Vietnam Summer: Weather & Places to Visit

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Vietnam is a wonderful place to travel to. It’s unique, charming, stunning, and intoxicating. Once visit here, you will always want to come back to discover more. However, traveling to Vietnam in summer can be a totally different proposition from traveling at any other time of the year. Why? Because in summer, Vietnam’s weather can be a real challenge. Let’s have a look at what the weather is like in summer and whether you should travel to Vietnam during the season 

Vietnam is a wonderful place to travel to. It’s unique, charming, stunning, and intoxicating. One visit here and you will always want to come back to discover more. However, traveling to Vietnam in summer can be a totally different proposition from traveling at any other time of the year. Why? Because in summer, Vietnam’s weather can be a real challenge. Let’s see what you should prepare to travel to Vietnam in the summer.

Overview weather in Vietnam’s summer 


During summer, Northern Vietnam has an average temperature of 34°C during the day (but can go as high as 42°C), and 27°C at night (but can be over 30°C). In addition to that, it should also be noted that summer also sees the monsoonal season come in, plus the possibility of typhoons. One needs to keep in mind that the afternoons can see thunderstorms with some extremely heavy showers. Flash flooding is common, as are landslides in mountainous areas.

North Vietnam summer

North Vietnam summer



Like Northern summer, summer in the central experience high temperatures from 34°C up to 45°C and regular heatwaves. Therefore, the weather during this time in Hue, Danang, other tourist spots is hot and sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable. 

The area also faces heavy rain or even typhoon as summer parallel rainy and typhoon season here. This can cause dangerous climatical phenomena which can lead to severe damage and suspension of tourism. Therefore, if planning to spend your vacation in Central Vietnam, choose to come during the early summer (from May to June).

Central Vietnam summer

Central Vietnam summer


Southern Vietnam’s temperature rarely changes but is still relevant because the average temperature is around 33°C. As the weather is quite stable, you don’t need to worry about sudden climatical phenomena. In addition, the early summer parallels the dry season in the South (from April to May). Therefore, it can make you feel dehydrated, tired, or sometimes heat exhausted. Preparing well is a great idea when you travel to the South during this time. 

When you visit Vietnam in summer, you will notice things work very differently from other seasons. The first thing you will notice is that most places become very quiet between 11 am and 3 pm. As this is the hottest time of the day, most locals get out of the sun and stay out of it. People here normally conduct their business either in the early morning or late afternoon/evening.

Also, you will notice that most Vietnamese take major precautions to protect themselves when out in the sun. Most people, but especially women, will put on long jackets in order to shield the sun’s rays. Combined with the face masks and sunglasses that they wear, they look like ninjas!

South Vietnam summer

South Vietnam summer

You might want to know about Vietnam's rainy season.


Things to prepare for Vietnam trip in summer

To safely travel through Vietnam during the summer, you must come prepared. This guide will take you through everything you need in order to prepare for a summer holiday in Vietnam.

1. A loose-fitting jacket made of light material, a good hat, and sunglasses 

This is especially important for anybody riding a motorbike throughout the country. The sun in Vietnam during summer can be extremely harsh, and those riding motorbikes will be extremely exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Whilst sunscreen should be brought along, it only works for a certain period of time. 

A loose-fitting jacket will protect your skin from not only the sun but also from the scorching hot road should you be unfortunate enough to come off your bike. It obviously won’t prevent any grazes, but it will prevent burns. Additionally, contrary to popular belief in the west, covering up actually keeps your body cooler. Most societies based in hot places cover-up, and this is the main reason why. Additionally, when visiting the wonderful sights that this wonderful country has to offer, wearing a hat and sunglasses will help protect you.

2. Good mosquito repellent with DEET

During the dry part of summer, this isn’t so necessary, but once the monsoon season hits, only a fool wouldn’t have any. Vietnam is at the best of times, an extremely humid country. During the monsoon, humidity is routinely over 80%. As a result, it is an environment that mosquitoes absolutely love, and they are everywhere during this time. The irritation is that mosquito bites generally cause to bring repellent; but in Vietnam, those bites can be extremely dangerous. 

This is because many mosquitoes in Vietnam carry Dengue Fever. Whilst in most cases, it only results in an uncomplicated fever or even no symptoms at all. However, it can make you seriously ill or potentially even be fatal. Should you get extremely sick, you could be exposed to some really expensive medical bills, especially if you require a lengthy stay in hospital. Bring some insect repellent with you as it is always better to be safe than sorry!

3. Flip-flops

Summer in Vietnam is hot and humid, and wearing socks and shoes can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. They are also a pain in the neck to take off whenever you’re visiting a temple. Flip flops are a great way to let your feet breathe and are very easy to slip off and slip on at any temple, house, bar, or restaurant that requires it.

4. Water bottles 

This is pretty self-explanatory. It is very easy to get dehydrated during hot weather, so making sure you stay well hydrated is absolutely vital. Bottled water in Vietnam is extremely cheap and sold everywhere, so there are no excuses! 

So there you have it. The ultimate list of things to prepare for a Vietnamese summer holiday. Whilst it can be really uncomfortable visiting Vietnam in summer, there are usually far fewer tourists around, so you can have some really amazing experiences and even some places all to yourself, and if you bring the above, you will still have an amazing time in this incredible place.

Things to prepare for Vietnam summer trip

Things to prepare for Vietnam summer trip


Suggested Vietnam Itinerary in Summer

Above is our information on the summer in Vietnam and whether you should travel to Vietnam during summer or not. Generally, summer is quite a great time to have your vacation in Vietnam. By planning carefully and preparing well, you will get yourself the best experience. If you are a newbie to this, don’t worry as we will offer you a suggested itinerary below. 

For Northern Vietnam, traveling can take place in the early or late summer. This is because the weather at this time is not so boiling hot but just warn and the region is yet hit by typhoon and heavy rain, which can be the main reason for your canceled tour if you travel to Hanoi in the mid-summer. 

For Central Vietnam, the early and mid-summer is a great time to enjoy your vacation due to the same reason as the North. In fact, the late summer temperature is quite low. However, during this time, heavy rain, typhoon, thunderstorm regularly occurs make every tourism activity suspended. 

For Southern Vietnam, you can travel here anytime because the weather is quite stable and there is hardly any climatical phenomenon. 

Generally, the ideal Vietnam itinerary in Summer is that you arrive in the North first, spend about 2 to 3 days visiting, and exploring the region, then get to Central Vietnam, have fun and relax on Danang beach, finally, end your vacation by the trip to the South. In case you start your trip in the mid-summer, travel to the center first, then get to the South, and finally come to the North. 

Above are our recommendations for Vietnam summer. For more detailed reasons and booking Vietnam tours, you can go to our website We are always here to help you. Wish you have a great vacation.

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