The Essence of Vietnamese Culture

The Vietnamese culture is among one of the oldest in Southeast Asia. The quintessence of Vietnamese culture features among social beliefs, traditions, customs, material arts, traditional music, dance, literature, festivals, religions, costumes, and cuisine. The culture in Vietnam is deeply rooted in the ancient Bronze age, one of its most important progenitors. During the feudal and colonial ages, Vietnamese culture is significantly affected by the Chinese, French, Champa, and Khmer cultures. Meanwhile, in the socialist era, the cultural life in Vietnam is greatly influenced by the government-controlled system and foreign socialist programs.

traditional vietnam costumes

Ao Dai - The traditional costume of Vietnam

For over 1,000 years of Chinese feudalism, Vietnamese culture was under the profound influence of China, from politics, education, language, social ethics, morality, and arts. Following the independence from China, Vietnam began to get the cultural influence from the Champa Civilization and Khmer Empire due to the southward territorial expansion. Later, Vietnamese culture absorbed great influences from the West during the French colonial period in the 19th century. Until now, the most influential features include the spread of Catholicism and the Latin alphabet in Vietnam. Besides, Western culture still reflects in the architecture and cuisine of Vietnam.

Vietnamese traditional music

Ca Tru - The Vietnamese traditional music

While traveling to Vietnam, you can learn about the authentic Vietnamese cultures through a traditional show, a visit to the museum, a cultural festival, or a food tour. A cultural trip in Vietnam is truly a wonderful adventure to get a deep insight into the Vietnamese traditions and values. Take your chance to enjoy the awe-inspiring attractions and learn about the beautiful culture in Vietnam.

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