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Bangkok weather in October: Climate & Festivals

December 22, 2023 - 251 views

October is the month when Bangkok and Thailand welcome more travelers as it enters the pleasant weather season. It is also time for festivals and events that attract many visitors. Read this article for information on Bangkok weather in October and plan for an enjoyable trip.

Bangkok weather in October

Bangkok weather October

October rainfall has significantly dropped from September, but you should expect some rain on certain days. This month sees a slight drop in temperature but remains relatively hot. The average temperature in October is around 30 degrees Celsius. The high temperature is 32 degrees. Heavy downpours usually occur in late afternoons or at night and only last for about an hour. It is still a suitable time to travel to Bangkok and visit the many attraction sites that this city has to offer. In terms of what to pack, Bangkok weather in October is t-short and shorts weather, so pack light clothing for a comfortable trip. Also, since it is still monsoon season, keep in mind the humidity of 78% and 16 rainy days on average. You will need to carry an umbrella at most times.

What to expect in Bangkok in October


On the last day of October, there is no surprise that many parts of Bangkok, with their vivid nightlife, will celebrate Halloween. Plenty of bars and clubs host remarkable parties in the evening, and it is worthwhile to hit the streets during this time to celebrate with locals. The most fun-filled scene would be on Khao San Road, where there are many backpackers and foreign-style bars. Bangkok weather in October means that at night, the temperature can drop to 26 degrees. If you are planning a fun night out, you might want to consider bringing a light jacket.

Vegetarian Festival (Tesagan Gin Je Festival)

Vegetarian Festival usually falls in late September or October. This festival is celebrated among several Southeast Asian countries according to the Chinese Lunar calendar. For Vegetarian Festival, some local people opt to eat only vegetarian food for over a week. While the festival is most eventful in Phuket, you can observe people in temple ceremonies and catch sight of Chinese opera performances throughout nine days of celebration in the capital city.

vegetarian festival bangkok

There are various food stalls in the streets to try out. Source: Quality Stock Arts / Shutterstock

During Tesagan Gin Je Festival, you can catch sight of the yellow and red flags that signal a shop is selling vegetarian food, from cakes, vegetables to soup. Food lovers should come to Chinatown Bangkok during the late afternoon and early evening and grab a bite — it is the perfect time to celebrate in line with locals.

If you want to participate during your visit, keep in mind that eating vegetarian food is not the only rule. There are nine rules in total, so visitors should follow them to pay respect to local culture and tradition.

Travel tips for Bangkok in October

  • November is the start of the peak tourist season and among the best months to visit Bangkok, so traveling in October might be more suitable for those who want to avoid the crowds.
  • It is recommended to bring a reusable water bottle when you travel, especially during October when the humidity level is high. Always remember to fill your bottle with filtered water in Thailand as you cannot drink tap water.
  • Also, some tourists should bring bug spray and use it throughout the day, not only in the evening. While this might not cross your mind, it is essential for many.

We hope this guide on Bangkok weather in October has helped you in planning your trip. If you have any questions regarding booking flights and accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us

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