DOs and DON’Ts While Visiting Halong Bay

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Traveling to Halong Bay is a cultural journey to Vietnamese traditions and customs. Enjoy your trip by figure out what should you do and not do in Halong Bay.

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    Vietnam is known as a friendly and non-religious country, where a great diversity of traditional customs has lasted for thousands of years. Located in the North of Vietnam, Halong Bay features the northern culture which is more conservative than the southern one. For those seeking a great trip, it’s essential to learn about the DOs and DON’Ts in Halong Bay.


    - Dress conservatively despite the fact that dress code is quite relaxed in tourist cities like Halong. It’s acceptable to wear skimpy clothing/low-cut tops/revealing dresses on the beach, but not on the streets.

    - Watch carefully before crossing the road because the traffic in Halong Bay is so chaotic.

    - Try to finish everything on your plate. In Halong as well as in Vietnam, leaving too much food on your plate seems impolite, especially with the local families.

    Finish the food on your plate is an important DO in Halong Bay

    - Give or take something from other people by both hands. This is an important DOs to present your respect towards people in Halong Bay.

    - Save your hotel address or bring a hotel business card with you all the times. It helps you return to your accommodation much easier.

    - Check the weather forecast before going out since the weather in Halong Bay changes frequently. To avoid unexpected weather conditions, you should take a look at Halong Bay weather here.

    - Take your shoes off at the entrance of a local’s house, some shops and restaurants. Before entering the inside, pay attention to the entrance door to see if there's any signal welcome door mats or shoe racks.

    Take your shoes off at the entrance of a local’s house

    - Always bring a sufficient amount of cashes because many places in Halong Bay only accept cashes instead of payment via credit card.

    - Always negotiate the fixed price before you buy something or get into a taxi/motorbike ride. It’s better to choose a supermarket for your shopping instead of a local market and use transportation app to get a fixed price.

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    - Don’t sit with your feet as well as your back pointing towards a family alter if you stay in local’s house.

    - Don’t take photos or videos into small villages without permission. It seems very intrusive and Vietnamese people don’t like being taken photos of their private life.

    - Don’t show off your valuable items in tourist attractions or on the bus, because many robbers can be around you in the crowds.

    - Don’t behave aggressively in public, since the Vietnamese are quite closed and conservative. Try to keep your temple in any situation.

    - Don’t wear shorts or crop tops while visiting sacred places like temples, pagodas or churches in Halong Bay. Dress conservatively by covering your legs, arms and breast.

    Free proper attire for tourists in Vietnamese pagoda

    - Don’t express too much your personal affection to your partner or sweetheart in public. Sometimes, intimate gestures like kissing, hugging or touching may be considered inappropriate in Halong Bay, especially in the local villages and rural areas.

    - Don’t rush people when you buy something or use some services. The service will never be great if you give an uncomfortable feeling.

    All things considered, the most important thing is making a difference when you travel. There is no better way to experience a culture and bring positive impacts on community tourism in Halong Bay.

    Let’s follow our tour in Halong Bay to learn about the Vietnamese culture and practice the DOs and DON’Ts in Halong.

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