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Which is more advantageous: buy a full package tour or book all by yourself?

July 28, 2020 - 2868 views

Have you missed something recently? Do you get bored with the normal route of your daily life? If yes, and you are looking for something different, do not miss your chance to visit a new place, meet new people. Plan your holiday to a new wonderland in Southeast Asia like Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar…Booking a package tour with a tour operator or book it by yourself? The below article will give you some useful information.

Planning a holiday is not an easy task, there are a lot of things to care for from the airfare to the hotel accommodations, transfers, money, itinerary… You may consider booking a package tour or booking all the services individually. Both of them have some advantages and disadvantages, and booking a package tour is preferred by a lot of tourists for four seasons: its safety, time and money-saving and the best service it offers.

Reason number one: It saves your money

The biggest advantage of booking a full package tour is that it saves money. If you try to book everything like flight tickets, hotel rooms, sightseeing tickets, land transfer, and other facilities, you will end up spending more money than a package tour. Travel agencies often buy their package deals in bulk, making the price lower and more competitive. A package tour with a set price also helps you to avoid additional costs during the trip. There’s a tight competition between travel agencies, therefore they will try their best to try to provide great deals in order to attract more customers. Moreover, you will save much more money if you are able to book the last-minute or early bird deals. If you choose to travel in a group with a package tour, it is a chance for you to meet other people who will be able to share in cabs, food, drinks, and other adventures, outside your set itinerary, along the way. This can help reduce the cost.

buy a full package tour or book all by yourself

Booking a package tour saves your money

Reason number two: It saves your time

Booking a package tour not only saves your money but also saves your time. If you book everything individually, you will have to spend hours or days searching for a good deal for hotels, flight tickets. Once you arrive, it also takes your time to find which places to visit or eat. Your vacation is short and does not waste your time doing those things. The tour operator with a package tour can do all for you. During the tour, there is a tour guide who is a local expert and he can help to answer all the questions you may have. Do not lose valuable time organizing various activities because you’ll have everything planned in advance when you book a package tour.

buy a full package tour or book all by yourself

Time-consuming doing research for your vacation 


Reason number three: It is safe

Another advantage of a full package tour is its safety. There are a lot of beautiful and exciting things for you to explore, but not all of them are safe. A peaceful land in the countryside may be a ravaged war zone, a busy street in the city center may turn to a street with violence and crime. The exciting adventure will have some risk, scams for transfer may bother your trip. Even if you do some research before your trip, you will never know what will happen. Therefore, it is great to book a package tour with an experienced tour operator. They always know which activities or places are best for you, keeping in mind your age and preferences.

buy a full package tour or book all by yourself

Crossing the road in Southeast Aisa needs some tips and advice from local people 

Reason number four: It offers the best service

You spend a lot of time doing research, booking your tour service, but you are totally disappointed when you arrive. The hotel room is small, with no window, unfriendly service and your holiday turn to be a disaster. Booking an all-inclusive package tour, you enjoy the best facilities throughout the trip. The travel agencies have spent a lot of time creating the best holiday for you, they have carefully chosen the hotels, and other services for you. The hotel they chose is often in the center location, with full facilities like a swimming pool, spa, and sauna. The tour guide is experienced with good knowledge about the local places, the transfer is safe and they know the best places to eat…

buy a full package tour or book all by yourself

Fully enjoy your holiday with a package tour

Some people say they do not like a package tour because it lacks control. They need to follow the guidelines and a strict schedule all the time. They can not stay long in the place they like or skip the one they are not interested in. However, you can discuss with your tour operator to change your itinerary to suit your interest. The only thing you need to worry about is to choose a good tour operator. Best Price Travel is one of the leading travel companies in Indochina, which you can trust. We offer a full package tour at a reasonable price and you can get it customized.

All in all, take advantage of booking a package tour, you will be able to fully enjoy your vacation. No matter your holiday is short or long, you are looking for a budget or luxury tour, just send us an email and we can help you to have an unforgettable trip!

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