants back to the forest, and visitors in need will be taken to the place to see them. The tourists have a chance to swim with the elephants in the highest fantasy. You can enjoy swinging to the rhythm of the elephant's feet. Although many people suppose it is a danger, it is still very secure thanks to the guardian of locals.

The elephants sometimes playfully tease tourists anytime they have a chance. You can feel like being lost in a wild place where humans and animals harmonize familiarly and peacefully. If you have an appointment with this country, coming to elephant villages will be an absolutely unique thing to do in Cambodia.

Unique Things To Do In Cambodia Swim With The Elephants

Play with the elephants in the waters (@worldanimalprotection)

10. Explore the Torture House Secrets in Killing Fields

The Killing Fields is a famous historical site for Cambodian tourism. Although it has been introduced to tourism, anyone who goes to the field of death feels suffocated and shivers when witnessing the number of mass burial pits.

The tourists will get nervous when logging in to The Torture House Secrets - a torture camp, prison, and execution center for victims. The inside is still filled with torture weapons, skulls, bloodstains, and pictures of thousands of people who were brutally murdered. Today, it is a museum about the crimes of the Pol Pot regime. In the center of the house, there is a memorial to the victims of fighting, with 8,000 boxes of skulls.

Keeping images of a traumatic past is how the people of this country remind future generations of a dark time for the nation. At the same time, the traces of paint are also a way for Cambodia to develop sightseeing and historical tourism. Come and join the Half-day Phnom Penh Tours - Killing Fields with numerous things to do.

Unique Things To Do In Cambodia Torture House Secrets In Killing Fields

Discover the Torture House Secrets in Killing Fields

All in all, Cambodia is famous for possessing a unique ecosystem and gathering many rare animals. Besides nature, religious factors are also one of the advantages that make tourists often visit this place. You can satisfy yourself with modern and brilliant Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville paradise island, and mysterious Siem Reap.

BestPrice Travel believes you're ready to travel to this vibrant land of nature and culture with this bucket list of crazy and unique things to do in Cambodia. Check out the Best Cambodia Tours & Holiday Packages to make an unforgettable trip to this wonderland!

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