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All you need to know about taking photo with Water Lily in Vietnam

April 09, 2021 - 4158 views

At the end of autumn is the time of Vietnam Water Lily which entice many tourists to come and admire the impressive beauty of this water plan. This post is for sharing all you need to know about taking photos with Water Lily in Vietnam.

What is Water Lilly?

Many people have heard about the elegance of Vietnam National Flower – Lotus; however, not many of them know about the strong beauty of Water Lily which blossoms right after the Lotus season. Like Lotus, Water Lily is also a water plan. However, while Lotus has a fresh aroma, Water Lily has no scent. The beauty of Water Lily in Vietnam is from its sharp and strong appearance with small pointed dark-pink petals decorated by the dark-green sharp round leaves floating on the water.

water lily in season

It's the time of Water Lily Season

Where you can find Water Lily in Vietnam?

The answer is almost on every pond in Vietnam. It is easy to see a pond full of Water Lily in October and November when is the time of Water Lily blossom, on other months, the Water Lily stays deep down under the water and it is hard to find out if a pond has Water Lily or not.

Although there are many places in Vietnam that you can find Water Lily, there are a few spots where you can take the best picture with Water Lily. Therefore, if you want a stunning image checking-in with Water Lily in Vietnam, you can consider the below photo spot suggestions.

Yen Stream

The Yen Stream nearby Huong Pagoda (Perfume Pagoda) is considered the best place to see and take photos with Water Lily. The entrance fee is about USD 2.5 (VND 50,000), if you want to take some stunning photoshoots (maybe for Instagram?), you can hire a boat to the middle of the stream or a small boat with Water Lily decoration around.

Water Lily in Yen Stream

Water Lily in Yen Stream

Mekong Delta

The Water Lily season comes to the Mekong Delta sooner than in Northern Vietnam, from August to October is the right time for you to come and see the beauty of Water Lily here. Different from in the North of Vietnam, it is much easier to find a huge number of Water Lily planted in a huge water area. While most of the Water Lily in the North has strong dark pink color, the Water Lily in the Mekong Delta mostly has white color, especially the wild ones, and the dark pink Water Lily here normally appears because of human hands as some people plant them for economic benefits.

Mekong Delta in Water Lily Season

Mekong Delta in Water Lily Season

How to get the best photoshoot with Water Lily in Vietnam?


The best time to take the photoshoot with Water Lily is from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. which is the time that flowers blooms and after that time, the petals will close slowly, hide a part of Water Lily’s beauty. Besides, if you come to the photo spot soon enough, there will be not so many people there and you can choose to take a picture at the best corner, don’t have to wait till others finish. Therefore, if you want to take the best photoshoot with Water Lily, you have to come to the places from 1 night before and wake up early the next morning for the best shoot. 


Actually, if you want to have some photos with the special local style, you should spend a little time choosing and buy or hire some Vietnamese traditional costumes such as Ao Dai, Ao Ba Ba, etc., and makeup carefully before taking photos. Please note that most of the photoshoot spots don’t provide the hiring costumes and makeup services so you have to prepare by yourself.

a photo with water lily

A charming photo with Water Lily

However, if you don’t have too much time to get dress and make-up carefully or don’t want to pay so much on buying or hiring costume, just wear whatever you like, the Water Lily is stunning enough and can help anyone to have a remarkable picture, all you need is a little photographic talent.



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