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Where to Take the Most Spectacular Travel Photos in Vietnam

December 20, 2023 - 2345 views

On every vacation to Vietnam, here’re the top 7 attractions that urge keen photographers to visit for the most spectacular travel photos in different regions of the country. 

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is one of the most beautiful destinations for thousands of inspiring travel photos. The little S-shape combines a perfect blend of majestic coastlines and impressive mountains, hustle cities and rural villages, artificial landmarks, and stunningly natural landscapes. All featured either traditional or modern influences that inspire photographers with spectacular travel photos in every region of Vietnam. Let’s explore these top 7 places to take amazing photos while traveling to Vietnam.

1. Son Doong Cave

Nestled in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province of Central Vietnam, Son Doong Cave is widely regarded as the world’s largest limestone cave. Not only boasting giant size, but Son Doong is also gifted by Mother Nature with the magnificent beauty of limestone karsts believed to be from 2 to 5 million years old.

to Son Doong Cave - Destination to Take the Most Spectacular Travel Photos in Vietnam

Son Doong Cave gives the most spectacular photographs in Vietnam

Due to its extraordinary and the consequences of tourism, Son Doong Cave has been opened for limited access to all research and tourist expeditions as well as local adventure. Hence, it’s quite difficult to take travel photos in Son Doong Cave but it might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. All guests coming to Son Doong will be ensured to meet the health certification and be led by the best international caving team in the world. Make sure to carry a good low-light camera to capture the most breathtaking photo shots of the caves in Vietnam.

Capture the most amazing moment at Son Doong Cave

Capture the most amazing moment at Son Doong Cave

2. Sang Ma Sao

Located in the mountainous area of northern Vietnam, Sang Ma Sao is famous for sightseeing golden rice terraces and trekking routes leading to the impressive Bach Moc Luong Tu Mount. Recently, National Geographic has listed a travel photo of Sang Ma Sao as one of six most epic adventure photographs, along with Son Doong Cave.

Sang Ma Sao - Destination to Take the Most Spectacular Travel Photos in Vietnam

A stunning photograph of Sang Ma Sao in the golden season

Through travel photos from bird’s-eye view, the winding curves of rice terraces in Sang Ma Sao have made interesting visual effects for beholders. In either water or harvested season, Sang Ma Sao draws thousands of tourists’ attractions to the picturesque scenery in the highland. From the travel photos of little houses among immense terraces to tranquil moments of Hmong women working on golden paddies, every corner gives tourists uniquely spectacular photographs in Vietnam.

Beautiful curves of Sang Ma Sao in water season

Beautiful curves of Sang Ma Sao in water season

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3. Mui Ne Sand Dunes

About 200km east of Sai Gon, Mui Ne is a beautiful fishing village down the south coast of Vietnam. Among many beauty spots, Mui Ne Sand Dunes are the main highlight not only because of the awe-inspiring travel photos but also due to amusing activities including sandboarding, kite flying, and quad-biking. There’re two sets of Mui Ne Sand Dunes: the White Dunes which are a vast expense of white sand sculpted into rolling dunes by the ever-changing winds and the Red Dunes which are less impressive despite the striking color.

Take travel photos at the impressive dunes in Mui Ne

Take travel photos at the impressive dunes in Mui Ne

Whenever you desire a taste of Sahara-like desert, plan a day trip to Mui Ne Sand Dunes where the most wonderful travel photos in Vietnam are taken in the most uniquely interesting place than ever. The best time to take photographs at Mui Ne Sand Dunes is either in the early morning or the late afternoon since the light isn’t too hot and bright. Beyond the less-crowded dunes, you can catch the ordinary and simple moments of travel photography in Vietnam, like the image of the locals with carrying poles on shoulder walking through the dunes. Additionally, Mui Ne Dunes is a perfect place for both amateur and expert photographers to capture the most amazing sunset photograph in Vietnam.

4. Tam Coc - Bich Dong

As a part of Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, Tam Coc – Bich Dong is a popular tourist attraction in Ninh Binh Province of northern Vietnam. It’s a scenic complex of harmonious architecture and charming beauty of karst sceneries, rice paddies, and rivers. While Tam Coc includes three stunning caves: Hang Ca, Hang Hai and Hang Ba Grottoes, Bich Dong is an ancient pagoda nestled in a green cave dating back to the 15th century under King Le Thai To.

The harmonious landscape at Tam Coc, Ninh Binh - destination for most spectacular travel photos in Vietnam

The harmonious landscape at Tam Coc, Ninh Binh

Coming to the wonderland of rusticness and tranquility, you’ll have a chance to take spectacular photoshoots of “Halong Bay on land” from boat view. On the journey to discover Tam Coc, you will be amazed by the panorama of majestic limestone, observe exotic aquatic species and contemplate the flocks of white flamingo on the lawns of the lagoon. Additionally, you can combine a Ninh Binh full-day trip to Mua Cave, Trang An, or Bai Dinh Pagoda to capture more fabulous travel photos in Vietnam.

The breathtaking view of travel photos in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

The breathtaking view of travel photos in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

5. Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of the most iconic landmarks in Vietnam, with 1500 square miles of sea and great biodiversity. Halong Bay is a beautiful maze of nearly 2,000 limestone islands and islets, some of which are accessible via boat and seaplane excursions. Your vacation in Halong Bay will be incomplete without cruising through the tranquil waters and behold the weirdly shaped rock grottoes at a closer distance. What’s more amazing than snapping a beautiful photo of clear sky, impressive limestone, and glorious sunset or sunrise on sun deck? You can check this out for the best deal of Halong Bay Cruise, and get a perfect focus and backdrop for travel photography ideas in Vietnam.

Stunning view for travel photos in Halong Bay

Stunning view for travel photos in Halong Bay 

Aside from cruising, you can spend time enjoying outdoor activities in Halong Bay like kayaking, cycling, rock climbing, and visiting local villages. These exciting activities not only relieve your stress but also bring about the awe-inspiring photographs of this natural wonder in Vietnam.

Kayaking offers breathtaking travel photo of limestone in Halong Bay

Kayaking offers breathtaking travel photo of limestone in Halong Bay

6. Hoi An Ancient Town

Among plenty of touristy destinations in Vietnam, Hoi An Ancient Town must be the most restful and laid-back place where keen photographers have great sources of inspiration to capture the most authentic travel photos in Vietnam. Hoi An Ancient Town boasts a handful of ornate Buddhist shrines, a Japanese-designed bridge, handicraft shops, French colonial houses, and narrow canals. Also known as the Venice of Vietnam, the town is best discovered by cruising along the river and catching the best sight of two riverbanks decorated with a thousand colorful lanterns.

Hoi An is known as the Venice of Vietnam - destination to take the spectacular travel photo in Vietnam

Hoi An is known as the Venice of Vietnam

The best time to wander around and capture spectacular photos of Hoi An Ancient Town is in the early morning or at night if your camera can shoot in low light. The ancient town offers photographers a multitude of beautiful sights and backgrounds for mesmerizing travel photos in Vietnam. Especially, if you’re lucky to visit Hoi An during its monthly Lantern Festival, you can capture the stunning night when electricity is switched off and every shop is illuminated with candles as well as color lanterns all night long. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to see monks performing candle-lit ceremonies at temples and along the riverside.

Hoi An ancient town lightens up with colorful lanterns for most spectacular photo in Vietnam

Hoi An ancient town lightens up with colorful lanterns

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7. Ban Gioc Waterfall

Set location at the Quay Son River on the national border between China and Vietnam, Ban Gioc Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Asia and the widest waterfall in Vietnam. Standing over 70 meters tall, water tumbles down a multi-tiered cliff and is separated into different falls by impressive karsts and lush trees. Ban Gioc Fall is a perfect getaway to an off-the-beaten trail to immerse in the magnificence of nature.

The impressive travel photo of immense Ban Gioc Waterfall

The impressive photo of the immense Ban Gioc Waterfall

From the grassy bank to a boulder in the river, you can find various potential spots around the base of Ban Gioc Waterfall, where you can strike a pose for breathtaking photo shoots in the highland of Vietnam. For those who’re adventurous, you can carefully climb up the precarious sides of the waterfall to get different views for travel photography ideas in Vietnam.

All in all, Vietnam has inspired photographers with thousands of ideas for spectacular travel photos. Go exploring these beautiful places to capture your unforgettable moments in Vietnam with BestPrice Travel!

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