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Top Vietnam Restaurants and Dining

Vietnam has such diverse cuisine that there is a variety of restaurants, fine dining, and street food stalls throughout the country and even in the world. Traveling around in Vietnam, you should not worry about what to eat and where to try the best taste of Vietnamese food. This country is known as one of the world's most healthier cuisine cultures with the main ingredients like oil, less meat, and lots of fresh vegetables.

Vietnam restaurants

Try traditional dishes at restaurants in Vietnam

Restaurants in Vietnam offer various types of traditional dishes and other cuisine cultures including Indian, Chinese, and Western culinary. There are also many Vietnamese restaurants serving only Halal or vegetarian food. As a result, Vietnam's restaurants are to meet the demand of every traveler from all over the world, from Muslims, Hinduisms, to Vegans. Or else, whenever you are into traditional Vietnamese food, try out the list of suggested Vietnamese restaurants to enjoy the authentic taste.

Vietnam street food

Vietnam street food

Coming to the large cities in Vietnam, you must be overwhelmed by an abundance of places to eat, ranging from luxury fine dining, budget restaurants, street food stalls to cafés and bars. See our Vietnam restaurant guide and have a taste of your favorites across regions in Vietnam.