Bangkok Weather in February & Thing to See

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There is no bad time to visit Bangkok, Thailand's capital city. The city is home to plenty of attraction spots and entertainment venues, so you will have no trouble spending a couple of days here. To ensure you get the best out of your vacation, set the best time to travel for your favorite activities. Read this article to find out about Bangkok weather in February.

Characteristics of Bangkok weather in February

Bangkok weather February

February transitions to the hot and dry season as the average high temperature rises to 33.3 degrees Celsius. In the daytime, the average temperature is 28.9 degrees, while it only drops by 1 degree at night. It means that there is not much of a difference between the Bangkok climate in February. Tourists do not have to prepare for a lot of clothes options.

The sea temperature rises from 26.7 degrees to 28 degrees in Bangkok, making it suitable for swimming and water-related activities. Bangkok weather in February makes it a good month for traveling and is the end of the high tourist season in Thailand. Although you can still see tourists lined up in attraction spots, the crowds are generally thinner than in January.

In February, very little rainfall occurs, marking the transition to the hot season in Thailand's capital city. On average, the sun shines for 8 hours a day, and this is a good time for outdoor activities such as exploring the streets and visiting religious sites.

What to expect in Bangkok in February

  • Lunar New Year

Depending on the year, Lunar New Year sometimes falls in early February. During this time, we recommend stopping by at Chinatown Bangkok to see how locals celebrate New Year and sample tasty street foods. The shops are brightly lit with colorful neon lights, and celebrations all around welcome tourists to join in. It will be an unmatched experience, spending Lunar New Year at one of the world's most remarkable Chinatown streets.

  • Valentine's Day

Bangkok has a lot to offer if you are in the city for Valentine's Day. There are plenty of romantic activities to choose from, from going on a luxury cruise on Chao Phraya River, passing by Bangkok's famous sights, to fine dining on a rooftop restaurant. Even if you are single, many clubs and entertainment plazas host special Valentine parties if you want to grab some drinks and dance the night away.

  • Makha Bucha — Buddhist festival

Makha Bucha, on the full moon day of the third lunar month, is considered a national holiday in Thailand. It falls in February in the last two years. In the morning, many Thai people begin the day by offering good to monks in the morning. In the evening, Buddhists visit local temples, which will be holding ceremonies. They listen to Buddhist teachings and participate in candlelight processions.

In the entire country, restaurants and shops, including convenience stores like 7/11, will not sell alcohol. This rule is under the observance of the police and the Thai government. Many bars will also close on this day, so keep in mind if you are visiting Bangkok during Makha Bucha.

Temples will be open to the public. Most Thai people will let visitors observe the ceremony, as long as you are being respectful. It will provide an insight into local celebrations of Makha Bucha Day in Thailand, as Buddhism is the mainly practiced religion of the country.

Travel tips for Bangkok in February

  • Regardless of the month, it is crucial to keep in mind that revealing clothes are not appropriate anywhere in Thailand. For a trip to Bangkok in February that is suitable for the weather, you should pack sun-protected clothing, sunscreen, and a scarf for entering the temples.
  • Bangkok climate in February and January are fairly similar, as the heat has not taken over during this time of the year yet. T-shirts and short sleeve shirts are suitable.
  • You should also book weeks in advance before arriving in Bangkok in February as it is still high season for travelers from all over the world.

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