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Bagan Temples Bagan

Bagan is a city located in Central Myanmar. If Cambodia's Angkor is known for its sophistication in stone and bricks, Myanmar's Bagan embodies immense beauty and solitude with countless sacred temples and pagodas. From Nyang U town, the first place that visitors can feel the silhouette of the glorious past of Bagan is the temple systems Lawkachanthar - Thagyarhit - Thagyarpone. Am

Ananda is recognized as the most beautiful temple in Bagan with four large golden Buddha statues placed in 4 directions. Among the statues, the Buddha image in the south was introduced that when people come towards the Buddha to pray, remember to smile to find their inner peace.  That is also a very helpful lesson in real life: With determination and a smile on your face, you can conquer the world.

Ananda Pahto

Ananda Pahto 

Moreover, visitors can stand at top of the Ananda Pahto to enjoy the panoramic view of the nearby temples. After that, nearby Ananda Temple, you can pay a visit to the Nochanthar Temple. This sacred place follows the characteristic architecture of Myanmar, harmoniously designed between fired bricks and wooden roofs, presenting tourists with a colorful piece of art. Nochanthar is nestled under the green palm trees, giving visitors a peaceful and fresh atmosphere.

Sulamani is the temple built by King Narapatisithu in 1183. Sulamani is beautifully decorated on the outer walls. The temple differs from other sacred relics in the very sophisticated and signature paintings crafted on the walls, above the ceiling just inside. When you step into this thousand-year-old temple, it helps you feel like leaving behind and temporarily forgetting your busy daily life.

 Dhammayangyi Temple

Dhammayangyi Temple

The largest one among the sacred temples is the Dhammayangyi with a pyramid shape. The temple can also be recognized as the one without a pointed top, unlike any other temple. Dhammayangyi was constructed by King Narathu in 1167 after murdering his own father for the throne. It is said that the temple was built but could not be completed due to the karma caused by Narathu, which also explains why it did not have the tip like other temples.

Being the tallest temple in the dusty land, Thatbyinnyu is impressed by the tiles painted in ancient moss-like color. From afar, the proud temple stands out amid the ancient plains of Bagan land.

Shwesantaw is heard of not as an architectural masterpiece but as the most beautiful place to enjoy the sunset and dawn on a new day. Try to pay this place a visit, sit at a corner and look towards the horizon, then enjoy every new day's sunshine in peace. This will surely be an unforgettable moment that you can seize through the lens of your camera.

 Htilominlo Bagan

Htilominlo Bagan

It is regrettable to leave Bagan without stepping your feet in front of the Shwezigon Golden Temple. Unlike the magnificent Shwedagon in Yangon, Shwezigon brings a sense of tranquility through being massive. It is believed that more than 30 tons of gold were laminated and thousands of precious stones were mounted on the top, making this a very unique and luxurious-looking temple. Shwezigon Pagoda is also considered the prototype for all temples in Myanmar. Coming here to watch the sunset and find your inner peace is a must-have experience when you travel to Bagan. If you’re bored of plain visiting and you’re an adventure lover, there are a few temples awaiting you to climb and conquer. These include the Sunrise Temple, Secret Sunrise spot Temple, Lay Hna Pagoda, Utrecht Temple Cluster… These religious relics will promise you an extraordinary view and the most scenic photos ever. Another interesting activity is the boat tour on the Ayeyyarwardy river where you can have a look at the Bupaya pagoda and enjoy the breathtaking overview of Bagan from a different perspective.

The most preferable time to visit Bagan temples is between November and February with low rainfall and a pretty comfortable temperature. The best way to explore Bagan temples is by bike, which brings you the ultimate experience of exploring one of the richest archeological sites in Asia. If you seek a romantic route, horse cart rides are ideal choices. Hotels and restaurants are of easy access on the website. If you wish to travel by bike or horse carts, they are all available for rent at the hotels.

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