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Useful Guide About Transportation In Vietnam

Since Vietnam transportation is substantially upgraded, it is convenient to travel around Vietnam. Whether it is a long or short distance, there are numerous vehicle options. From one province to another, you can choose airplanes, trains, motorbikes, and shuttle buses. Meanwhile, taxis, buses, bicycles, and cyclos are available to get around the cities as well as villages in Vietnam. So take a look at our essential Vietnam transportation guide before visiting Vietnam.

Although Vietnam transportation is still far from modern facilities and infrastructure, there are various great ways to choose for domestic travel in Vietnam, from roadway, highway, railway, high-speed railway, to waterway. And in recent years, Vietnamese transportation has upgraded greatly, making it more convenient to travel through the country.

For long-distance travel, from one province to another, the top transportation options can be airplanes, trains, shuttle buses, rental cars, rental motorbikes, and boats. Each type has its own pros and cons, but it goes without saying that airplanes and trains are the two safest means of transportation in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the other alternatives are suitable for budget and adventure travelers. 

railway transportation in Vietnam

Train is known as the safest transportation in Vietnam

For short-distance travel, the traffic is quite complicated as strange traffic laws, bans, and one-way routes. If you want to enjoy public transport in Vietnam, try a bus ride to travel within cities. Meanwhile, cycling offers a truly authentic experience to get around in Vietnam.

For those in search of a unique means of transportation, cyclo is an ideal way to go around some tourist attractions like Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoi An Ancient Town. In case you want something individual, taking a taxi or even walking is the best option to get privacy. Especially, walking around is rather common to avoid the chaos of Vietnam transportation.

cyclo a means of transportation in Vietnam

Cyclo is a great way to get around the streets in Vietnam

In terms of waterway transport in Vietnam, there are also different types, including wooden boats, basket boats, high-speed boats, junk boats, cruises, etc. 

As a tourist, you might have various choices of Vietnam transportation. So, find out the greatest ways of travel in Vietnam and create the most memorable itinerary.