Bangkok Weather in April: Climate, Songkran Festival & More

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While Bangkok is hot all year round, April is the peak of the hot season. This month is usually not recommended for traveling due to the scorching heat and unfavorable weather conditions. However, if you decide to visit for the Songkran Festival or to avoid the crowd in general, this guide will provide information on Bangkok weather in April.

Characteristics of Bangkok weather in April

Bangkok weather in April

The average temperature in Bangkok in April is 31.6 degrees Celsius, which is uncomfortable for most locals and foreigners. The high average can get to 35 degrees, which is the usual temperature during the day. Therefore, a better time to explore Bangkok would be in the evening. There are plenty of things to do in Chinatown later in the day. The middle of April is recorded to be the hottest time of the year.

Combined with a humidity level of 70%, the weather can get muddy, and you will soon feel tired after being outside for a little while. You should also prepare for rainfalls towards the end of April.

What to expect in Bangkok in April

You can still enjoy your trip to the lively city of Bangkok during the summer as there is a lot to offer. Some of the activities that we recommend to keep you occupied: boat trips & cruises, going shopping indoors, and dining at Michelin restaurants or fancy bars. These activities are popular among tourists regardless of the season, so you will find yourself occupied even with Bangkok's temperature in April.

Songkran Festival

As unpleasant as the Bangkok climate in April can get, some tourists choose this time of the year for the Songkran Festival, which is an unmatched experience. This festival is celebrated annually throughout Thailand and is one of the most popular events of the year. It takes place between April 13th to 15th to celebrate the traditional New Year in the country.

Many places in and out of Bangkok hold water-fight events and celebrations that can last nearly a week during Songkran Festival. It is the perfect way to cool down and relieve the heat from Bangkok weather in April. When going outside during this time, you will find hundreds of people indulging in parties. There are some well-known attraction sites where many people will be celebrating Songkran, such as BTS Skytrain station, Silom area, Central World Shopping Complex, and Khao San Road. Thai locals of all ages, from children to adults, set up shops selling water guns and hoses. You can even see people riding in tuk-tuks to spray water to their surroundings.

songkran thailand Bangkok

Foreign tourists are welcome to join this festival. Source: NattapolStudiO / Shutterstock

If you decide to travel to Bangkok in April during the week of the Songkran Festival, you better prepare waterproof bags to protect your valuables and spare clothes. Remember: do not throw water at monks, as they are highly respected in Thailand, or motorcyclists because it can get dangerous on the roads.

At night, you can hit the clubs for great parties celebrating the Thai New Year. Restaurants also hold special events.

Check out these articles for more details about Songkran Festival: Get Ready For Songkran Festival and Things to Prepare for Songkran Festival in Thailand.

Travel tips for Bangkok in April

  • If you are going to celebrate Songkran like a Thai local, it might be helpful and fun to pick up some phrases like Sawatdee Pee Mai (Happy New Year)
  • During hot days, it is best to stay in an air-conditioned room instead of going out and risking catching heatstroke.

We hope this article has provided some guidelines on Bangkok weather in April and helped you in planning for your trip. If you are interested in booking a tour package with us, check out our best Bangkok tours!

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