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Vietnam Photography - Beautiful Shooting Corners in Lotus Blooming Season

July 11, 2023 - 4011 views

Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam, and Mid-summer is the lotus season in Vietnam. Rolling around the city, you can see many colorful lotus flowers bloom in many lakes and ponds around Hanoi, cooling off the atmosphere of a very hot day in an Asian tropical country.

You can see many beautiful Vietnamese women posing and taking pictures with the lotus flowers during these days. Let’s figure it out.

Facts about lotus - Vietnam’s national flower

First, let’s learn a bit more about Vietnam’s national flower. Lotus’s colors may vary, and each carries its own meanings. The white lotus represents purity, pink shows a devotion to Buddha. Blue lotus means wisdom and logic, represents enlightenment while purple shows spirituality.

Green lotus is the color of rebirth. Because lotus has many colors, if you are planning to give lotus as a gift, make sure you have enough knowledge and know what kind of message you wish to send.

The pink lotus is mostly popular in Vietnam

The pink lotus is mostly popular in Vietnam

You can make lotus tea and lotus is also a part of Vietnamese cuisine. Lotus tea is an important part of many festivals and ceremonies in Vietnam. To make lotus tea, you enclosed tea in the flowers to infuse them with scent. The other way is to bake the stamens: the part of the flower that makes pollens, with the tea leaves in the oven.

This process is repeated several times to strengthen the flavor. While the lotus flower is used for tea, the stem is used for Vietnamese-style salad or “Gỏi”. The roasted lotus seed can be used as some tasty snacks like candy or eat directly.

Lotus leaves can be used for wrapping food such as steamed sticky rice and many other foods. Thanks to many meanings, uses, and beauty, the lotus was chosen as the national flower.

Lotus - Vietnam national flower

Lotus - Vietnamese national flower

Whenever you go out for a walk near the lotus lake, you can see many people of all ages and genders posing and taking pictures with lotus despite the very hot weather. Young people expose themselves in the scorching heat of the summer day for the best photo with thousands of beautiful lotus flowers.

From dawn to dusk, crowds of people fill up the lake to capture the beautiful moment of this marvelous moment.


The best places to take pictures with lotus

There is no doubt that Westlake – Ha Noi is the best place if you want to take some pictures with the beautiful lotus. Westlake becomes very busy during the lotus blooming season (May to July). Oceans of people travel to Westlake, locals, visitors, etc.

But you can always find peace and breath fresh air once you get to the lake, relieve all stresses and sadness of everyday life. All you have to do is follow the lakeside road and eventually see beautiful charming Vietnamese women in Ao dai posing with lotus.

People here wear many different costumes such as mini-skirt, yem, etc. You will have the chance to see many traditional Vietnamese clothes which are not commonly used in modern daily life anymore.

You can spot many beautiful girls posing with lotus

You can spot many beautiful girls posing with lotus

Rolling around Westlake, you will sometimes see a flower vendor selling all kinds of flowers including lotus. A bunch of lotus flowers can cost you around 50.000VND, you can get some to use when taking photos.

You can take photos yourself or with friends, or you can hire a whole team of professional photographers, make – up artists to support you. The price for one shooting day will be around ~60USD including costumes and entrance fees.

Girl in traditional Vietnamese costume for women

Girl in traditional Vietnamese costume for women

Ao dai with lotus

Girl in traditional Vietnamese costume with lotus

Lotus lake in Vietnam

Gorgeous woman taking photograph with lotus

Vietnam Photography with lotus

The simple moment at lotus lake in Vietnam

Lotus lake in sunset

Lotus lake in sunset

Lotus in Vietnam is very special and meaningful, don’t miss your chance to have some memories with this beautiful kind of flower. Take a Vietnam tours in the summer and capture your mesmerizing photographs with lotus in Vietnam. 

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