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Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau is located in the southern highland of Laos. This area is famous for coffee and beautiful waterfalls.

Coming to this Bolaven Plateau, tourists will be attracted by traditional houses with walls and roofs made of dried grass and leaves. Many foreign tourists was impressed by majestic beauty and fresh air, making people relax from the first time coming.

Tad Fane Waterfalls

Tad Fane Waterfalls

This plateau is located at the bottom of the crumbling volcanic of northeast Champasak, near Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam border. At the height of 1000 m - 1,300 m, this area has a cool climate and high rainfall. Bolaven Plateau also has some upstream of many rivers that created nearly 10 majestic waterfalls. Tok Nam Tok Katamtok with 100 in height, is the highest waterfall not only in this area but also in Laos.

Bolaven Plateau provides 95% coffee production in Laos. Due to the advantages of geographical conditions such as: cool climate, stable rainfall and fertile soil, which suitable to grow coffee. They mostly grow Robusta coffee in the plateau, which one of the most delicious and dense coffee in the world. Traveling to Bolaven Plateau, you should not forget to enjoy breakfast with traditional milk coffee at café shop. If you travel to Bolaven Plateau in February or October, you will see and join with the locals harvesting the coffee. The people living on this plateau are mainly Laven ethnic and the other are Katu, Alak ones. Therefore, tourists will have a chance to visit some villages of ethnic minorities who will be able to share their customs and habits with the tourists. You can also attend some ethnic markets to buy some unique souvenirs belonged to each culture.

Coffee Plantation

Coffee Plantation

From Pakse, tourists often hire a motorbike to reach Bolaven Plateau, which costs about US $6 - $7. If you want to have a great experience, you should go there early, about 9 am, to be able to enjoy as much as possible attractive landscapes in this area.

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Laos Retreat 11 days
Laos Retreat 11 days
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