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Avoiding scams for Transportation in Vietnam

July 12, 2023 - 528 views

Scams are something you should know whenever you visit a new country. Understanding these, you will be able to avoid them, so spend your time reading this article to have a perfect trip to Vietnam.

Vietnam is among the top destinations for tourists around the world. They are eager to explore the beautiful country with stunningly wonderful landscapes, friendly people. Unfortunately, like any other place, there are scammers when you travel to Vietnam. So pay attention to the following tips on how to avoid scams for transportation and have a wonderful trip to Vietnam.

1. Motorbike taxi

Motorbike taxi is everywhere in Vietnam; it is one of the convenient ways to travel around Vietnam. It is cheap and a motorbike taxi can go to places which buses or cars can not do. However, some motorbike taxi drivers are cheats. Some say there is no bus to your destination, but there is in fact. Some ask for an extremely higher price than normal taxis. Others agree on a price, but then ask a lot more when you arrive. They may ask for extra money for the luggage, traveling during rush hours, or traveling to the area far from the city center. When using motorbike taxis, do not forget to keep your eyes on your belongings like wallet, phone, or passport.
How to avoid:
You can use transportation applications like uber, grab to book a motorbike taxi if you have a Vietnamese phone. You can ask Vietnamese like your host, receptionist, or your friend to check the price or discuss with the driver about the price before you use the motorbike taxi.

scams for Transportation in Vietnam

Using Goviet and Grab bike is a great way to travel around Vietnam

2. Motorbike rental

You can avoid scams from using motorbike taxis by renting a motorbike to get around. Using this kind of service is cheaper when you travel to many locations in such a long period of time. However, there are some scams which you should avoid. It is ridiculous but it happens somewhere in Mui Ne or Nha Trang. The owner of the rental tries to “steals” your bike back and then demand compensation. Another popular scam is about the mechanical problems on the bike and the owner will ask for the repair fee.
How to avoid:
Rent a bike with popular brands in Vietnam like Honda, Yamaha from a reputable shop. Buy your own lock and key so that your bike can not be “stolen” by the owner. Test the machine before you rent to identify the problems. You can take photos of existing scratches or defects to verify with the owner. Do not forget to ask for the motorbike registration certificate from the shop. You also need a valid driving license in Vietnam, but some rental shop owners may tell you that it isn't necessary to rent their motorbikes. So, bring your driving license if you want to drive in Vietnam

scams for Transportation in Vietnam

Exploring Hai Van pass with a motorbike, one of the best experience in Vietnam 

3. Taxis

Common taxi scams in Vietnam are unlicensed cab drivers, drivers taking longer routes to maximize the fare, driving without the meter or with rigged meter with a chip that makes it jump faster. There are also fake taxi brands. They often use a car with a fake logo of reputable companies, but there may be no meter in their car. The driver of this car often asks a higher price than the normal car when you arrive at your destination.
How to avoid:
Use the reputable taxi companies like Vinasun (white) and Mai Linh (green), taxi group, Vinasun. Drivers of those companies have uniforms and provide professional services. Moreover, you can download the apps of Grab, GoViet, or Bee to book a taxi.

scams for Transportation in Vietnam

Taxi group is among the best taxi companies in Vietnam

4. Train

Traveling on a train in Vietnam is affordable, convenient, however, be careful with some scams. You may not believe it, but it is true that there are even fake train websites in Vietnam. These websites offer an attractive price. Even if you were able to book a train ticket, and when you arrive at the train station, some people at the train station will tell you that the train gets delayed and ask you to book another train ticket.
How to avoid:
Buy the train from the hotel, trusted travel agent, or an official website. If you are at the train station, buy the ticket directly at the box office.

scams for Transportation in Vetnam

Buying the ticket directly at the office at the train station

5. Cyclo City tour

In big cities in Vietnam like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, or Hoi an, you will see cyclo, a symbolic Vietnamese image. You are eager to explore the city with this vehicle and the cyclist offers a small amount of money for the trip. When you arrive, a small amount of money is double or more than you thought.
How to avoid:
You had better discuss with the cyclist to have a clear price for the trip, the price per person, or total, one way or return trip. If possible, check with the tour guide or hotel reception before you use this kind of transportation.

Cyclo City tour  scams for Transportation in Vietnam

Exploring the city with a cyclo

Do not let the scams ruin your trip to Vietnam. Travel safe and clever to fully enjoy your holiday.

Jenny Tran

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Our travel agent is asking for an image of our passports in order to finalise train transport from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang. Is this legitimate?


Hi! They need your exact information for train ticket bookings such as your fullname + Passport Number. 

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