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Vietnam Accommodation: Where to Stay

The accommodation in Vietnam varies from types of accommodation, standards of services and facilities, to all budget ranges. There is a great selection of accommodation in Vietnam with the most popular ones including resort, hotel, hostel, guesthouse, dormitory, homestay, and overnight cruise.

Accommodation on Halong Bay Cruise

Overnight cruise is one of the most common types of accommodation to choose in Vietnam

The system of accommodation in Vietnam consists of different ranges from five-star ones to low-budget ones. Whether you are in search of a luxury stay or budget lodging, Vietnam always offers the best kind of accommodation for you to choose from. When deciding on accommodation in Vietnam, foreign tourists usually opt for four-star and five-star standards with the all-inclusive complex including meals, transportations, and other services at hotels or resorts.

The most common choice of place to stay in Vietnam must be a hotel which is available in almost tourist destinations. Especially, you can find the most high-end hotel in large cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Nang. Apart from Vietnamese local brands, there is a variety of world-famous hotel brands with international standards at an affordable price for tourists.

Resort in Vietnam

Resorts offer luxury accommodation in Vietnam

In some beach destinations like Phu Quoc and Nha Trang, high-end resorts are the most favorable choices of accommodation in Vietnam. You can enjoy the most private and comfortable services at five- or six-star resorts in Vietnam but the only drawback is the high cost of living. Another kind of luxury accommodation in Vietnam is an overnight cruise which is worth a try while visiting Halong Bay and Mekong Delta region.


Homestay lets tourists experience like a local while staying in Vietnam

For budget travelers, there are plenty of options for accommodation in Vietnam, from dormitory, hostel, guesthouse, to homestay. Note that it might have some difficulties in contacting the booking reservation staff of three-star hotels and lower. You can contact a travel agent to help you find the best accommodation in Vietnam.