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BestPrice Travel Welcomes International Tourists After Reopening

October 26, 2022 - 120 views

While countries are emerging with the pandemic situation for a New Normal, tourists worldwide are constantly looking for new adventures. As one of the leading travel agents in Vietnam, BestPrice Travel has welcomed the very first groups of inbound tourists coming back to Vietnam and other Indochina countries after reopening in 2022.

Indochina countries' reopened tourism policy

While some restrictions have been lifted, Southeast Asian countries remain some necessary regulations for foreign tourists. Among the top-ranked destinations after Covid, Vietnam and Cambodia not only offer open policies but also many promotion deals for post-Covid travel. Before your trip with us, there are a few important notes you need to know for better travel experiences in the post-Covid era.

  Vietnam Reopens Policy Cambodia Reopens Policy
Document Requirements

  - Passport

  - E-visa

  - A negative result is valid for no more than 24 hours for a fast test or 72 hours for RT-PCR before arrival

  - Medical Insurance with the coverage of USD 10,0000 that also covers expenses for RT-PCR COVID-19 tests, COVID-19 treatment, and related isolation (if there are any)

  - A booking or contract to prove you come with a full-package group tour

  - A certificate to prove you are fully vaccinated at least 14 days before your trip

  - An invoice or booking to show the pre-paid accommodation at the approved "Sandbox" destination for five days of stay

  - A certificate with a negative result of the RT-PCR COVID-19 test is issued no more than 72 hours before your flight

  - Your flight number and tickets

  - A history of your traveling in 14 days before entering Cambodia

Essential Requirements

  - Install and turn on the PC-Covid 19 mobile app

  - Take Covid-19 tests

  - If travelers haven't had the result of testing yet, they must test for Covid-19 upon arrival and receive the result in 24 hours quarantine

  - Children under two years old aren't required to have test results and can enter with parents

  - Only apply for groups of fully vaccinated tourists through full package tours and family/small groups of high-end tourists who are fully vaccinated

  - Air travel on direct flights to Sihanoukville International Airport (transit flights are not allowed)

  - Fully-vaccinated

  - On arrival, get a negative result for the RT-PCR COVID-19 test at Sihanoukville airport

You may also like to read about Thailand's latest policy and Laos Reopens Policy reopened policies for inbound tourists.

BestPrice Travel welcome tourists post Covid

Tourists enter Vietnam through Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi

Top holiday tours at BestPrice Travel post-Covid

1. Vietnam Holiday Packages

Vietnam is one of the top safe and sound countries protected by stringent authorities' stringent requirements and a suitable destination for relaxation post-Covid. After two years of procrastination, Vietnam has returned to its daily mood, and all the historical monuments, entertaining services, dreamy beaches, and mesmerizing mountains have been waiting to discover. Friendly locals, delicious traditional food, and more. Since the e-visa systems and international commercial flights have gradually opened, BestPrice Travel has welcomed many visitors to join the Vietnam tour after March 2022.  

BestPrice Travel Vietnam Tour - Hanoi City

Explore the unique Hanoi Train Street

2. Mekong Delta Tours

The Mekong Delta is an area of rich history, tradition, and culture. The daily life there is adhered with rice fields and fisheries where locals work persistently with the ever-flowing water, cultivating Vietnamese agriculture's quintessence. Going on the Mekong Delta tour, you will have a one-of-a-lifetime experience observing the life along the riverside of frank and homely people with rice paddies, fruit orchards, floating markets, Buddhist temples, and river banks.

estPrice Travel Vietnam Tour - Mekong Delta

Discover the water land of the Mekong Delta region

BestPrice Travel Vietnam Tour - Mekong

Experience a rowing boat through the canals in the Mekong

3. Halong Bay Cruises

Along with the world's travel industry movement, Halong Bay cruise lines have promoted a lot of travel packages with preferential prices, especially Halong Bay overnight cruises. An out-of-this-world travel experience on the marvelous and imposing Halong Bay would be at the top of a post-Covid bucket list. Contact BestPrice Travel now to book your Halong Bay cruise at a reasonable price.

BestPrice Travel Halong Bay cruise

Take a kayak on the Halong Bay cruise itinerary

4. Cambodia Tour Packages

After two grueling years with few visitors, Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, which once thrived off one of Southeast Asia's top tourist attractions, are slowly returning to life. Despite the slow return pace of tourists, locals are getting back to work, starting with small groups of tourists. The city's center still feels like a rural old town, with French-style houses and lots of small shops. The area around the old market is getting crowded with locals and foreigners, while the main party street is lively all night long. If you are looking for a suitable time to take the Cambodia tour, there's never been a better time.

BestPrice Travel Cambodia tour - Angkor

Visit the ruined Angkor temples

BestPrice Travel Cambodia Tour - Siem Reap

Take fabulous photos at ancient temples

Meanwhile, a low-key gem in Cambodia might be what you need after a lengthy quarantine period. The city is near famous ancient temples, Buddhist shrines, and the infamous bamboo railway. It is also the Battambang province's capital city blended with modern, small-town friendliness and some well-preserved colonial architecture, all working together to give the town a unique charm.

BestPrice Travel Cambodia tour - Battambang

Try Cambodia's bamboo train ride

With the increasing stability of Southeast Asia Countries, these mentioned destinations would be the bests for your next trip in the New Normal. BestPrice Travel is always ready to show hospitality to inbound tourists coming back.

For further information or booking, please contact us to plan your next vacation to the wonderland of Indochina!

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