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Top 5 Shuttle Bus Brands in Vietnam

July 12, 2023 - 1664 views

Before traveling anywhere, transportation is one of the first things tourists care about. If you are about to visit Vietnam, you should know that transportation in this beautiful country is quite complicated. And one of the most efficient ways is to enjoy your trip with shuttle buses. In this article, we’ll provide you with information about the top 5 shuttle bus brands in Vietnam.

Mai Linh

With the slogan “Customer Means Everything”, the Mai Linh bus brand is very well-known for its excellent customer service. Established in 1993 by Mr. H Huy, Mai Linh Joint Stock Company (Mai Linh Group) has always worked towards its core values including effectiveness, ownership, leadership, professionalism, and teamwork.

Mai Linh Shuttle Bus

Mai Linh Shuttle Bus

Since its foundation, the brand has developed dramatically. On the first days, Mai Linh only owned 2 cars, 18 rented cars, and 25 members. Nowadays, it has become a surprisingly strong transport group in Vietnam. Its transportation network spreads 54 provinces and cities in Vietnam with 15,000 vehicles and creates jobs for 30,000 employees. The brand’s efforts make it at the top of shuttle bus brands in Vietnam. Moreover, Mai Linh has always been chosen as one of the most favorite transportation brands by consumers.

While you can book a Mai Linh taxi through an app called "Taxi Mai Linh", you have to make a call if you need a seat on their shuttle bus and have to pay for a ticket before you get on the bus. To book with Mai Linh Express, you can contact their hotlines which are different numbers due to each service area, or just simply call (038)39393939 to get their support.

Hoang Long Asia

Hoang Long Asia, also called Hoang Long, is another shuttle bus brand that you should consider while visiting Vietnam. Established in 1997, Hoang Long has served traveling routes between 41 destinations across Vietnam. You can opt for a wide range of popular routes to famous destinations in Vietnam, including Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi - Hai Phong, Hanoi - Ninh Binh, Ho Chi Minh City - Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City - Hue, and other more. 

Hoang Long bus

Hoang Long shuttle bus in Vietnam

Today, more and more people are showing their interest in the Hoang Long shuttle bus. Most customers say that they feel comfortable when using transportation services from Hoang Long Asia. With a high reputation and long-lasting establishment, Hoang Long offers a wide network of services which allow you to arrange your transport as a cake. Besides, Hoang Long is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to travel like a local in Vietnam without having to worry about the quality of the coaches. The price range is relatively cheap and the staffs are friendly. You can easily make a booking via the hotline (0225) 3920920.

Phuong Trang

Phuong Trang shuttle brand offers different paying methods

Phuong Trang shuttle brand offers different paying methods

Phuong Trang shuttle bus (also called Futa Taxi) is a notable enterprise in the field of transportation. The company has offered various transportation services such as passenger transportation, goods transportation, and taxi services. Its services are now available mainly in the southern region of Vietnam. Passengers can call 1900 6067 to book a ticket directly or book tickets online on the website or through the app FUTA bus which is available in Google Store and Apple Store.

Phuong Trang shuttle bus often considers quality as the honor of the brand. It has continuously improved both vehicle quality and customer service quality. Its cars are modern, comfortable, and spacious. Sonata, Inova, and Starex are used in passenger transportation. Aiming at bringing excellent experiences to passengers, Add to that, for the best convenience of passengers, Phuong Trang taxi offers different payment methods, including cash and ATM.

Thanh Buoi

Thanh Buoi is one of the most famous and prestigious shuttle brands in the Vietnam transportation industry. It focuses on passenger transportation on Sai Gon – Can Tho, Sai Gon – Da Lat, and Da Lat – Can Tho. Thanh Buoi shuttle brand has about 200 modern cars and you can easily book a ticket through the company’s only website Then you need to fill in the necessary information required, including the destinations, date, the number of people (if you go in a group), name, passport, email, and phone number, etc. The brand also offers online payment through the web for the passenger’s best convenience.

Phuc Xuyen

Phuc Xuyen is another name that you should consider, especially when you need to travel between Hanoi and Quang Ninh. The shuttle brand now owns more than 200 vehicles, expanding its network in Quang Ninh province and some other provinces and city. The thing that makes Phuc Xuyen a favorite shuttle brand of many passengers is its high-quality services. Safe, convenient, and luxury are what passengers often describe the brand’s coaches. The price for each ticket ranges from 65,000 VND to 200,000 VND. You can book a ticket online through the website then pick a date. The company will provide different options for you.

All in all, when visiting Vietnam or any country in the world, you need to take the transportation factor into account. This not only ensures our safety but also for the sake of convenience. Here are the top 5 shuttle bus brands in Vietnam that you really should consider. We hope that you enjoy your journey to Vietnam.

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