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Bamboo Airways first regular international flights officially launched

March 15, 2023 - 533 views

After about 5 months officially opening and began with domestic flights, Bamboo Airways decides to take the new stage on their development: launching the international route and the first regular flight will be taken off at the end of this October.

In fact, Bamboo Airways started to fly with the international route on 26th April 2019 – only about 5 months after the opening of this airline. However, all are the charter flights which means Bamboo Airways sold all the seats to a tour operator as a part of their package international tour to Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. This is also the test of Bamboo Airways before launching their regular international flights and all answers with good results.

Bamboo Airways welcome the 1st charter flight from Korea

Bamboo Airways welcomes the 1st charter flight from Korea

The first regular international route of Bamboo Airways is the round-trip flight between Danang City – Seoul and it flies once a day. And as their plan, in November, there will be a round-trip flight per day between Nha Trang – Seoul. As the number of Korean tourists and also the international tourists come from Korea boosts for a few years up until now, Korea is considered as the target market of Bamboo Airways.

However, it doesn’t mean that this new airline abandons other markets. In fact, they expect to raise their travel route from 27 to 40 at the end of this year with some distance flights to the United State and European countries at the competitive fair.

Of course, there is no worry about the services' quality and safety of Bamboo Airway’s new international flights. This airline has been recruiting experienced pilots and training new flight attendants, especially there will be some international flight attendants serving on Bamboo Airways flights for the best communicate with their guests. Besides, in 2020, Bamboo Airways plans to put about 30 new aircrafts in action which is a good move of this airline to provide the best and safest experience to their guests.

Bamboo Airways international flight attendants

Bamboo Airways international flight attendants from Korea, Thailand, Europe, etc.

Surprisingly, up until now, on the way of their amazing development, Bamboo Airways hasn’t broken their promise of the best experience with their guests. Considering as a new airline from Vietnam, there is no doubt that Bamboo Airways has been developing rapidly and always try their best to satisfy customers.

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