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Cooking Class Vietnam: 4 Best Cities to Learn Vietnamese Cuisine

March 16, 2021 - 13289 views

There is no better way to explore and understand the culture of a country than through its cuisine. Cooking class in Vietnam is the place where you can have a deeper understanding of not only Vietnamese cuisine, but also Vietnamese culture & history. It is a fun & interesting activity in Vietnam, so do not miss it.


The below article is about cooking classes in Vietnam in general, some cooking classes in 4 best cities to learn about Vietnamese cuisine: Hanoi, Hue Hoian, and Ho Chi Minh city. Hope it is helpful for you

cooking class

Having fun with cooking class in Vietnam


About Vietnam Cuisine & What you learn in Cooking Class Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is not only about the food, but also about its culture. Coming to Vietnam, you will see how sophisticated and unique it is. Vietnamese cuisine is the harmonious combination of five basic spices: spicy, sour, sweet, salty, and bitter, which creates its distinctive flavor. Along with the country, the food will win the heart of any customer who tries it. Vietnam food is also regarded as one of the healthiest cuisines all over the world, therefore, take your chance to learn ways to prepare Vietnamese food when you can.

One of the best travel souvenirs you can bring home is the ability to cook some of the dishes you sampled on your journey. Cooking classes which becoming more and more popular in Vietnam can help you. During your holiday, do not just go from place to place, try some cooking class because it is the best way to get involved in local culture and activities. Throughout Vietnam, you can easily find a cooking class and each cooking class has its uniqueness. Vietnamese cuisine is simple like the people and nature here. You do not need to be a Masterchef to make a successful dish, just enroll in a cooking class and the chef will help you.

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Children love cooking class

4 best cities to join cooking class in Vietnam

1. Hanoi

Hanoi is not only the economic, political, cultural but also the culinary center of Vietnam. It is home to iconic Vietnamese dishes like Pho and Bun Cha. Hanoi cuisine is sophisticated, delicious, and each food carries its own special taste thanks to the fresh ingredients according to each season.

A cooking class in Hanoi often starts with a visit to the wet market in the Old Quarter to pick up ingredients for cooking. Then, you will learn how to cook authentic Vietnamese food like beef noodles, spring rolls, Vietnamese dishes of grilled pork and noodle, papaya salad, egg coffee. The best cooking classes in Hanoi are Hanoi Cooking Centre, Blue Butterfly Cooking Class, Hoa Sua School Cooking Class, Didier Corlou Cooking Class

Cooking Class in Hanoi Vietnam

Cooking Class in Hanoi Vietnam


2. Hue 

Hue which is the Ancient Capital of Vietnam for more than 100 years, is not only well known for its romantic city but also famous for its tasty foods. When it comes to Hue cuisine, a large number of Vietnamese believe that it is undoubtedly the best of the country. There are three different strands of Hue cuisine: royal; fork and vegetarian cuisine, and the simplicity in ingredients but the meticulousness in cooking and serving. When in Hue, do not miss the chance to join at least one in the list of 2 best cooking classes below


3. Hoi An

Hoian is a melting pot of culture, history, and cuisine, therefore Hoian cuisine is a combination of cuisine from different areas of Vietnam. A cooking class in Hoian often goes with cycling to the market to pick up ingredients or to the local village like Tra Que Organic Farm where you can visit the garden, collect fresh ingredients. Cooking class in Hoian is the place where you can learn how to cook Hoian specialty including Hoian crispy pancakes, rice paper rolls, and Cao Lau…Best cooking class in Hoian are My Grandma’s Home Cooking, Red Bridge Cooking School, Tra Que Water Wheel Organic Farm Cooking Class, Hoi An Eco Cooking Class

Cooking class in Hoi An Vietnam

Cooking class in Hoi An Vietnam


4. Ho Chi Minh

Saigon cuisine is a mixture of different cuisines from different countries. Joining a cooking class in Saigon, you will be able to learn how to cook not only popular Saigon dishes, but also know more about the history, the culture of Saigon, how it was influenced by other regions of Vietnam or other countries. Some cooking classes in Saigon offer you to take a tour to an agricultural village where you will be able to source fresh vegetables from a local farm and experience, while some combine with a tour to Cu Chi tunnel.

  • O.M Cooking Class

M.O.M Cooking Class is a favorite among the many classes offered in Ho Chi Minh City. The class runs daily and often in a small size, so you will be more taken care of by the kind and knowledgeable staff. The class has their set of delicious recipes giving every learner the opportunity to taste and create a variety of staple Vietnamese dishes.

  • HCM Cooking Class

HCM Cooking Class provides a unique experience for participants as it takes place in Ho Chi Minh City’s Agricultural Village where students can use fresh vegetables grown right in the garden to cook. The cooking class gives students knowledge of how to grow certain herbs and vegetables and use them as ingredients for tasty Vietnamese food. The price starts from $40 USD/adult.


cooking class

Cooking class in the garden kitchen

Cooking Class & Food Tour in Vietnam

A cooking class in each city often focuses on its own cuisine, however, a food tour throughout Vietnam is more diverse. You will be able to taste all kinds of dishes in each region you travel to. Joining a cooking class is a great way to learn how to cook and taste Vietnamese cuisine, but joining a food tour throughout Vietnam is even more wonderful. Visit our website and pick up the Vietnam food tour which is best for you.

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Sharing cooking methods with customers

Have fun with the cooking class and food tour in Vietnam and good luck with your cooking Vietnamese dishes at home.

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